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The X-Men might be some of Marvel’s most popular comic book heroes but the group is missing some classic superpowers.
The X-Men are one of the most popular superteams in comics and their latest roster is up there with some of the best X-Men teams of all time. Consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Polaris, Synch, and Wolverine, this team has collectively faced some of the X-Men’s deadliest foes and always triumphed. They’re a rather experienced team with a unique blend of powerhouses and skilled mutants that so far have proven able to handle anything thrown at them.
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As powerful as the team is, there are some rather classic comic book superpowers that the team just doesn’t have access to.
Mystique is one of the deadliest mutants on Earth and a big reason for that is her shapeshifting ability. It’s allowed her the ability to access just about anywhere, slowed her aging, and given her a healing factor. Many characters have used their shapeshifting abilities to their advantage and several other mutants have the power as well.
While Wolverine has proven she’s great at covert operations, the lack of a shapeshifter will make things much harder for the team. The X-Men have access to several different shapeshifters, so being without one is weird.
Heat vision is a classic comic superpower, made famous by Superman. Every little kid that’s played superhero has pretended to have heat vision and no one on the X-Men has it. Sure, Sunfire has fire powers but he doesn’t have heat vision and Cyclops’s powers are mistaken for heat vision of a sort but are anything but.
Cyclops’ optic blasts are devastating but don’t burn; they’re concussive in nature. That’s how iconic heat vision is as a power; everyone sees someone shooting energy out of their eyes and just assume that they have heat vision.
Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most popular heroes and has been through a lot of changes over the years. His powers are often in flux but they’ve always been based on the abilities of a spider. He’s not the only insect-themed superhero in the Marvel Universe either as fellow Silver Age creations Ant-Man and the Wasp have abilities based on insects.
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There are actually very few mutants with insect-based abilities in the Marvel Universe, so it certainly makes sense why there aren’t any on the team at this time.
Wolverine’s super senses are way better than they get credit for, allowing her to sniff out a target from miles away. Her hearing and vision are also very good but none of that is a replacement for x-ray vision. This is another power popularized by Superman and one that many heroes have used over the years for reconnaissance.
There are some mutants out there with x-ray vision but they aren’t exactly well known, like Peeper, who is currently a member of S.W.O.R.D. They can do without it, so at least there’s that.
Ant-Man and Wasp both have powers built around size-changing in addition to their insect abilities. They aren’t the only classic comic characters to have size-changing powers, as over at DC, the Atom was the resident size-changer and there have been lots of other size-changing heroes in comics as well. Technically, even the Hulk is a size-changing hero, especially when he turns from Banner into the Hulk.
Size-changing mutants aren’t exactly unknown but they aren’t prevalent either. In fact, it’s a power that just about all rosters of the X-Men have done without.
Storm is one of the most powerful X-Men ever, but right now she spends all of her time split between the Marauders and the Hellfire Trading Company and the planet Arakko. Storm is a perennial member of the X-Men and was the character to popularize weather-controlling powers. She’s been a part of just about every major X-Men roster for a long time and having a team without her or someone who can manipulate the weather in some way.
Weather manipulation powers come in all shapes and sizes. While Storm can pretty much do it all, heroes like Thor use their powers to control thunder and lightning and there are heroes and villains whose powers are wind-based. The closest the current roster of the X-Men have to a weather controller is someone like Jean Grey with her telekinesis.
Wolverine’s powers are construed as animal-based, as animals are known to have better senses and claws but they don’t entirely count for that sort of thing. Over the years, characters like Animal Man, Vixen, and more have all had literal animal-based powers and on the Marvel side of things, characters like Toad, Beak, and Beast all have more animalistic powers.
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The X-Men have had members with more overtly animal-based powers for a long time and this roster really doesn’t. Wolverine is the closest they have to someone with those kinds of powers and hers don’t really count.
Speedsters were popularized at DC but Marvel has their share as well. They give a superteam a unique advantage over their foes and a power that tactically works very well. It’s so much more than just being fast; if that was it, then Rogue would count as one. While her flight speed is certainly fast, she lacks a lot of what makes a speedster a speedster.
Right now, beyond Northstar, there are very few mutants whose powers would make them speedsters. Quicksilver was usually the mutant go-to for a speedster member of X-teams but he’s no longer considered a mutant.
Some members of the current roster of the team were chosen by fan votes and one of the characters up for a vote was Tempo. Tempo has the power of chronokinesis, allowing her to control the flow of time. She’s not even the only person on Krakoa to have time powers, as Tempus also has the ability to manipulate the flow of time and uses it as a member of the Five.
Most of the time, heroes don’t have time controlling powers but the fact that there two of them on Krakoa and not one of them is on the team is strange. It would be a big help to the team in their missions.
Heroes with wings have been a part of comics for ages, as Hawkman was one of the first way back in the Golden Age. Along with Hawkgirl, Hawkman would join the Justice League in the Silver Age. The original X-Men would also have a member with wings, Angel, and the Avengers have Falcon. Heroes with wings are a venerable tradition.
Archangel is still associated with the X-Men and there are other mutants with wings that could have joined the team as well. While it’s hard to argue that the team needs anyone with wings, as most of the members of the team can fly, having someone with wings would play on superheroic tradition.
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