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From fellow Marvel heroes to iconic X-Men villains, Insomniac Games now has a gold mine of Marvel characters who could join Marvel’s Wolverine.
Insomniac Games surprised fans everywhere by announcing an expansion of their own Marvel universe after Marvel’s Spider-Man. Not only are they creating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 but they are developing Marvel’s Wolverine, another exclusive game for PlayStation 5 owners.
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The addition of Wolverine expands this universe even further, opening several possibilities in terms of stories. Much like Spider-Man, Marvel’s Wolverine has a huge history of lore and relationships with characters that could fill the new game to please Marvel fans everywhere.
A perfect way to introduce Wolverine is through an opening prologue during World War II. This could allow for a look at Logan’s history while teaching the players how to control him. At the same time, it could further expand Insomniac’s Marvel universe by featuring Captain America, one of many Marvel heroes who respect Wolverine.
In the comics, Logan was a member of Captain America’s Howling Commandos; since the Avengers are already confirmed as part of Insomniac’s world, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see Logan take orders from Steve Rogers for a tutorial mission.
Logan having traumatic flashbacks to his creation are almost always a given, it’s the character’s biggest trope alongside mutton chops and cigars. So, players will likely experience flashbacks to Logan’s time with Weapon X and his creator: Abraham Cornelius.
Cornelius could be a force that haunts Wolverine’s mind or even be an antagonist of the game itself. Cornelius is known for sending other mutant operatives to capture his old test subject to turn him into a weapon.
It is possible that Insomniac will take a similar route as Spider-Man with Wolverine by featuring a veteran Logan who has been part of the X-Men for years. Perhaps one of them joins Wolverine on his solo adventure as a mission giver or even an upgrade supplier.
Hank McCoy AKA Beast can provide both as well as a needed friend for Logan. Beast is a Marvel hero who is smarter than he looks; he could help provide information for Logan, give upgrades, and be emotional support while hinting towards a bigger X-Men world within this Marvel universe.
The giant robotic mutant hunters known as Sentinels are some of the most famous X-Men foes ever. With Marvel’s Wolverine, they can be used in different ways: perhaps they are the ultimate goal of the villains or the X-Men have already dealt with Sentinels in the past and Logan must fight a derelict Sentinel by himself as a giant boss fight.
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The prior could help set up an X-Men ensemble game for the future while the latter would help establish how deep the lore is for the Insomniac universe of X-Men. All the while it would be providing a boss fight that could rival the likes of God Of War.
In the comics, Lady Deathstrike is a longtime enemy of the X-Men and Wolverine in particular. Her deadly claws make her an antithesis of Logan in many ways, especially with her connections to William Stryker. This could allow her to be one of the main threats of the game or a side-mission chapter.
Either way, her expertise in martial arts combined with her extendable claws make her a perfect candidate for a boss fight. As a bonus, Lady Deathstrike could help contribute to an M for mature rating that fans are hoping for a new Wolverine game.
Since Wendigo is Wolverine’s first villain, it would please fans of old-school comics to see Logan take on his oldest foe. The announcement trailer hints that Marvel’s Wolverine takes place in Canada which would be the ideal location for Logan to hunt for the Wendigo.
On top of fan service, Wendigo could provide a unique boss so far of Insomniac’s Marvel saga. He’s a giant beast that could lead to horror elements with the string of murders he is committing and his overall design. If Insomniac remains loyal to the comics, Wendigo could also be the first mystic-based character in their universe.
Unlike the films, the comics showcase Stryker as an extreme anti-mutant activist. He even creates his own cult of mutant killers known as the Purifiers who view mutants as abominations against their God. This would make for socio-political commentary much like the comics.
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Purifiers could be a whole faction of enemies for Wolverine to fight along with a big climactic confrontation with the evil reverend. In some comics, he did become a cyborg and in others, he wields other high-tech weaponry to fight mutants, so there is a chance for a boss fight as well.
The idea of a Marvel gaming universe has appealed to fans since the announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Whether it’s Peter Parker or Miles Morales, fans would rejoice at the sight of Insomniac’s Spider-Man interacting with their version of Wolverine.
Even if it is merely for a cameo or small side-mission fighting a Spider-Man villain, it wouldn’t hurt to have an interconnected Marvel universe. Besides, the banter between Spider-Man and Wolverine is always comedic gold and that would likely be the case in Marvel’s Wolverine.
Every hero has that one recurring villain: Batman has the Joker, Spider-Man has the lethal Venom, and for Wolverine, it is Sabretooth. Sabretooth is the true antithesis of Wolverine, being his constant rival whom Logan struggles to fight even on his best days.
Sabretooth could even be the final boss of Marvel’s Wolverine, providing the most challenging fight of the game due to his extreme healing factor similar to Logan’s. Insomniac likes to put their own spins on characters, so perhaps they could make the rivalry between Sabretooth and Wolverine even more personal and emotional, as they did with Peter Parker and Doc Ock.
In the announcement trailer, fans were quick to spot an Easter egg: a license plate that has the number HLK 181. This is an obvious reference to The Incredible Hulk #181 which is the comic where Wolverine made his first appearance.
On one hand, this could simply be a fun reference for Marvel fans to enjoy. On the other hand, this could be Insomniac’s way of hinting at a boss fight against the Hulk. In that comic, Hulk was framed for Wendigo’s killings, leading to a fight between Logan and Banner. This would not only expand the Marvel universe but help springboard Hulk to get his own spin-off game.
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