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There are quite a few powerful Marvel families that fans can’t wait to see make their debut on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Fans of Marvel comics have been reading about some of the publisher’s most powerful families for years, though the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t focused on family as much as the comics. The movies have instead spent time building up respective teams as their own family units, which has laid the groundwork for the further development of some Marvel families.
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As the MCU continues to grow and expand on the big screen and with connected series on Disney+ following the culmination of the Infinity Saga, there are still quite a few powerful families that fans are dying to see make their MCU debut that we’ll be taking a closer look at today.
Following the announcement that director Jon Watts would be bringing the Fantastic Four to the MCU after his work on the Spider-Man trilogy, fans have been wondering how the First Family of Comics might be worked into the MCU.
While the original team became a dedicated family unit, fans are still hoping to see the extended line-up of family members that also includes Reed Richards and Susan Storm-Richards’ young children Franklin and Valeria.
Bruce Banner and the Hulk helped usher in the MCU and the character has played an important role in the founding of the Avengers and the ultimate battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. While his family is set to grow with the arrival of Jennifer Walters in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk, fans are still hoping to see more from the extended Hulk family.
His time on Sakaar could lead to the debut of his sons Skaar and Hiro-Kala, while General “Thunderbolt” Ross’ transformation into the Red Hulk has been teased over the years. Banner’s father even has his own frightening Devil-Hulk aspect that could further develop the Hulk family in the MCU.
Characters like Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, and others are part of the House of Agon, the powerful ruling family of the Inhumans. While the Royal Family technically made their MCU debut on the failed Inhumans series, though its presence in the cinematic canon has been called into question along with other series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Many fans felt that the Inhumans weren’t given the same attention as other properties in the shared cinematic universe, so it’s possible they’ll get a proper MCU debut in the future that’s more befitting of Marvel’s Royals.
There have been quite a few characters whose debut in the MCU have been rumored for a few years, including Brian Braddock in his role as Captain Britain, hero of the UK and defender of the Omniverse. Brian Braddock has a telepathic twin sister named Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock who joined the X-Men as Psylocke which further connected the family to Marvel’s mutants.
Brian and Betsy’s older brother Jamie is also a powerful reality-warper whose abilities twisted his personality and could make him one of the deadliest villains in the MCU if the Braddock family were introduced.
Thor and his family of powerful Asgardians played a large role during the MCU’s Infinity Saga that promises to continue with the release of the upcoming Thor: Love and ThunderHowever, the Asgardians isn’t the only mythological pantheon in the Marvel Universe.
Hercules is a demigod and a long-time member of the Avengers who has a number of siblings and family members in the Olympians. The Greek pantheon of gods was also recently given a dark cosmic overhaul in the comics that gave the Olympians a new role as planet destroyers that saw Hercules find a new home with the Guardians of the Galaxy which would work well in the MCU.
Mahershala Ali will be making his debut as Marvel’s vampire-hunter in the upcoming Blade reboot from director Bassam Tariq, which promises to introduce the vampiric undead to the MCU for the first time. One of the most well-known vampires in Marvel and literature is Dracula, who has a deadly extended family in the comics that could serve as villains in the MCU.
Lilith Drake was Dracula’s unloved vampiric child while her descendent Frank Drake became one of Blade’s Nightstalkers. Dracula’s son Xarus would also later become the Shadow Colonel and formed a Legion of Unliving against his father for control of the vampire nation, which was only stopped by Blade and the Avengers and could tease Dracula and his family’s role in the MCU.
The modern version of Ghost Rider named Robbie Reyes made his live-action debut on TV in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though it’s possible given the loose connection to the MCU that other versions of the character could still appear.
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Johnny Blaze was the original Ghost Rider that debuted in the comics, though when he freed himself from the curse, a new Spirit of Vengeance appeared named Danny Ketch. Blaze and Ketch worked together and eventually learned they were actually brothers, which could bring a new dynamic to the MCU if Ghost Rider were officially brought to the MCU.
Legendary comic creator Alan Davis introduced a new powerful family to the Marvel Universe in a series called ClanDestine during the 90s, which retroactively placed the team in the established comic history. The Destine family began with the union of Adam Destine and a powerful Djinn named Elayth which resulted in a nearly immortal line of children that lived in secret.
As the family grew over the centuries, the youngest became influenced by the superheroes that began to appear and the Destine family formed their own superhero team to protect them. While ClanDestine wasn’t Marvel’s biggest debut, the hidden nature of the family would work well in the MCU alongside other teams like the Eternals.
2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced the evil robotic creation of the Avengers known as Ultron, who attempted to exterminate humanity in order to save it from themselves. Ultron’s plans also led to the creation of Vision as the first member of his extended family. While Ultron was seemingly killed in the MCU by his “son” Vision, the possibility of his return still exists.
Ultron assembled a whole family around himself over the years with robotic characters like Jocasta and Alkhema. He later created another potential son with Victor Mancha, a cyborg who was designed to infiltrate the superhero community but joined with the Runaways instead.
Fans have been anticipating an announcement from Marvel Studios about the debut of the X-Men in the MCU following the return of the characters’ rights after Disney bought a number of properties from 20th Century Fox. While there are a few mutant families like the Rasputins or the Guthries that fans would love to see in the MCU, it’s the Summers family that stands out.
Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan are Summers siblings are some of the most powerful mutants in the MCU. Cyclops’ pairing with Jean Grey then led to the second generation of nearly omega-level mutants like Cable and Rachel Summers that wasn’t explored in the previous film franchise.
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