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It’s rare to find a series that knocks it out of the park in nearly every category, but somehow Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender became one of the most beloved franchises in the world. Avatar is a fantasy series featuring strong world-building, fantastic characters, and an inspirational story that defined a generation. The show follows Aang and his friends as they go on a life-changing journey to save the world from the reign of Fire Lord Ozai. The series is an anime-inspired fantasy adventure and blends both eastern and western philosophy into an action-packed series anyone can enjoy.
Avatar: The Last Airbender is one-of-a-kind, but if you’re looking for more adventures and lore-filled worlds to explore, we have nine other shows for you to check out after the credits roll on Avatar.
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If you just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender, then the next thing you should watch is its sequel series, The Legend of Korra. Here, we follow Avatar Korra, the successor to Avatar Aang. The world is long past the 100-year war, and Korra must learn what it means to be the Avatar in the modern age. Here, the new Team Avatar faces off against anarchists, terrorists, and the spiritual imbalances that plague this new era.
The Legend of Korra doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Avatar and instead forges its own path. One that is equally as engaging and deserves more recognition. Following a series like Avatar is incredibly difficult, but Korra finds a way to stand out regardless.
Set in the magical land of Xadia, The Dragon Prince is a series very similar to Avatar. The world’s magic comes from six sources: the sun, stars, sky, ocean, moon, and earth. Humans and Elves are at war in this world, and the only ones who can usher in an era of peace are the princes of the human world, Callum and Ezran, and an Elf assassin named Rayla.
The Dragon Prince is written by Aaron Ehasz, one of the prominent writers behind Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can feel that same Avatar DNA in this series. The characters, world-building, and magic system are different but still familiar. The Dragon Prince is a fantasy epic that leaves you wanting more.
This series sees the sidekicks take the lead. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Superboy form a team of teenage heroes that go on covert ops missions for Batman and the Justice League. Young Justice gives us a different look at the DC Universe, and by using these young heroes, the series gets to tell more intimate stories. Seeing these young heroes grow and mature throughout the seasons is what makes the ride worth it. The team must face off against the classic staple of DC villains and must learn what it takes to be superheroes.
These heroes are the next generation and must fight alongside the Justice League to keep the world safe. The team evolves and changes throughout the series, but the themes continue. Young Justice is a series that takes everything we love about DC Comics and gives a new and exciting series.
The Star Wars Universe is vast, and The Clone Wars has everything we love about it. Here, we’re following Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano – three Jedi trying to bring balance to the galaxy. Showrunner Dave Filoni left Avatar: The Last Airbender after Book One and created this fantastic Star Wars prequel.
This series is set between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. With that said, The Clone Wars is a series that stands on its own, and the long-form series approach means it explores the galaxy in a way the films never could. Giving us a chance to dig deeper into the lives of Anakin and Obi-Wan and introducing us to unforgettable new characters like Ahsoka makes The Clone Wars one of the best stories Star Wars has to offer.
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Voltron: Legendary Defender is a reboot of the 80’s classic Voltron. Shiro, Pidge, Keith, Lance, and Hunk are the paladins and members of Team Voltron. These earthlings must learn to work as a team and pilot their robot lions to save the galaxy.
Each paladin has its own robotic mech, and together they form the mighty Voltron. This space adventure series takes place throughout the universe as the team liberates planets and continues to become a more powerful unit to defeat the Galra Empire.
Voltron: Legendary Defender is a sci-fi space adventure that brings a compelling narrative and amazing action. While the series does have its downsides, like seeing the same Voltron animation for eight seasons. The show still manages to be an absolute blast. Making it one of the best adventure series of the last decade.
Edward and Alphonse Elric are on the search for the Philosopher’s Stone. The brothers are trying to restore their bodies after a failed attempt at alchemy. Edward lost his limbs during the alchemy incident and joined the military to save Alphonse, whose soul is now trapped in a suit of armor. The two boys aren’t the only ones in search of the Stone.
Along the way, they confront obstacles with powers they’ve never seen. The world of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is cruel, but Edward and Alphonse continue to persevere. Making both enemies and allies as they go on this life-changing journey.
This is the third animated iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it’s also the best. The four brothers, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo, fight the evil Foot Clan, the alien Kraang, and various mutants that appear throughout the series.
The show starts very light-hearted and full of that humor you’d expect from the Turtles. As the series progresses, so do the stakes, and the world evolves into the perfect blend of the darker comic books and their lighter animated shows. The wit, action and shocking reveals make TMNT pure joy to watch. This series shows that the Turtles are just as radical as ever.
Attack on Titan is one of the greatest shows to grace our TV screens, and that’s not an overstatement. This war anime follows Eren and the rest of the scout regime as they face off against these giant titans.,The series premise is humans versus monsters, but as the story unfolds and the pieces start to click in place, you realize you’re watching something much bigger than that.
The show is a mystery, and seeing it evolve is one of the greatest viewing experiences you’ll ever have. The series is rated TV-MA, so not quite the same demographic as Avatar, but the characters, world-building, and story are just as well done.
Naruto is a world of ninjas and magical fighting styles called Jutsu. Here, we follow the titular character, Naruto, and his friends as they strive to become the top ninjas in their village. As Naruto strives to become the best, he also learns that a fox spirit lives within him. The lore of ninjas and spirits makes Naruto the perfect series for any Avatar fan.
The way they incorporate magic into their martial arts makes the fights in Naruto so engaging and unpredictable. The lore and magic system make it one of the most extensive and intriguing in all of anime. Just make sure you’re ready for the journey ahead because Naruto and its sequel series, Naruto: Shippuden are over 400 episodes long.
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