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Scott Summers has been a staple of the X-Men franchise for decades, but some Redditors like to share unpopular opinions about the mutant hero.
Since his debut in Uncanny X-Men #1 in 1963, Cyclops has been one of the most prominent figures in the Marvel Universe. As a leader of the mutant superhero group the X-Men, he has often been at the center of cataclysmic events such as Inferno that threaten humans and mutants alike.
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While he has saved the world countless times, Scott Summers has made some questionable decisions that have caused some comic book aficionados to spread unpopular opinions about him. In multiple Reddit threads, casual and experienced fans alike debate the merits of the controversial X-Man.
From the time he first battled Magneto at Cape Citadel, Cyclops was one of the most powerful mutants alive. Born with the ability to shoot powerful optic blasts from his eyes that could level mountains, Scott has held his own in battle with some of the X-Men’s coolest and most intimidating villains.
Some Redditors like usernamesaretaken, however, are bored with the mutant leader’s powers and claim “he is one of the very few characters in Marvel and DC whose powers have remained basically the same since the beginning. Hell if anything, he has gotten nerfed.” This is not only unpopular but also untrue. In the Avengers vs. XMen event series, Scott’s powers did change when he inherited the cosmic powers of the Phoenix Force. Armed with telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis, Scott and the rest of the “Phoenix Five” temporarily took over the world and were undone by their own hubris.
While the X-Men have served as Scott’s surrogate family for years, he also has a flesh-and-blood family that includes his father Corsair and his brother Alex Summers, who is better known as the mutant hero Havok. The latter has been Scott’s closest relative for years as Alex has helped the X-Men with his plasma energy beams.
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The brothers’ similar abilities have always caused fans to speculate who would win a battle. SpawnTheTerminator writes that “Cyclops is more experienced. He can shoot down bunker doors and is definitely faster since he is able to shoot at disks flying towards him. Havok takes a while to charge up his attacks.” Yet as seen in numerous comics like Uncanny X-Men #97, these fights have always been a draw. Neither brother can affect the other with their powers, and Scott’s strategic skills are always neutralized by Alex’s fighting abilities.
In the current Marvel continuity, the X-Men, and most of mutantkind, live in relative harmony on a sentient island known as Krakoa. In this utopia, Cyclops leads his people in performing rituals of resurrection that prevent anyone from dying and secures peace between longtime foes like Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister.
Reddit user BlackDragon1898 believes that it’s “a bad idea because it basically gives the bad guys an easy time. Instead of hunting down mutants one by one, they can just destroy the entire population in one stroke.” If this user knew his X-Men history, he would realize that when mutants are isolated, they are often slaughtered as seen in the crossover event the X-Tinction Agenda. The concept of Krakoa as a haven for mutants, and Scott’s leadership of it, has been praised by many as one of the best things to happen to the X-Men in years. And so far, no hero has been killed (and stayed dead) on the island except for the Scarlet Witch, whose recent murder involves notable suspects Magneto and Mystqiue.
A persistent debate among X-Men fans is who is the better leader: Cyclops or Storm? Both have their merits. As the first leader of the team, Cyclops has more experience and skill than his teammate. As the primary leader of the second generation of X-Men, Storm has stronger powers and is more empathetic than the often-distant Scott. In Uncanny X-Men #201, they’ve fought for leadership of the X-Men with a powerless Storm winning by default.
Redditor K-Kitsune is firmly on Ororo Munroe’s side as they assert that “Storm truly unites the team she leads. The X-Men are a family, not a military unit.” While Storm is one of the strongest female Marvel characters and is more than qualified to lead the team, the reasoning behind K-Kitsune’s opinion is flawed and not shared by others. More than anyone else on the team, Scott treats his fellow teammates as family. He’s married one of them (Jean Grey) and had a long-term relationship with another (Emma Frost). His son (Cable) and daughter (Rachel Summers) have been members of the team. If anyone unites the X-Men as a family, it’s Scott.
In the 2012 event series Avengers vs. X-Men, Scott Summers, along with Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, and Namor, became the Phoenix Five. Imbued with all the powers of the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, these heroes sought to change the world over the objections of their fellow mutants and the Avengers, who fought them to a standstill to prevent them from permanently altering the world.
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This era of Scott’s life is controversial and rife with unpopular opinions. Redditor shawnhambone claims that “Cyclops was (the) GOAT during (Utopia) and then they ruined him for a few years after A vs X.” While Scott did change after the events of AvX, he was far from ruined. Writer Brian Michael Bendis explored the ramifications of Scott’s actions, and the movement he inspired with the rallying cry of “Cyclops was right,” in his Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men titles. This period showed Scott at his most vulnerable and different and not as the squeaky clean hero he was mocked as being since his debut in the 1960s.
A big part of Scott’s character is the intimate relationships he’s been involved in. Since his debut nearly 60 years ago, he’s had two primary romances. The first and most famous was with Jean Grey, the proverbial girl next door who was the central character in a Marvel storyline that still holds up, The Dark Phoenix Saga. The second and most recent romance was with Emma Frost, another telepath whose diamond form is almost as sharp as her wit.
For some time, fans have argued which heroine is better for Scott. DragoFlame believes “Jean holds Cyclops back with her, (while) Emma actually lets him mature.” While it’s true Emma’s relationship benefited Scott and made him grow, it’s unfair to say Jean held Scott back. She encouraged him to establish and lead X-Factor and was crucial in helping him save his infant son from Apocalypse. She may not be as exciting as the more glamorous Emma, but Jean is just as crucial in influencing Scott’s growth as a character for the better.
Over a half-century after his comic book debut, Cyclops finally starred in his own solo series. Written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Russell Dauterman, Cyclops followed a teenaged version fr Scott from the past as he traveled outer space with his father Corsair. While only lasting 12 issues, the comic was praised by IGN for its “magical” storytelling and “unique and fresh” character designs.
There are a few Redditors who not only didn’t like the series but believe he should have never received one in the first place. MikeX1000 asserts that “I’ve never found him interesting. I’d rather give some lesser-known X-Men the focus, or at least someone like Storm.” On the contrary, Cyclops is one of the most complex Marvel characters around. He’s lost the love of his life (twice!), forced to murder his wife who turned into the Goblin Queen, sent his son into the future to save his life, and merged with Apocalypse to save the world. That’s enough content for a plethora of stories.
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