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There have been several Marvel characters who have either given the Green Goblin more trouble than he can handle or would if they fought.
Few villains have inflicted the level of terror and destruction on the life of Spider-Man that Norman Osborn has. Whether he’s ruining Peter Parker’s day in his civilian identity or taking it to Spider-Man as the Green Goblin, he has been responsible for some of the worst moments of his nemesis’ life.
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The Green Goblin is brilliant, has access to a wide array of weapons, and is just wild enough to be capable of quite literally anything. But that doesn’t mean that he wins every fight. There have been several Marvel characters who have either given him more trouble than he can handle or would if they fought.
It has been said before and it will be said again. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does and what does isn’t very nice. That’s a roundabout way of saying the if there’s one thing that Wolverine is good at, it’s killing people.
Green Goblin has a lot of means of combat at his disposal, from his gear to his vast wealth. None of it would even slow Wolverine down. To date, he hasn’t been able to defeat Logan. That being said, Norman should be happy that they don’t fight particularly often. Wolverine might just finish him for good.
Fighting Magneto is a dangerous game to play. The extreme level of his mutant magnetic abilities makes him formidable for any opponent. And as Wolverine can attest to, Magneto is more than happy to take things to some horrifying levels when the moment calls for it.
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Green Goblin and Magneto have worked together on occasion and rarely face off. But when they do, Magneto has ended things quite quickly. He could quite literally use his magnetic powers to dismantle the Goblin’s gear in a matter of moments.
When it comes to Thor, it’s honestly easy to give him strong odds against almost any hero or villain in Marvel. He is the God of Thunder, after all, and has the power to stand up to anyone and everyone.
It’s rare that the Green Goblin has come into open battle with Thor. And the times that they have fought have ended poorly for good ol’ Norman. Even wearing the Iron Patriot armor wouldn’t be enough to give him the edge.
When it comes to other villains, Doctor Doom has little time or patience for them. To be blunt, he respects Marvel’s heroes more than he respects its other villains. He has no interest in their petty squabbles or plans to rob banks.
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Doom has no use for Norman Osborn in particular. There is no love lost between these two and Doom would be more than happy to wipe him out. A real fight between them would be short, sweet, and brutal, leaving Spider-Man to write Norman’s obituary.
More than a few people have underestimated the power of the Invisible Woman over the years. When Wolverine was corrupted by Hydra and the Hand, she was the member of the Fantastic Four he was the most worried about. And for good reason.
Invisible Woman would make short work of Norman, trapping him in an invisible bubble. If he was lucky, she wouldn’t form invisible spheres in his lungs and make it impossible for him to breathe. Honestly, this is all a best-case scenario for him.
Being the Sorcerer Supreme means facing a lot of massive threats. Doctor Strange has had to take on the denizens of various dark and evil realms, barely keeping them from utterly annihilating Earth on a whim.
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Green Goblin presents literally no challenge for him whatsoever. This is quite literally a case when Strange could end the fight with a snap of his fingers if he even had to put in that much effort. It is a confrontation that the Goblin actively avoids and for very good reason.
This is a fight that would rarely come up. The X-Men and Spider-Man’s gallery of rogues rarely cross paths. As such, Green Goblin and Gambit have never really had the opportunity to fight one-on-one in any meaningful fashion.
If they were to throw down, it’s not hard to imagine that Gambit would get the upper hand quite quickly. Gambit’s ability to charge objects with kinetic energy, throw them with deadly accuracy, and have them explode on impact is something the Goblin simply isn’t ready for.
A long time has passed since the son of Cyclops returned from the future as an adult to continue his war. Cable is one of the most capable soldiers and warriors Marvel has. On top of that, he also has access to an array of weapons the likes of which most others have never seen.
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The idea of them squaring off is certainly interesting, and unlikely to go well for Green Goblin. Cable has fought Apocalypse and survived. There’s little that the Green Goblin is capable of that would put Cable off of his game.
Without question, Norman Osborn views himself as equal to T’Challa if not better than him. And Norman is, of course, incredibly wrong. He is not in T’Challa’s league on any conceivable level of measurement.
Black Panther would completely demolish the Green Goblin. He is smarter, has better technology at his disposal, and is a superior fighter. This is not a fight that Norman wants, which is why he has done his best to stay away from it as much as possible.
The recurring herald of Galactus simply cannot seem to stay away from the World Devourer. He is the font from which the Silver Surfer’s fantastic abilities come from, the source of the Power Cosmic. As such, Silver Surfer is more than a match for anyone in Marvel.
Green Goblin has never stood toe to toe with the Silver Surfer, which is good for him. The Surfer would happily destroy Green Goblin with a single blast of energy, removing him from Peter Parker’s life forever.
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