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There are quite a few heroic duos in the Marvel Universe who have formed strong partnerships that sometimes define the characters.
The Marvel Universe is filled with heroes who prefer to work alone and others who have always been a part of a team, though there are also quite a few heroes who frequently rely on a singular ally in their fight against crime. That doesn’t mean these heroes don’t work alone or on teams, but they often operate best when working with their best friend or heroic partner.
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There are a few Marvel duos whose partnership brings out the best in each hero. Whether they only occasionally work alongside each other or spend every waking moment together, these heroic partnerships stand out due to their strength as friends, their successes as costumed crimefighters, and the challenges they have overcome together over the years.
Sam Guthrie and Roberto Da Costa first met each other when they were recruited by Professor Xavier to join the New Mutants as Cannonball and Sunspot, respectively. Despite initially butting heads due to Sunspot’s hot-headed attitude, the two became best friends and worked together for years on teams like X-Force before Cannonball graduated to the X-Men.
When Iron Man and Captain America expanded the Avengers during Marvel NOW, Cannonball and Sunspot joined the team together in matching costumes that further showcased their brotherly bond. While Sam found love with a Shi’ar Imperial Guardsman and moved off-planet, their friendship has endured and helped bring Cannonball back to the team.
While they aren’t really known as an official crime-fighting partnership, Spider-Man and Daredevil still have a unique bond that dates back years to when they first worked together. Daredevil was able to deduce Spider-Man’s secret identity thanks to his ability to hear unique heartbeats.
Daredevil then entrusted his secret identity of Matt Murdock to Peter Parker which instilled a level of trust between the two characters. Spider-Man and Daredevil became close allies who held on to each other’s secret identities for years, which allowed them to help each other when needed. Peter Parker even briefly dressed as Daredevil to help keep his identity secret when it leaked.
Fans were surprised at the friendship that blossomed between the militaristic mutant from the future known as Cable and the wise-cracking Merc-with-a-Mouth known as Deadpool. The two heroes developed a close friendship after they were unexpectedly brought together by Cable’s damaged teleportation technology in the fan-favorite Cable & Deadpool series.
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While they have worked independently from each other for years, Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers have frequently returned to each other’s lives to help out when needed, which led to Cable’s live-action debut in Deadpool 2 that further played on their “odd couple” friendship.
The strong friendship between Rocket Raccoon and Groot has become a defining trait for both characters. When the modern Guardians of the Galaxy first formed during the Annihilation: Conquest event, Rocket and Groot were prisoners who were assigned to Star-Lord‘s strike team which was where they met for the first time.
However, they quickly formed a dynamic partnership that benefitted them both in battle and as teammates. When Star-Lord decided to keep his strike team together as Guardians, Rocket and Groot were two of his first picks. Their friendship has survived death, cosmic disasters, and even the split of the Guardians, though they always find their way back to each other.
Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman first met each other when they were selected by Iron Lad to help form a new team of heroes known as the Young Avengers, where they became Wiccan (originally Asgardian) and Hulkling, respectively. The two heroes soon formed a friendship that turned into a romance as they continued fighting alongside the Young Avengers.
Their relationship only strengthened as they joined other teams like Sunspot’s Avengers Idea Mechanics. Even when Wiccan was working along with Strikeforce or when Hulkling became the Emperor of the Kree/Skrull Galactic Alliance, their bond kept the partnership strong and they eventually got married.
Kate Bishop was another member of the Young Avengers, though she didn’t originally take on the title of Hawkeye despite her proven skill and marksmanship with a bow and arrow. Captain America was the first hero who pushed her to take on the name to honor the fallen Clint Barton.
However, when Barton returned and eventually took back his title, he decided to share it with Bishop. The two heroes began training together and a strong but sometimes tense partnership formed. The Hawkeyes continued to work together as partners before they put together a new team of West Coast Avengers together.
One of Marvel’s earliest partnerships was between Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, who became the incredible size-changing heroes known as Ant-Man and The Wasp. Their partnership turned romantic and the two were eventually married, though Pym had abandoned his Ant-Man identity in favor of others like Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket.
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While Pym and van Dyne eventually dissolved their relationship and partnership, new heroes stepped into the roles. Scott Lang spent years as Ant-Man before he teamed up with Pym’s daughter Nadia who had taken on The Wasp role, and the two formed a new take on Marvel’s classic heroic partnership.
Steve Rogers has worked with a few partners during his time as Captain America, which included heroes like Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and Jack Monroe/Nomad. However, one of his longest-lasting and strongest partnerships was with Sam Wilson/The Falcon.
The two worked together for years after they met in combat, and Wilson was Steve Rogers’ choice to be his replacement as Captain America when he was returned to his original age. While their partnership has dealt with many challenges over the years that have tested their friendship, they always reconnect as allies.
Tyrone Johnston and Tandy Bowen were teenaged runaways from different upbringings who found each other on the streets of New York City, where they began a lasting friendship that would define their characters for years.
After they were taken and used as test subjects for a new designer drug, they gained powerful abilities and became street-level heroes named Cloak and Dagger. Their friendship grew stronger after they gained their powers which were connected to each other, creating an almost symbiotic partnership that rarely saw the heroes work separately.
While Luke Cage/Power Man and Danny Rand/Iron Fist appeared as solo heroes initially, declining sales on each character led to their first team-up that evolved into a lasting friendship and professional partnership.
Luke Cage and Iron Fist began to work together as Marvel’s Heroes for Hire in their shared comic series which created a new team that would be revisited a few times. While they stopped working as Heroes for Hire for a time, Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s friendship and partnership endure, and they continue to work together as New Avengers and best friends.
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