VIDEO: Walt Disney Imagineering Releases Footage of New Character Exoskeletons in Action –

Just yesterday, Walt Disney Imagineering revealed details about Project Exo, which is developing exoskeletons so that guests will be able to interact with larger-than-life characters in the parks. Today, they revealed footage of these exoskeletons in action.
The eleven-second video, which was released on TikTok, shows a pair of Imagineers walking, jumping and waving using gigantic hands and feet to show just how expressive they can be.
Disney Imagineers are in early development engineering new ways to bring larger than life #characters to life! #Disney #DisneyParks #Imagineering
We also see Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro testing out a gigantic pink hand, being operated with his actual right hand.
During yesterday’s reveal in The New York Times, Imagineers also mentioned that these exoskeletons can help redistribute the weight of the costume to counteract gravity and give a realistic performance. This could enable characters like the Hulk to interact with guests in the same way as other Marvel superheroes. All in all, this technology could change the way guests see characters in the parks forever.
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I love Josh D’Amaro trying out that giant fist.
Is it so he can fit all the money that he and Chapek are stealing from the real fans of Disney Parks into one hand?
This was at the Disney Jr Dance Party in Hollywood Studios. The set dressing gives it away.
Actually at DCA


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