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The Disney Channel was a staple for ’90s and ’00s kids. With so many shows, it’s not shocking that each one somehow emblemizes a sign of the zodiac.
There’s no shortage of nostalgia for everything kids experienced in the ’90s and ’00s. It’s present in fashion, rediscovered games and toys, and, most popularly, television shows. When millennials sit down to enjoy an episode of a favorite childhood show, there’s sure to be a wave of serotonin.
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With everything from educational cartoons to zany, live-action sitcoms, the Disney Channel had something for any kid looking for some entertainment at the turn of the century. With so much variety, it’s no surprise there’s a show to exhibit each of the 12 unique personalities in the zodiac.
An Aries child has the creativity to make a toy out of anything, so they are the perfect match for Out Of The Box, a show in which the main characters magically craft an entire playhouse out of painted cardboard boxes. The show is all about learning new things and trying out different crafts and activities, all of which are Aries staples. The kids on Out of the Box have endless energy and enthusiasm, which embodies core Aries traits. There are a million things in the Box that any Aries kid itched to try out, from a slide to play on to instruments for making up new songs.
A Taurus personality nature is rooted in routine and stability, which is why Madeline works so well for them. It’s based on a rhyming children’s book, which is comforting for a Taurus. The schoolgirl characters walk in two even lines everywhere they go, and the show even features the same rhyming narrator from the previous iterations of Madeline’s story. Tauruses also covet honesty, so the fact that Madeline is actually based on the childhood of its author, Ludwig Bemelmans, is a plus. Madeline herself is strong, ambitious, and unafraid to take care of herself and others. The beautiful French setting calls to the part of a Taurus that loves all things luxurious and cozy.
The one zodiac sign that can pull off life as an average person while secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) being a spy who saves the world is a Gemini. Kim Possible was all about being able to adapt to different “sitches” and reamining flexible enough to juggle everything that comes with being a high-schooler who fights crime.
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Bright and lively, Kim is, like Geminis, outgoing enough to be a cheerleader and have a lot of friends. But she also has deep, one-on-one conversations with her best friend, Ron. She’s very intelligent, which is another Gemini trait, and routinely outsmarts Dr. Drakken and his evil plans.
Lizzie, one of the most likable characters on Lizzie McGuire, wears her heart on her sleeve like Cancers do. She routinely expresses her inner thoughts and feelings through an animated version of herself when she gets overwhelmed by what’s happening around her. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, Gordo and Miranda, and loyalty is very important to Cancers. Once someone is in a Cancer’s pack, they’ll be committed to that person for life. Lizzie’s animated inner voice even has a lot of Cancer intuition and makes predictions about what she thinks is going to happen. Lizzie has that same intuition that guides her moral compass and even lets her see through an Italian pop star’s facade.
From stopping mid-sentence to gaze into the future to putting together a wacky disguise and affecting a fake accent, Raven Baxter is never afraid of having all eyes on her, even if Raven’s visions go awry. Like a Leo, she is passionate about everything that she does, especially her fashion, and gives her time and energy away freely to her friends and family to help them out or cheer them on when the spotlight is on them. Leos also share with Raven the determination and natural leadership that are crucial for predicting and changing the future, because once a Leo sets a goal, nothing can get in their way.
Virgos see a true ally in Penny Proud and appreciate her hardworking nature and reliability. She’s always there for her friends and even her enemies. When viewers first meet Penny, she saves her rival, LaCienega, from a rigged cheerleading stage and even gets injured in the process. Virgos also are creative, so the various music and poetry featured throughout The Proud Family‘s best episodes are especially cool to them. They’ve probably thrown themselves into their art just as passionately as Penny does. Virgos have definitely had people leave them in the dust, like Penny’s friends often do, but they have enough patience and kindness to figure things out.
What could even the diplomatic Libra scales better than literal identical twins? Libras are the peacemakers of any group, just as Tia and Tamera serve as peacemakers between their respective adoptive parents (and each other). Libras value fairness and are wildly clever, so when the twins switch places for mutually beneficial reasons and concoct clever schemes to pull it off, Libras are entranced.
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Libras are also very social, so they would appreciate the sheer number of friends the twins have on the show, not to mention their love interests. Idealism is another common Libra trait, and a world where twins separated at birth can have a chance meeting at a mall is about as idealistic as life can get.
Just the fact that this Disney Channel show is called So Weird is enough to entice a Scorpio. As lovers of the darker and stranger genres of media, Scorpios are at home with So Weird, one of the highest-rated Disney Channel shows on IMDb, which regularly features supernatural and paranormal plots. Because Scorpios love stories that are based on true events, paranormal docu-style shows are of special interest to them. Scorpios are also brave-hearted, and would 100% film paranormal activity like Fi does in the show. They’d also be likely to dedicate their time to a website documenting everything in detail as she did.
A Sagittarius may feel limited by their ability to live only in their own time. The second time travel becomes possible, as it is in Phil Of The Furture, Sagittarians’ curiosity will send them pushing past the other signs for their chance at adventure. Innovation is a Sagittarian strength, so endless amounts of futuristic gadgets and ways to blend into a foreign time period would be their specialty. They’re also able to befriend diverse groups of people, so they’d make fast friends in any time. Unable to keep themselves from being honest and authentic, Sags would most likely spill the beans to a confidante like Phil does with Keely, one of the best friends seen on any ’00s sitcom.
Rewards for success are the bread and butter of Capricorn happiness. Many young Capricorns were or dreamed of being childhood prodigies who got to attend high school as at the age of 10 like T.J. Henderson in Smart Guy.
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T.J. is a Capricorn role model in other ways too. Caps are very hardworking and have high standards for themselves and their future. They appreciate being ambitious and responsible. For that same reason, T.J.’s dad, Floyd, also commands Capricorn respect: He raises three kids by himself and is the owner of a roofing business.
The kids in Recess have one goal: protect the kids on the playground that can’t stick up for themselves. As idealistic seekers of justice, Aquarians are just like them. Each of the characters on the show has a unique and original personality, not to mention the intelligence among the Recess kids. They all work together to be great problem solvers, just like Aquarians. Whether it’s getting someone out of detention or taking a foreign exchange student under their wing, the characters on Recess really stressed the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, catnip to any Aquarius.
The Jersey is the quintessential Pisces Disney Channel show. Not only are Pisceans generous enough to share a magical jersey with their friends so that everyone can experience what it’s like to be a professional athlete, but they’re empathetic enough to really put themselves in the shoes of whoever’s place they take. Pisces also tend to demonstrate the creativity that would allow a kid to come up with unique solutions to the problems that arise from being center stage in a world (and body) that they don’t necessarily belong in.
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