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With Marvel’s prominence now expanding into triple-A game titles, the future appears bright for fans who want an immersive superhero experience.
With Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from Square Enix releasing soon and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming in 2023, gamers have plenty to be excited about. However, it was the surprise announcement of Marvel’s Wolverine from Insomniac Games that has really gotten fans talking. Wolverine has appeared in video games before, but Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 took quality and storytelling to another level, and now Wolverine is poised to receive the same treatment.
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With Marvel’s prominence now expanding into triple-A game titles, the future appears bright for fans who want an immersive superhero experience. If Insomniac will be branching out into other heroes after Spider-Man and Wolverine, fans are already wondering who could star in their own solo game next.
Like many other heroes, Doctor Strange’s popularity has risen in recent years thanks to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the Guardians of the Galaxy can warrant their own game, so can Doctor Strange. Gameplaywise, a Doctor Strange game could really stand apart from Spider-Man and Wolverine’s respective games.
With a plethora of spells and a focus on magic that can manipulate the environment, a Doctor Strange game could be both fun and unique. Likewise, Doctor Strange could travel to different places and take on many different villains that wouldn’t likely appear in any other game.
Daredevil may not be the most expected hero to star in a solo game, but if a recent rumor is to be believed, a Daredevil game may already be in development. A Daredevil game would be able to deliver the street-level hero type of action that fans love while also including the drama that follows Matt Murdock’s personal life.
It remains to be seen how a videogame could accurately represent Daredevil’s blindness, but it presumably would focus on using other heightened senses. If done well, a Daredevil game could be Marvel’s answer to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series. If it is not already in development elsewhere, Daredevil would be a great hero for Insomniac to work on next.
Hulk has had solo video games before, and he is featured as a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers. While taking that playstyle and adapting Hulk’s destruction to an open-world could be fun and handle that type of game better than Hulk games could in the past, there is an alternative.
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Instead of giving Hulk a solo game, Insomniac should make Jennifer Walters the star of a She-Hulk game. She-Hulk could still be fun to play and deliver similar amounts of open-world destruction while also allowing players to have a more relatable human experience like Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man.
Like Hulk, Iron Man has also had some solo games and is featured in Marvel’s Avengers. Iron Man VR let players feel what it is like to wear the suit but was limited by current virtual reality limitations. Likewise, Marvel’s Avengers captured the feel of Iron Man pretty well, but he isn’t the primary focus, and the world isn’t open-ended like Marvel’s Spider-Man.
So far, there has yet to be a definitive Iron Man experience that features both great gameplay and a great story centered around Tony Stark, but an Insomniac Iron Man game could change that. With his focus on gadgets and using different suits for different occasions, an Iron Man game could be both unique yet the next logical step after focusing on Spider-Man.
Ant-Man has yet to star in his own video game or even be featured prominently in one beyond an extra character in games like Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Ant-Man may not be a character many would expect to sell 20 million copies like Marvel’s Spider-Man, but there is now much greater awareness of him thanks to his MCU movies.
When it comes to gameplay, an Ant-Man game could be both weirdly exciting and fun to play. Controlling hordes of ants would be something that would be completely unique to Ant-Man, and it would be something that hasn’t really been done anywhere else. Like Nintendo’s Pikmin series in concept, only very different in execution. Likewise, Ant-Man’s growing and shrinking abilities would open up both exploration and combat scenarios that fans would likely enjoy.
At first, Jessica Jones may seem like another unlikely candidate, but the core characteristics of Jessica Jones has everything necessary to make a great game. Jessica’s occupation as a private investigator would make for fun mysteries to solve. Lesser cases could be side-quests, while bigger cases featuring comic book characters could make up the main storyline.
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Luke Cage could appear in-game as a major supporting character or even as a second playable character. It may be unlikely to happen, but a Jessica Jones detective game would be an enjoyable experience.
A game focusing on Black Cat’s exploits would have the added benefit of being a spin-off of Marvel’s Spider-Man, allowing it to build off events Insomniac already established in the PS4 game. Felicia Hardy would already be familiar to players of the previous game, and it would be able to include Spider-Man and other characters as extra connective tissue.
Compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man, a Black Cat game could play similarly yet be different enough to stand on its own. Black Cat would be able to jump, climb and grapple like Spidey, but with an extra focus on stealth as Felicia pulls off heists. The game could even allow branching paths that determine if Black Cat is ultimately a hero or a villain.
Shang-Chi is all the rage right now, thanks to his recent big-screen debut, and those who have watched the movie will see why he deserves his own video game. In addition, Shang-Chi would add some much-needed Asian representation in Western video games.
A martial arts-focused game wouldn’t be unique by itself, but mixing in Dark Souls style timing and mystical abilities could make something gamers haven’t seen before, especially in a comic book game. Whatever the medium, Shang-Chi seems positioned to be the next big thing for Marvel.
Of all the potential candidates Insomniac could pick for a solo game, it is hard to find a better choice than Captain Marvel. It would be rather fitting if Captain Marvel was the first female Marvel superhero to receive both a solo movie and a solo game. A Captain Marvel game would have the potential to be the Superman-style game fans have been waiting for that DC has yet to deliver.
Though Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set to explore the cosmic side of Marvel video games, a game starring Captain Marvel could explore the cosmos in a completely different way. It is hard to argue that it wouldn’t be fun to fly around space without needing a ship.
Captain America is arguably the Marvel character most deserving of a high-quality solo video game. Captain America is a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers, and it is hard to separate the leader of the Avengers from the rest of the team. However, Steve Rogers doesn’t have to be the titular Captain America.
Instead of Steve Rogers, Insomniac could make a Captain America game in which Sam Wilson takes on the role as he has done before in the comics and is now doing in the MCU. An added benefit of Sam being the Captain America of a game would be that players would have both his wings for flying and the shield for combat.
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