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The Champions formed when some of Marvel’s youngest heroes wanted to do more, and these are the most powerful members of that group.
Marve’s The Champions formed when teenage heroes realized that teams like The Avengers didn’t care about the issues of helping people on the streets. The teenage Marvel heroes formed a new group that fought for the little people. While this team wasn’t one that needed to stop world-level threats, but that does not mean they lacked in power.
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The Champions are young, but the team includes some of Marvel’s strongest and most powerful heroes. These include mutants, Inhumans, aliens, and more, so they are powerful enough to match up to even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. These characters certainly have an all-around power level that helps them beat any threat the world presents.
The Wasp that joined The Champions was Nadia Van Dyne, the daughter of Hank Pym and his first with Maria. Her mother was kidnapped and killed on her honeymoon with Hank and he never knew he had a daughter. Nadia was raised and trained in the Red Room, the same as Black Widow.
When she escaped, she returned to America to learn her father had died and took on the role of Wasp to honor him. Her powers are the same as Hank’s, with size manipulation as well as his genius IQ. She can also enter the Microverse and has the original Wasp’s sting blasts.
This is not Luke Cage, nor is it Erik Josten from The Thunderbolts. This Power Man is Victor Alvarez, a teenager who became Power Man in 2010’s Shadowland crossover series, created by Fred Van Lente and Mahmud Asrar. He gained his powers when Bullseye blew up a building where Victor was, killing 107 residents, including his father.
Victor gained the chi life force of all 107 victims, making him incredibly strong. Taking the name Power Man, Victor learned how to control his chi from Iron Fist, allowing him to absorb energy, augment his strength, and giving him the ability to alter his body mass as well.
Dust is a mutant named Sooraya Qadir. Born in Afghanistan, she was sold into slavery as a child before Wolverine helped save her. She ended up in the Xavier Institute to learn how to control and use her powers. She was one of only 27 students to keep her powers after M-Day.
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Similar to Sandman, Dust can turn her body into sand, but her power allows her to create a sandblast that can send it in every direction at a high velocity. This blast can destroy steel and flay skin from a person’s bones. She was powerful enough to defeat the super sentinel Nimrod.
Cyclops joined The Champions, but this wasn’t the experienced tactical genius that led the X-Men to countless victories. This was the time-displaced Cyclops that Beast brought to the present-day to try to make a point after Cyclops killed Professor X.
The young Cyclops wanted to leave his time-displaced X-Men teammates and join the teenage Champions and they accepted him as a member. His powers are the same as the regular Cyclops, which is mostly his devastating optic blasts, but he is younger and doesn’t have the same leadership skills as his adult self.
Ironheart is Riri Williams, a super genius who developed behavioral problems as a child because of her inability to relate to others her age. However, while she became an introvert that didn’t play well with others, she still became an integral member of The Champions.
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Riri created her own version of an Iron Man suit, and eventually caught Tony Stark’s attention and he endorsed her desire to become a superhero, giving her access to some of his tech. Ironheart is essentially a younger version of Iron Man, with the tech and armor as well as the genius-level IQ.
Miles Morales was one of the three founding members of The Champions, along with Nova and Ms. Marvel. Initially from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Miles has the same powers as Spider-Man, but with some serious upgrades.
Miles also has his powerful Venom Blasts and the ability to turn invisible. His spider-sense is also improved over Peter Parker’s. He is technically more powerful than even Spider-Man, but he lacks the discipline of Peter Parker.
Viv Vision is the daughter of Avengers member, The Vision. This occurred when Vision decided to create his own family, including a wife, son, and daughter. However, tragedy struck and after his son died, his wife took her own life, leaving Vision and Viv as the two surviving family members.
Viv has similar powers to her father, which are extraordinary. Ultron has once said Vision is more powerful than he has ever let on, and he almost took over the world once. Viv has the same density control as her father and a computer brain that allows her to interact with other computers instantly.
The original Nova is Richard Ryder, who works in other parts of the galaxy with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Sam Alexander is a teenager from Earth who serves as Nova on the planet, using his father Jesse’s Nova Corps helmet to access his powers.
The power of a Nova is enormous. By using the Nova Force, Sam can fly and has the ability to manipulate energy into offensive blasts or force fields. At its greatest, he could destroy entire star-ships with a blast. He has superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He also has access to the Xandarian Woldmind, which gives him cosmic awareness.
Brawn is not as powerful as he once was, but he is still more powerful than most heroes on Earth, including the members of The Champions. Brawn is Amadeus Cho, one of the smartest people on Earth, and someone whose original power was simply solving problems on the battlefield in seconds.
His power levels increased when he became the new Hulk after saving Bruce Banner from destroying the planet in a gamma-radiated meltdown. As Hulk, he had the same strength level as the Green Goliath, but without the rage increases. As Brawn, he has fewer powers, but between his superhuman strength and his genius-level IQ, he is still one of Earth’s most powerful heroes.
You might not know it but Ms. Marvel might be one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth. She is a teenage high school student who gained her powers thanks to the Terrigen Mists, making her an Inhuman.
She has better stretching powers than Reed Richards and can use her elasticity to shapeshift, altering her molecular structure to increase her strength. Kamala also has a healing factor, which helps keep her in battles. With the power to increase her mass and density to almost any size, and her ability to withstand punishment, Kamala Khan might be The Champions’ most powerful superhero.
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