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While many fans immediately drew comparisons to House of M when WandaVision first began, the two are actually quite different from each other.
WandaVision was Marvel Studios’ first Disney+ show and is a massive success. A hit with fans, critics, and award shows alike, WandaVision took inspiration from many comics sources but one of the biggest was House Of M. The two stories contained breaking bad moments for Scarlet Witch and saw her using her powers in new ways. House Of M had major repercussions for the Marvel Universe and WandaVision is looking to go in a similar direction for the MCU.
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House Of M’s narrative had its ups and downs and it was also a very different story from WandaVision in a lot of ways despite the surface-level similarities between the two.
WandaVision is very different from most MCU stories because it’s more about emotion and how they affect people, even super-people, than superpowered shenanigans. It’s a meditation on love and grief, and it’s filled with heartwarming moments that are juxtaposed against moments of intense sadness. Part of the core of the story is Wanda’s love for Vision.
House Of M is anything but a love story. Quicksilver tries to save his sister by having her change the whole world and while his love for her plays a factor in the plot, it’s nowhere as central to things as love is in WandaVision, only even introduced as a plot element in the last two issues.
Vision is a big part of WandaVision, which makes sense since his name is in the title. The version of the character that viewers spend the most time with is a creation of Wanda’s but the actual Vision does show up at the end. This is in stark contrast to House Of M, where Vision doesn’t make any appearance at all.
Scarlet Witch had killed Vision in Avengers Disassembled, which was one of the reasons the Avengers and the X-Men had decided to go after her at the beginning of the comic. While she did resurrect at least one character she had killed in Avengers Disassembled— Hawkeye— she didn’t do so with Vision.
WandaVision was about a distraught Wanda taking over a small town and making it into a place where she could have the kind of life she thought she wanted, and S.W.O.R.D. trying to deal with it. The narrative had all kinds of twists and turns and ended with a typical MCU-style climactic fight with Agatha Harkness and white Vision.
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House Of M, on the other hand, was about the Avengers and X-Men deciding to confront Wanda and do something about her before she accidentally destroyed the world, encountering her just as she enacted Quicksilver’s plan to literally change the world using Professor X’s mental powers to see what all of her friends wanted most.
Before House Of M, Scarlet Witch went on a bit of a rampage. She attacked the Avengers, killing Vision, Hawkeye, and Scott Lang, which was why she was being held in the ruins of Genosha by Magneto and Professor X. She had also killed her former teacher Agatha Harkness for her part in lying to Wanda about her children.
Agatha Harkness would come back to life eventually, as is her wont, but she wasn’t around for House Of M. This is a massive difference from WandaVision, where it was revealed to be Agatha all along.
In House Of M, Scarlet Witch made a perfect world for her friends but the book mostly focused on the current line ups of the X-Men and Avengers. So, conceivably, Monica Rambeau was around during House Of M and had her perfect life going on, she just didn’t really play any role in the main story.
House Of M took place during a time when Monica was going through a period of obscurity, which happened a lot to the character after the mantle of Captain Marvel was taken from her. In WandaVision, Monica was integral to the plot but in House Of M but she barely made an appearance, even in the spin-offs.
WandaVision had a great cast of characters and while it had some thematic similarities to House Of M, many of the characters in the show did not make an appearance in House Of M at all. House Of M was sold as the first crossover between the New Avengers and the Astonishing X-Men, Marvel’s two biggest teams that helmed their best selling books.
The Avengers played a big part in House Of M‘s narrative, whereas beyond the fact that Wanda and Vision were former members of the team, the Avengers played no direct role in WandaVision. In fact, at the time of the show, the Avengers as a unit don’t even exist.
There were a lot of consequences stemming from the events of House Of M, but the biggest changes came to the X-Men. Mutants had been established in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men to be in ascendance, yet Marvel was moving away from both the X-Men as their flagship and Morrison’s work in general, so House Of M served to do away with mutant ascendancy.
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The X-Men were central to House Of M’s narrative but made no appearance in WandaVision whatsoever, despite what many fan theories posited. There was no inverse of the comics’ “No More Mutants” moment and no cameos by Marvel’s mighty mutants.
A lot of fans were disappointed in the ending of WandaVision, as the show had seemingly been going in a more thoughtful direction. The show devolved into a cliché MCU brawl between Wanda, Agatha, and the two Visions, with Monica playing a role as well. It checked all the boxes for an MCU fight scene and was a lot of fun, even if most fans weren’t thrilled with it.
While it seemingly goes without saying that a live action fight scene would be better than a comic one, comics do have some great action scenes that rival anything the MCU puts out. House Of M isn’t one of those comics, as the big fight is really bad and pretty boring, even for something rendered in a static medium.
In WandaVision, Scarlet Witch is able to control the minds of everyone in the small town of Westview, New Jersey and can alter reality on a small level. Her power over things is seemingly limited by distance, even though she is able to increase the radius of it as the show goes on. It’s more than she’s ever done before in the MCU— but compared to House Of M, it’s small potatoes.
In House Of M, Scarlet Witch is able to change the entire world, going back several decades into the past. She makes humans into the less powerful species and gives mutants all of the power over the world. This is way more impressive and frightening than WandaVision, as it makes Scarlet Witch god tier powerful.
Wanda is the main character of WandaVision. The show’s entire plot centers around her and her actions. Everyone in the show is reacting to her, even Agatha in a way. House Of M is completely different in this regard— while Wanda is a huge part of the story, her presence is barely felt throughout most of it.
She makes a few appearances in the first issue then disappears for the rest of the book until the seventh issue. Her importance to the plot is more as a force of nature than an actual character and while everyone is reacting to her actions, she’s not the main character. In fact, the closest House Of M has to a main character is Wolverine.
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