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The fate of the Marvel Comics Universe will be up to five heroes who have been assembled by Scarlet Witch and seriously altered by the Darkhold.
Warning! Potential spoilers for Marvel’s upcoming Darkhold crossover series below 
The entire fate of the Marvel Universe will be in the hands of five heroes who have become influenced and changed by the Darkhold. In a new preview for The Darkhold Omega #1, Scarlet Witch will assemble a team of Black Bolt, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wasp, and Blade to read the book of magic in an effort to stop the newly unleashed Elder God Chthon – but will ultimately be corrupted and changed by its power.
Marvel’s upcoming Darkhold crossover will feature the ancient magic user Chthon being summoned by Doctor Doom, unleashing one of the most powerful villains on the Marvel Universe. Scarlet Witch will assemble a squad of heroes that will try to stop him before he destroys the universe. However, in their attempts to fight back against Chthon, the Darkhold will transform the group into dark versions of themselves. Iron Man’s armor will become a literal body horror prison, with Blade (and others) becoming monsters themselves.
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In a new solicit for The Darkhold Omega #1 by Steve Orlando and Cian Tormey, the fate of all existence will be put into the hands of five heroes that the Darkhold transforms. Black Bolt, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wasp, and Blade will all “lose their minds” while taking down Chthon. The issue will also see the introduction of a brand new hero who will become a much-needed ally during the hero’s dark adventures. The comic serves as the conclusion to the Darkhold crossover event. Check out the cover for The Darkhold Omega #1 by Joe Bennett below.
The preview suggests the final battle against Chthon will be just as horrifying as the journey to get to him. The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes not only have to worry about taking on the ancient Elder God but also have to deal with their own transformations and how that might affect their powers. Scarlet Witch has placed Iron Man, Black Bolt, Spider-Man, Blade, and Wasp in an incredibly unenviable situation – but that’s what makes them great heroes. Check out the solicit for the series below.
THE FATE OF ALL EXISTENCE LIES IN THE HANDS OF FIVE TWISTED MINDS! Five of the world’s greatest heroes – Spider-Man, Black Bolt, Blade, Wasp, and Iron Man – took a chance and read from the cursed Darkhold. They were meant to gain the power to fight back the dread elder god Chthon – but instead they’ve lost their minds and all they once held dear. Was it worth the cost? And who is their bold new ally – a product of Chthon’s dark dimension, or something else entirely? Steve Orlando and Cian Tormey deliver a heart-pounding conclusion to the epic Darkhold event – and introduce a hero who will take the Marvel Universe by storm!
The Darkhold crossover was delayed for more than a year, so it’s exciting to see more details for the crossover series emerge. Darkhold Alpha #1 will start the event and will be followed by five one-shots starring each hero, with The Darkhold Omega #1 wrapping up the story. Can Scarlet Witch and the rest of the transformed heroes save the Marvel Universe before it’s too late? The Darkhold Omega #1 will arrive in comic book stores on December 22, 2021.
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