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Jeff the Land Shark’s relationship with Hawkeye could be the perfect opportunity to introduce the adorable oddball into the MCU.
King Shark quickly became a fan favorite in Jammes Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, paving the way for Marvel to possibly follow suit and introduce a live-action version of their own adorable, aquatic buddy, Jeff the Land Shark, when Hawkeye airs in November. Jeff and his relationship with Hawkeye could help him become a beloved counterpart to King Shark in the MCU.
First introduced in West Coast Avengers #7, Jeff the Land Shark is an air-breathing, four-legged shark adopted by Gwenpool. After joining the team – as a member, not a pet. With the cancelation of West Coast Avengers, Gwenpool leaves Jeff in Deadpool’s care. Since Gwen and Wade are the only 2 who understand they’re in a comic book, they figure as long as Wade looks after the little guy in a Deadpool comic, he’ll be safe. Once Deadpool agrees, Jeff begins helping out with everything in Deadpool’s Monster Island kingdom. He chomps Kraven the Hunter and even fights the X-Men on Krakoa. Many of the mutants actually remark on how cute Jeff is even while beating up Deadpool
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King Shark, meanwhile, has been around since 1994, but it was Gail Simone’s Secret Six that showed him as more than a bloodthirsty shark villain. Voiced by comedian Ron Funches on the Harley Quinn animated series, King instead is portrayed as a good-natured IT specialist… who also happens to be a bloodthirsty shark villain. It took King Shark a long time to become so popular; conversely, Jeff the Land Shark’s popularity has risen at a much quicker pace. This is because, while Jeff can be quite bitey, he remains winsome and excited like a fishy golden retriever.
With Jeff the Land Shark introduced Kate Bishop’s West Coast Avengers, it is possible that Marvel may introduce a live-action version to the MCU in the upcoming Hawkeye series. The show will focus on Bishop becoming an apprentice to Clint Barton over its six episodes. While the focus will likely be on the duo of titular Hawkeyes, it wouldn’t hurt to highlight the duo of Jeff the Land Shark and Pizza Dog as well.
King Shark was a stand out in The Suicide Squad and Jeff the Land Shark is deserving of the spotlight himself. Jeff even has his own Marvel Infinity Book now. While King Shark may not remember to avoid eating teammates, the secret to Jeff the Land Shark’s success is that characters know their best pal would never do anything like that. With luck, fans can see Jeff in live-action, taking big bites out of viewers’ hearts in the MCU Hawkeye series.
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