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Killmonger lives up to his name in the latest What If…? Here’s the body count of significant MCU figures he racks up in the latest episode.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for What If…? Season 1, Episode 6, “What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?,” streaming now on Disney+.
Michael B. Jordan’s return to the role of Killmonger helped the character stake his claim to being the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Through a cunning plan, he was able to play the United States and Wakanda against each other and come out on top.
Killmonger’s plan required him to live up to his nickname, starting with the anonymous members of the Ten Rings he kills when rescuing Tony Stark. Over the course of the episode, Killmonger acquires and discards allies in pursuit of his goals, ending the lives of multiple prominent MCU figures.
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The Black Panther interrupted Colonel James Rhodes’ attempt to acquire a mother lode of vibranium for Stark and Killmonger. He quickly cuts a swathe through Klaue’s men. After easily disarming him, T’Challa attempts to talk Rhodes into letting him take the vibranium back to Wakanda. Killmonger arrives, carrying a Stark Industries version of Ulysses Klaue’s sonic blaster called a sonic taser.
The blaster brings T’Challa to his knees. Killmonger expresses regret that he has to kill him, saying, “I really wish it didn’t have to go down like this.” Whether he regrets that T’Challa needs to die for his plan to work or just wanted to beat him in ritual combat isn’t elaborated on. Once T’Challa struggles to his feet and attempts to lunge at Killmonger, Killmonger shows no hesitation in finishing off his cousin with the taser.
Without his War Machine armor or the Black Panther’s powers, Rhodes is severely weakened by the sonic taser. He can only watch helplessly as Killmonger murders T’Challa and moves to take the vibranium for himself. When Rhodes asks why Killmonger betrayed him, Killmonger has a question for him: Why would he wear the uniform of a country that oppresses him?
Rhodes tells Killmonger that he’s trying to change the system from within. Killmonger isn’t interested in that, telling Rhodes he plans to burn the system down before fatally stabbing him with the Black Panther’s claws. Killmonger then plants the sonic taser on Rhodes. Framing Rhodes and T’Challa for each other’s deaths sets in motion a war between the United States and Wakanda.
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Killmonger became Stark’s right-hand man after saving him in Afghanistan, despite skepticism from Pepper Potts about his true intentions. Working together on the Liberator Drone project further bonds them, but Stark’s trust has its limits. Through J.A.R.V.I.S.’ surveillance of the vibranium deal, Stark witnesses Killmonger’s treachery. Arrogance, always Stark’s Achilles heel, proves to be his fatal flaw in this universe.
Instead of alerting the authorities and averting a war, Stark locks himself in his penthouse with Killmonger and a drone. He assumes it will defeat Killmonger because it was programmed with his moves. Killmonger improvises, using a Dora Milaje spear to take down the drone before turning it on Stark. Like with T’Challa, Killmonger expresses remorse for killing Stark, saying he hoped he wouldn’t become another kill tattooed on his body. Before he finishes him off, Killmonger acknowledges the major difference between them is greater than their similarities.
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Even in an alternate reality, Klaue is little more than a pawn in Killmonger’s plan. Klaue’s rumors bait T’Challa out of Wakanda. Killmonger uses Klaue’s store of vibranium to create the army of Liberator Drones. Klaue even shows Killmonger where Wakanda is, but that’s when he outlives his usefulness. Killmonger shoots a shocked Klaue dead and uses the pretense of bringing him to justice as a way of ingratiating himself to the Wakandan Royal Family so he could gain the power he sought.
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