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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has officially been revealed, and the game’s original protagonist will be accompanied by several iconic superheroes.
Marvel’s Midnight Suns will serve as an adaptation of the 1990s comic book storyline “Rise of the Midnights Sons,” though it will not be an exact retelling. At the center of the story will be The Hunter, a fully original hero that players can customize with different superpowers. The offspring of Lilith, the Mother of all Demons, this player-made protagonist will likely go through an emotional arc as they try to take down their family. With this very much being a Marvel story, though, The Hunter will be accompanied by several other heroes.
For those more interested in established Marvel characters like Doctor Strange and Iron Man as opposed to someone completely fresh, they should be happy to know that several iconic characters have been confirmed to feature in the game. The Marvel’s Midnight Suns reveal trailer featured a handful of beloved superheroes, and players can expect them all to have a big role as the resurrected Hunter moves to defeat their twisted parent.
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Given that Doctor Stephen Strange was integral to the comic book that this game is adapting, it makes sense that he would appear in its promotional material. Responsible for resurrecting The Hunter alongside another powerful character, Doctor Strange’s appearance should satisfy those that appreciate the mystical side of the Marvel universe.
A lesser known character that has become more prominent in recent years, Nico Minoru could end up having just as big of a role as The Sorceror Supreme does in this version of the Midnight Sons story. Seen reviving The Hunter in the debut trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, this member of The Runaways could end up becoming a big strength of the game.
Many will surely be happy to see the most iconic member of the X-Men getting a prominent video game role once again, as the Mutants have appeared less and less in the world of video games as of late. Equipped with his signature claws and a fancy set of armor that matches the colors worn by the other heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, close-up attacks and berserker rage should be the focus of his moveset.
Wolverine is not the only X-Men character that will help out with this mission, though instead of someone well-known like Gambit or Jean Grey, Magik will be coming along for the fight. A pleasant surprise for fans of the character, her ability to create portals makes her an awesome ally for the group. Not only could she help the heroes get around, but she could help push enemies away to give the player time to plan out their next turn.
Given the large role that demons are going to play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it makes sense that Ghost Rider would appear. Intriguingly, it looks like players will be controlling Robbie Reyes as opposed to Johnny Blaze, with the design of the Rider in the trailer looking justt like the newer incarnation of Ghost Rider. Regardless, his chain and bike will surely play into his moveset.
With Blade debuting soon in the MCU, now seems like the perfect time to feature him in a video game. Marvel’s Midnight Suns does just that, as the XCOM-like tactical RPG will see the vampire hunter having a prominent role. Much like Ghost Rider, a villain like Lilith is right up his alley, meaning that The Hunter will likely look to Blade for insight on some of the enemies they face.
Given the fact that Hydra is responsible for awakening Lilith, and will likely serve as another faction to fight alongside the game’s demons, it makes sense that a Hydra expert would be on the team. Captain America has spent his life fighting against various Hydra Agents, so the leader of The Avengers has every reason to tag along for this fight – bringing his trusty shield along with him.
Developer Firaxis games will also be making Captain Marvel playable, with the hero’s cosmic abilities sure to do a great job of taking out large groups of demons. While she may not normally fight foes like Lilith, her unfamiliarity with the game’s main antagonists could make for some interesting conversations.
Finally, there is the armored Avenger himself. While Iron Man is much like Captain Marvel in the sense that this is not his usual type of fight, he is likely following Cap’s lead and will be focused primarily on Hydra. Given what fans have come to learn about Tony Stark from the comics and movies, though, he will surely have a custom-made suit ready to go for a fight with some demons.
While there are plenty of other X-Men and Avengers that could feature, as well as iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Deadpool, these are all the characters confirmed for the game thus far. While many may not have expected a turn-based RPG from the next big Marvel game, Firaxis is renowned for its work on the XCOM series. With an interesting and dark story set to feature, too, Marvel’s Midnight Suns may be something to keep an eye on.
Marvel's Midnight Suns releases March 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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