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Watching Disney movies and shows as a child is a favourite childhood memory for many of us. We have grown up watching these movies and some of the characters from these movies have become our favourites and idols. To be honest, some of these characters are relatable even now as an adult.
Do you ever wonder which of these Disney characters do you relate to the most? Here’s one way to find out!
If you were a Disney character, it would be this based on your zodiac sign:
Pisces – Pocahontas

Pisces are the most peaceful and romantic out of all zodiacs. They’re wise with a selfless character just like Pocahontas. Deeply spiritual and down to earth.
Scorpio – Merida
Scorpios are extremely loyal and protective of their loved ones. Like Merida, they too possess the qualities of a fearless rager, explorer and free-spirited. Protective of their loved ones and passionate.
Cancer – Cinderella

Cancerians have a sensitive and nurturing nature just like Cinderella. They’re caring for others, they are extremely empathetic and sympathise with others.
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