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Apple TV’s Ted Lasso is full of funny and loveable characters just like Disney movies! Here’s how their characters might match up.
In a short time, Ted Lasso has become one of Apple TV+’s best original shows and had already set Emmy Award nomination records despite barely being a year old. The feel-good soccer show has cultivated a devoted fan base who tune in every Friday to catch a new episode of season 2.
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Waiting an entire week for a new episode leaves fans a lot of time to wonder about their beloved characters. Including, how the characters in Ted Lasso might compare to iconic Disney characters. While Ted Lasso and Disney films might not be extremely similar they both pride themselves on creating, fun, loving, and positive characters.
Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) is Ted’s faithful right-hand man and resident translator for all things English football-related. Though he’s incredibly wise about the game, Coach Beard is a character of few words and communicates with Ted through his body language.
Surprisingly, Maximus, a palace horse from Tangledhas a lot in common with Coach Beard. While neither speaks much (with Maximus never speaking at all) they always know how to get their point across. They’re also extremely devoted to their job and will stop at nothing until they’ve reached their goals.
Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) is the newest character to join the AFC Richmond team during season 2. A successful psychologist, Dr. Sharon, is brought in to help Dani work through unexpected trauma and ends up staying to help the rest of the team with their mental health, including Ted.
Meanwhile, Tarzan’s Jane is also a woman of science, though she prefers to study the behaviors of animals rather than humans. Still, Jane and Dr. Sharon have a lot in common in that they’re both extremely compassionate and patient people, willing to study those they might not understand.
Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) is the resident arrogant and selfish footballer in season 1, but he’s undergone quite a transformation over the course of season 2. Though Jamie still has an ego, he’s started to understand the importance of teamwork.
Like Jamie, Tangled’s Eugene starts off as an egotistical and selfish character who’s only cared about getting the crown for himself. And yet, with the help of some friends, he learns to lean into his softer side. Jamie and Eugene also both have unfortunate childhoods that have caused them to be closed-off adults.
Upon first meeting Keeley (Juno Temple), many fans were ready to write her off as a dimwitted, pretty character, but Keeley is so much more than that tired trope. Instead, she’s a character with a big heart and immense potential in the world of PR.
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Keeley might not seem like she has anything in common with Moana, but they really do. Both Keeley and Moana are stubborn and determined; they know what they want, and they’re not afraid to go after it. They also know how to get people to do what they want, which is an important skill in their respective worlds.
Leslie Higgins (Jeremy Swift) is the comedic character in Ted Lasso, which is ironic considering the whole show is a comedy. Though Higgins is good at his job, he often makes silly mistakes that allow the other characters to make fun of him.
It turns out that Beauty and the Beasts Lefou is the perfect Disney counterpart for Higgins because they’re both underdogs. Like Lefou, Higgins always gives his coworkers pep talks and encourages them to do great things. He’s also extremely attentive to their needs, just like Lefou is with Gaston.
Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed) has one of the most interesting character arcs of Ted Lasso. While he started as an insecure and quiet kit manager, Nate has grown into an insecure yet cocky coach, which has gotten him into some trouble.
Quasimodo might be the protagonist of Disney’s underrated classic movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but he also has a lot in common with Nate. Both of these characters have been pushed aside and made to believe that they are less than. However, they manage to prove those people wrong by stepping up when the time is right.
Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) is one of the best TV bosses of recent years. While she originally hoped to run AFC Richmond into the ground, she has a new outlook on life and is determined to take the team to victory to stick it to her ex-husband.
Though Wreck It Ralph has a lot of great characters, Sergeant Calhoun is one of the best. Like Rebecca, Sergeant Calhoun likes to be in control and feels the pressure to carry her team to victory. They’re both also guarded characters, having had traumatic relationships in the past.
Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) has become the overwhelming favorite character in Ted Lasso. Though age has slowed him down, Roy remains one of the best footballers of all time and makes an even better coach in season 2.
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While Roy might be great at his job, it doesn’t stop him from having a grumpy personality like Disney’s resident angry guy, Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThese two will never shy away from letting their annoyance known but they also have a hidden soft spot for those special in their lives like Phoebe for Roy and Snow White for Grumpy.
Sam Obsianaya (Toheeb Jimoh) is arguably the best minor character in Ted Lasso. In season 1, Sam is the newcomer, having left his home country of Nigeria to play professional football. Now, Sam is an integral part of the team and is exploring love in his free time.
Like Sam, Hercules is a bit of an outcast in his world and must prove himself to those around him. They’re both charismatic characters who easily make friends anywhere they go, and they both have interesting romantic subplots, with Hercules getting Meg to fall for him while Sam is determined to start something with Rebecca.
Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is the loving, and sometimes naive protagonist fans can’t help but root for. Despite not knowing anything about English football, Lasso becomes head coach and sets out to turn AFC Richmond into a winning family.
Like Ted, Fix-It Felix from Wreck It Ralph considers himself the glue to his world. He loves when people get along and is always there to give an optimistic pep talk. On the downside, both of these characters have a hard time with confrontation, which causes them to turn a blind eye on certain occasions.
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