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Mutants that are classified as omega-level have powerful abilities that operate at extreme levels, and these mutants are the strongest of the strong.
There are quite a few different mutant powers in the Marvel universe that range from oddly useless to incredibly powerful, which has resulted in a scale of classification that rates mutant based on their power levels, with omega-level mutants exhibiting extreme limits to their various powers.
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Jonathan Hickman’s Dawn of X rebranding of the X-Men introduced a new list of Marvel’s confirmed omega-level mutants that further clarified the distinction by detailing which specific power of multi-abilities mutants was at the extreme limits. We are going to take a closer look at a few of the strongest omega-level mutants, as ranked by their specified unparalleled abilities.
While Kevin MacTaggert is an incredibly powerful psionic being known as Proteus with the ability to manipulate reality, his ability is localized to the area around him and temporary if he isn’t consciously maintaining his alterations.
Proteus also has a number of weaknesses including an aversion to metal that further limits his omega-level ability, which is still powerful enough to burn out his physical body. This previously forced Proteus to possess and use host bodies, though he is provided a new husk body whenever he needs in the Krakoan era where his abilities made him one of the life-bringing Five.
Some fans might be surprised to learn that Bobby Drake/Iceman is actually one of the most powerful mutants on the X-Men, thanks to his thermal manipulation abilities that he uses to encase his body in ice and freeze the moisture in the air.
However, Drake’s omega-level powers have the potential to make him one of the deadliest mutants in the world who is almost immortal as he can recreate new bodies out of ice in any form he chooses, as seen with the evil Age of Apocalypse version. Without Iceman’s usual set of morals, he could lower the temperature in his opponent’s brain and freeze it to end the battle quickly.
While Jean Grey is often considered one of the more powerful mutants given her connection to the cosmic Phoenix Force, she is also an omega-level telepath who was trained by Professor Charles Xavier to become the most powerful psychic on the planet.
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Grey has some competition from fellow omega telepath Quentin Quire whose power levels have the potential to keep growing, he isn’t quite at her level yet and can’t compete with some of her more impressive telepathic feats that stretch across the globe. Grey is also a powerful telekinetic, though it’s only her telepathy that received the omega-level ranking.
Ororo Munroe first appeared as an African weather goddess worshipped by the tribes she brought rain to, though she quickly learned that her abilities to call down lightning as Storm had effects on the weather patterns of the rest of the world.
Storm’s mutant ability to manipulate the weather actually involves the control of a number of powerful forms of energy that make her one of the most powerful omega-level mutants who could potentially reach Phoenix Force power levels on her own. Storm is a literal force of nature who stands tall among the rest of mutantkind.
Born in the 12th century, Bennet du Paris is one of the oldest mutants on the planet whose debut as Exodus showcased his powerful array of psionic abilities that allowed him to take on the Avengers and the X-Men at the same time.
Exodus’ official omega-level power is his telekinetic ability, which is both extreme in power as well as in fine-tuned control. He can lift incredible amounts of weight or punch buildings down with his telekinesis while also taking apart a complex machine down to the smallest pieces before reassembling it just to show that he could.
While he was originally an enemy of the X-Men, Magneto eventually joined with his old friend Professor Xavier’s mutant team as one of their leaders, respect which he earned over the years both due to his actions and his impressive displays of omega-level power.
The Master of Magnetism can control and manipulate the very electromagnetic field that protects the Earth from the harsh energies of space, and darker versions of the character have succeeded in flipping the magnetic poles of Earth, proving he is in tune with one of the fundamental forces of the universe.
David Haller is the dangerous mutant known as Legion who also happens to be the son of Professor Xavier whose omega-level ability was further clarified during the Dawn of X as power manifestation, though he exhibits these powerful abilities in a unique way.
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Legion’s ongoing manifestation of omega-level abilities also led to the creation of separate personalities to control each power which led to severe multiple personality disorder that can lead to chaos in one of the most powerful mutant’s minds.
The Summers Family received a powerful addition named Gabriel Summers/Vulcan who was the youngest brother of Cyclops and Havok, though his omega-level ability to manipulate energy didn’t share the same nullifying effect his other brother’s powers had on each other.
Instead, he was able to use his powers to completely control his brothers’ abilities or any other energy-based character, which also allowed him to further empower himself by absorbing and rechanneling energy to become one of the most powerful and feared characters in the galaxy given his half-Shi’ar heritage.
Absolon Mercator is a mysterious but powerful mutant known as Mister M who has played key roles in series like District X and The 100, where he displayed his numerous abilities that stem from his omega-level ability to manipulate matter and energy at a molecular level.
Mister M’s abilities allow him to do almost anything he wants, ranging from fixing electronics to healing from a gunshot wound and even turning off the mutant abilities of others. Mister M disappeared for years though his inclusion on Dawn of X‘s confirmed omega-level mutant list may tease his return.
The oldest brother of the Braddock family is the black sheep named Jamie Braddock, whose mutant ability to manipulate the quantum strings of reality has only continued to grow over the years alongside his schizophrenic belief that he exists in a dream which is why he can manipulate the world around him.
Braddock’s powers are both terrifyingly unrestrained and restricted by his mental illness, though a dark future version of the character appeared known as The Goat who attempted to expand his power by consuming realities across the multiverse, proving just how strong Braddock’s omega-level abilities make him.
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