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Although these Alpha-level Mutants are not technically the strongest in the X-Men comics, they certainly shouldn’t be underestimated.
Mutants have been extensively well-documented in the X-Men Universe, with Homo Sapiens Superior making up a large amount of the global population. And while mutants have been persecuted, hunted, and killed for decades, it is almost a part of their genetic material to be resilient, and as of Jonathan Hickman’s Dawn of X era, mutants have entered a new age of prosperity.
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There are different classifications of mutants, based on their power levels, appearances, and ability to physically integrate into societies. An Alpha mutant, for example, is a mutant who has full control over their mutant abilities, but when not using them they would be mistaken for a regular human being.
Allison Blaire is a pop star first, and an alpha-level mutant second. After pursuing a passion for performing, Allison discovered her mutant ability to convert sound into light, and with no intention to go into crime-fighting, chose to further her career as the pop star known as Dazzler. A highly sought-after mutant, Dazzler had rejected membership from X-Factor, the Hellfire Club, and the Avengers before she finally joined the X-Men.
Dazzler can convert sound into light, using any sort of nearby sonic vibrations. This can include car sirens, the sound of a baby crying, or most usually, pop music. With this sound, Dazzler can convert it into light, which can then be projected as blinding flashes, photon blasts, or even holograms. Dazzler can also use her power over sound as a form of echolocation, and with such an advanced control over both sound and light, the different applications of Dazzler’s powers are limitless. Typically reduced to the trope of a mutant pop star, the practicality and potential of Dazzler’s powers are still yet to be discovered.
Rogue has always been a central figure in the X-Men, having the incredibly powerful mutant ability to absorb the strength, memories, and superpowers of whoever she touches. Having always struggled to fully control her mutant ability, if Rogue has ever seemed less powerful than her abilities allow, it’s because she is usually making sure to hold back in most fights, afraid of losing control. Many different technological solutions have been employed to try and help Rogue stifle her powers so that she can properly physically touch those around her.
While Rogue has struggled to fully control her powers, her abilities should not be underestimated. The amount of power Rogue has been shown to absorb and manage is nothing short of formidable, having gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Thor, the Hulk, and Magneto. A mutant that should be feared should she ever fully master her powers, Rogue remains a powerhouse member of the X-Men.
David Alleyne is an incredibly smart mutant who has the power to absorb the knowledge and skills of anyone in his vicinity. An incredibly useful ability, David adopted the codename Prodigy and quickly became one of the smartest students to ever enroll at the Xavier Institute. With the potential to become the next big brain on the X-Men, David’s life was completely changed after he was depowered on M-Day.
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David has recently undergone a prominent rise in stature as part of the mutant nation of Krakoa. After joining the island’s version of X-Factor Investigations, where his collaboration with Eye-Boy became one of the standout partnerships on the title. Prodigy has been working to help solve crimes and mysterious events surrounding mutant deaths, including his own mysterious death and resurrection, which gave him access to his powers once again.
Similar to Prodigy, Synch’s mutant abilities work in concert with those around him. With the ability to mimic any superhuman ability in his vicinity, Synch can use an array of powers that are available to him at the time. He recently has been picked to join Krakoa’s first X-Men team, where he has been learning to better control the abilities of his teammates, such as Jean Grey’s telepathy.
Recently in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men title, Synch was sent alongside Laura Kinney and Darwin into The Vault, an unknown space in time that would trap them inside for hundreds of years. Due to Wolverine’s healing factor and Darwin’s ability to adapt to their surroundings, Synch was able to use their powers in order to remain alive in the Vault for 100 years, learning about the Children of the Vault and their plans to evolve and eradicate the mutants. The only one who was able to escape the Vault, Synch showed how incredibly useful his powers are.
The younger sister of the X-Man Colossus, Illyana Rasputin has become one of the most prominent and powerful members of the X-Men in the 2010s. After being kidnapped by the demon Belasco and taken to Limbo, Illyana finally escaped and was by then an accomplished sorceress. She has since gone on to become an integral part of the X-Men, and currently serves as a Great Captain of Krakoa.
While Illyana is already a powerful sorceress, she is still overlooked as a threat amongst the rest of the X-Men. Magik’s accomplishments in the mystic arts have earned her mentorship and recognition from Dr. Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Magik can even be considered a potential future replacement for Strange’s position as Sorcerer Supreme, which along with her rule over Limbo and all its demons and magic, would make her an incredibly powerful magic user.
A long-time X-Men villain, it’s only under Jonathan Hickman’s new era that the Black King of the Hellfire Club Sebastian Shaw has become a sort of ally to the X-Men. An incredibly powerful businessman and head of Shaw Industries, Shaw is equally as cunning as he is powerful, having engineered many different attempts to destroy the X-Men and empower himself, most notably during the Dark Phoenix Saga.
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Sebastian Shaw has the mutant ability to absorb and redistribute kinetic energy. He is also able use it to power himself, increasing his speed, strength, and agility, while being even able to produce concussive blasts at times. This makes Shaw an incredibly resilient opponent, as the more damage he takes, the stronger he gets. One of the only ways to stop him is through a psychic attack, making the Black King remains an unstoppable force.
An incredibly complex individual, Julio Richter has gone through many hardships in his life. He spent time in jail on drug-smuggling charges, seen his father killed by the mutant Stryfe, and also was depowered on M-Day. These events have only made Julio persevere as the hero known as Rictor. After regaining his seismic powers through the tampering of the Scarlet Witch, Rictor was specially courted by Apocalypse on Krakoa, who helped him regain control of his powers.
Rictor’s mutant ability give him an empathetic connection to the Earth and the biosphere. He can feel things as large as shifts in tectonic plates, to as small as every ant and seed in the ground. He has famously been known for causing seismic shifts in the Earth, but his powers have expanded to controlling plant life, magma, and even terraforming the earth around him.
Forge is an incredibly underrated member of the X-Men. Having been a long-time member of the team, Forge is known for being the X-Men’s gearhead, building and repairing most of their technology, from Cerebro to the Blackbird to the Danger Room. Even on Krakoa, Forge has been able to create new advancements with the island’s sentient materials.
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Forge should be feared the world over. An incredibly creative individual, his mutant ability is the power to understand and perceive any sort of technological or mechanical device in his vicinity. This, combined with his genius-level intellect, means that Forge can literally create whatever he can imagine. His recent work on Krakoa as a part of X-Force has shown his imagination knows no bounds, making Forge one of the most dangerous mutants in the island nation.
Believe it or not, Dr. Nemesis was actually born in 1906 in San Francisco. After working with the Nazis in World War II, Nemesis realized his mistakes and spent the next sixty years hunting down Nazi scientists. After creating a cocktail of chemicals in order to remain in physical peak fitness, Nemesis was eventually recruited by Beast to join X-Club, a think tank of the most resourceful mutants in order to help prevent the extinction of the mutant race.
Nemesis has a large hand to play in the creation of the Krakoan miracle drugs that the island nation has been producing in order to distribute to the rest of the world. Like Forge, Nemesis contains an intuitive genius, a mutant power of a “self-evolved intellect” that makes him one of the most dangerous mutants. Decades of bio-technological enhancements on himself have made him even deadlier, and his ruthless nature makes him an incredibly deceptive threat.
After the Avengers fought the X-Men over the Phoenix Force, the Phoenix’s energy was dispersed, igniting new mutant abilities across the world. Eva Bell was one of these new mutants, who developed the uncanny ability to control time in spheres around her. Able to slow and speed up at will, Eva has typically only used her power on small scales. But the potential of her abilities is incredible, and she’s bound to eventually exceed Alpha level and become an Omega level mutant.
Recently Eva has become an integral part of the success of Krakoa, the mutant nation. As a member of The Five, Eva is responsible for running the resurrection protocols, using her power over time to bring the eggs her teammates have created to adult age in an incredibly short amount of time. Her powers, along with those of the Five, have ensured the revival of the mutant population, something that will go down in history.
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