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When adapting the X-Men, how should the MCU approach these characters? Or should they avoid these mutants altogether?
The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future. All kinds of theories guess at how the mutants will be introduced into the MCU, which has so far gotten by without them unlike the world of Marvel Comics. There are absolutely some classic X-Men the MCU needs to introduce right away, but there are also some it should avoid.
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The reality is that virtually every X-Men character will eventually appear in the MCU, but as the new iteration of the mutant franchise gets underway, it should approach some characters with caution or avoid them altogether.
Toad made an appearance in the first Fox X-Men film, played by Ray Park (more famously Darth Maul from Star Wars fame). There are things that don’t make sense about Darth Maul in the Clone Wars animated series and it’s not sensible that Toad would appear in the MCU either. Though he’s a classic Brotherhood of Evil Mutants character, he isn’t particularly interesting relative to other villains who could and should appear. A more faithful adaptation than Park’s would only exacerbate this.
Apocalypse is arguably the X-Men’s best villain. But as the movie X-Men: Apocalypse proved, he’s a hard character to translate to the screen. Part of that is he is one of the oldest characters in the X-Men universe and has a long, complicated history. It’s rich and constantly evolving, as seen in the recent X Of Swords event. But he’s likely too complicated to realize in the MCU, at least early on. Given the fact that the MCU may give the mutants a completely different history than the comics, his comic backstory may be in jeopardy in any case.
Psylocke is a popular character with a complicated legacy. She’s a confusing X-Men character to say the least, given the fact she’s been a few different people over the years. Betsy Braddock was a British woman with psionic powers who has been and is currently Captain Britain. She also swapped bodies with a Japanese assassin named Kwannon and drew criticism over Betsy’s appropriation of her. Psylocke appeared in X-Men Apocalypse but it’s probably best if she doesn’t appear in the MCU, at least not like how she was presented before.
Mystique is a fantastic character and it’s actually fairly likely that she will appear in the MCU at some point. Her connection to Rogue, who has major connections to Captain Marvel the MCU is certain to explore, almost guarantees it. That being said, they should avoid Mystique for one major reason. The character has been too much the focus in X-Men movies already.
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Mystique has actually made appearances in numerous X-Men films and TV series. Thanks to the outstanding performance and star power of Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique vaulted to the forefront of the later X-Men films. In the process, her backstory and relationships changed markedly from the comics. The MCU would do well to go back to a more faithful approach or give the character a bit of a break.
Cyclops is a great character, classic X-Man, and he should take a break in the MCU. A key reason why is that in those films, he’s consistently played the second fiddle to other characters. Rather than be the leader of focus, his role has diminished in contrast to Jean Grey or Wolverine (Cyclops was actually killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand). The character is for some fans integral to the X-Men, so that may be unlikely, but if the MCU decides to chart a different course from the Fox X-Men films, Cyclops could be avoided.
Like Mystique, Hank McCoy has been very well covered in the previous X-Men films. This is something a lot of characters have to deal with. In Hank’s case, it’s the version of him that should be avoided. The big blue furball is super popular with fans, but Beast is a constantly evolving character. If and when the MCU brings him into the fold, they should present a different version of the character than the Fox films. Either his human form, gray, or move cat-like later forms would be cool to see on screen.
The Dark Phoenix Saga has proven to be the death knell of the Fox X-Men films – twice. The saga and the central character at its core, Dark Phoenix, are simply too vast and complex to realize on screen, at least within the context of a single movie. Given the recent and massive failure of Dark Phoenix, it’s unlikely the MCU goes anywhere near this particular story. They shouldn’t. The Dark Phoenix Saga is a beloved story – though not all of it has aged well – and deserves a rich and proper treatment, which the films aren’t likely to provide.
It’s inevitable that Wolverine will appear in the MCU. It’s inevitable the character will be recast. But in an ideal world, the MCU would avoid Wolverine. As the centerpiece of the Fox X-Men films, Hugh Jackman crafted a performance that is likely never to be outdone. Anyone who comes in after will be living in his shadow.
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Taking a step back from Wolverine would also allow other X-Men characters a chance to shine. The MCU represents a chance to do something new with the X-Men and they should take every opportunity to do so.
Magneto is the quintessential X-Men villain; sometimes, he’s better as a hero. In any case, Magneto has played a key role in the entire Fox X-Men franchise, played first by Ian McKellan and then Michael Fassbender. As critical as he is to X-Men history, the MCU might do well to avoid him, at least in the beginning. The dynamic between Magneto and Professor X is so well-covered it’s hard to imagine how the MCU could do anything new or different with it.
Professor X is not completely necessary to the X-Men. Though he founded the team and remains its nominal leader, he has spent huge chunks of time in the comics away from it. This might be the best way for the X-Men to come into the MCU. Charles Xavier, like Magneto, needs a different take if he’s going to feature in the MCU. The Dawn of X version of Professor X wouldn’t be too bad. That said, so much of his story has been covered in so many films it would be best to avoid him.
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