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Disney is home to colorful and memorable villains like Jafar, Hades, and Cruella. Some anime characters are worthy of joining their ranks, too.
Disney has been making classic animated features since the 1930s, and the 1990s saw the “Disney Renaissance” with titles such as Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. Today, Disney’s imaginative world is still going strong with the likes of Frozen and live-action adaptations of earlier works. Besides the princesses, fans love Disney for its colorful villains.
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Disney villains vary greatly, from Greek gods to Dalmation-obsessed women to Hun warlords, and these characters tend to be colorful in their appearance, personality, and most of all, their ambitions and their songs. A true Disney villain will inspire awe and terror with their thunderous songs of conquest and cruelty, and there’s room for more. The world of Japanese animation has countless antagonists who would make fine Disney villains themselves.
Many fantasy anime series practically feel like Disney already, but with more swords and Japanese mythology thrown in. The hit series Demon Slayer is a good example of that, and this colorful series could be remade as a musical and still work.
Muzan Kibtutsuji is a cold-blooded but stylish and eerie villain who could sing a song or two while taunting Tanjiro, and no doubt Tanjiro would sing his own tragic song about loss and hope at some point. Even Nezuko could be a Disney princess.
Some of the most eccentric or tragic anime villains have plenty to sing about, and that includes Gentle Criminal, who once washed out of the hero training program and turned to petty crime to make a name for himself. He has a loyal young ally, La Brava, to aid him.
Gentle could definitely deliver a few songs criticizing the harsh and hypocritical hero world while also lamenting his own ill fortunes and making overtures to Izuku to inspire sympathy. He also has the visual flair for a Disney princess, from his Quirk to his fondness of tea and his outfit.
The scheming and cruel Demon Lord Clayman is almost completely like a Disney villain; all he needs is a catchy song to finish the deal. He is a well-dressed fellow with stylish hair and pointed ears, and he even has a maniacal, cackling laugh.
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Clayman lives in an eerie Gothic castle that would fit neatly into most Disney features, and he also has a wide variety of zany minions and allies at his side, such as Adalman the skeletal mage and the clowns of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance.
Like Clayman, the vampire Dio Brando is practically a Disney villain already, and he just needs a cool song to round things out. He has a dramatic and colorful personality and outfits, and he has a backstory to match. Dio was born into frustrating poverty, then schemed to tear down the Joestar family and fight Jonathan Joestar.
Dio was defeated, then returned as DIO, a Stand user who served as the final boss in Stardust Crusaders, complete with his own colorful minions. With his personality, it’s easy to imagine him singing a boastful song about his powers and grand ambitions.
Sukuna is the most powerful curse of all, and ironically, he resides within the body of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s hero, Yuji Itadori. As Yuji finds and consumes more of Sukuna’s fingers, Sukuna gets stronger, and he can temporarily take over Yuji’s body.
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With his dazzling powers, enormous strength, and kingly personality, Sukuna would make a fine Disney villain and torment Yuji with cruel songs while trying to take command of his body. Sukuna won’t rest until he has it all.
Isabella isn’t purely a villain, but she was an antagonist toward Emma, Ray, and the others for a time, and The Promised Neverland really does feel like a Disney or Pixar movie. It has even been compared to Chicken Run by fans.
Isabella’s outwardly motherly persona and her scary side combine to make her a compelling and memorable character who could easily be the assistant of a Disney villain, perhaps one who kidnaps kids and raises them as food. Isabella could get her own song along the way.
Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender blurs the line between Western animation and Japanese anime, creating a series anyone can enjoy. It has elements of both, feeling like a hybrid of classic shonen fantasy and Disney.
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That includes the series’ ultimate villain, Fire Lord Ozai himself. Like Clayman and Dio, he has a boastful and strong personality perfect for a Disney villain, complete with dazzling Fire Nation visuals and bending. Perhaps Hercules or Mulan could take him on instead of Aang.
Roswall Mathers is yet another anime character who already has nearly all the makings of a proper Disney villain; he just needs some songs to become a legitimate Disney villain. He’s not entirely a villain, though he and Subaru were certainly at odds for a time in the Sanctuary.
Roswaal has the colorful appearance and zany personality of a Disney villain, not to mention a heartfelt personal quest involving Echidna, plus his own fancy manor and colorful maids. It doesn’t get much more Disney than that.
The entire Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! has strong Disney vibes from top to bottom, including its kid-friendly narrative, colorful fantasy characters, zany humor, and catchy music. Like true Disney characters, Valac Clara and her family members burst into song when they’re in the mood. In fact, there’s a theme park in this world called Walter Park (a thinly veiled reference to Walt Disney).
As for villains, Kiriwo fits the bill, a young demon who seems polite and meek on the outside but is actually a schemer allied with Baal. He was Iruma Suzuki’s friend, but he became Iruma’s worst enemy, and he’d gladly sing a villainous song about it when his plan comes together.
Askeladd the Viking is an antihero of sorts, and he would make a compelling Disney villain owing to his strong personality and the heartfelt things he could sing about. He would start off as a villain in a Disney movie, since he killed Thors before Thorfinn’s eyes, but that’s not all there is to it.
A Viking-inspired Disney movie would show Askeladd slowly turning into a grim antihero who inspires Thorfinn the hero, and his insightful lectures would be delivered via song. He would also taunt Thors by song as he launched his deadly raid.
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