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Although Mjolnir is incredibly powerful, there are several Marvel characters who can best the legendary weapon.
Mjolnir is the weapon of choice for the famous Norse God of Thunder, Thor. In the Marvel Comics interpretation, the hammer is one of the most powerful weapons in history. Mjolnir channels massive amounts of energy from the Odinforce to bestow upon any being that the hammer deems worthy.
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Under the ownership of many Thors throughout comic history, Mjolnir has proven to be an absolute powerhouse against any enemy, regardless of how strong they are. However, a single weapon can only provide so much power. In the Marvel universe, there are a variety of cosmic-level entities and characters who far exceed the power of Mjolnir.
Made famous through her appearance in Thor Ragnarök, Hela was Thor’s and Loki’s older sister that escaped from her prison when their father, Odin, died. Right off the bat, Hela presented a much greater power than fans were expecting. Her introduction involved her not only being able to stop Mjolnir dead in its tracks, but then completely shattering the weapon by tightening her grip. While Thor could channel his powers through his hammer, Hela channeled hers through Asgard itself.
In the first Thor film, Odin displays his power over the hammer by creating a seal that allows only the worthy to wield it. As the creator of the Odinforce, all of Thor’s power comes from Odin himself. His magical prowess would allow him to easily overwrite Mjolnir power. Odin could just as easily cut Thor off from the Odinforce and make the prized hammer useless.
In the films, The Mad Titan Thanos was hit multiple times by Mjolnir, something that would kill most entities. Thanos, however, never even staggered. MCU Thanos presented a level of physical toughness unlike any other entity in the films so far. In the comics, Thanos is an Eternal.
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His advanced physiology and control over the cosmic power makes him more than capable of overcoming Mjolnir. In the storyline Thanos Wins, he was even able to defeat a Mjolnir-wielding Silver Surfer with  shocking ease.
The Living Tribunal is one of the most powerful entities in the entirety of the Marvel universe. He can rewind time with the snap of his fingers and ‘turn off’ the Infinity Stones when Adam Warlock used the Infinity Gauntlet. An entity like the Living Tribunal would trivialize Mjolnir without having to display any power. It is unlikely that Mjolnir, regardless of how powerful Thor became, could ever hurt the Living Tribunal, let alone kill him.
Gladiator is one of the most difficult characters to scale in Marvel. Since his powers are dependent on his confidence, it is possible that his power becomes limitless. Even if his power does have limits, Gladiator has already shown a level of strength that would place him above Mjolnir. Even powerhouses like Thanos would rather teleport Gladiator thousands of lightyears away instead of fight him. In a face-to-face match with Thor, if his confidence stayed solid, Gladiator would likely come out on top.
Though Adam Warlock and Thor have battled in the past (with Thor coming out on top), Adam has evolved into a very powerful being over time. Infused with an Infinity Stone, as well as a wealth of cosmic and magical powers, Warlock could overpower the hammer in a very tight victory. Warlock is an extremely powerful entity who was even able to defeat Thanos after the Mad Titan collected all the Infinity Stones.
The Celestials are incredibly powerful entities responsible for creating both the human race, the Eternals, and the Eternal’s sworn enemy, the Deviants. It was their intervention that allowed for the evolution of superheroes and super powered individuals on Earth. They created the mutant gene in humans and the potential for some humans to gain superhuman abilities. Just one of these deities can easily overpower Thor’s hammer, even with his cosmic upgrades. It is unlikely that Mjolnir could even dent a Celestials armor.
Though Thor was able to destroy Galactus, this was only after becoming the King of Asgard and attaining the cosmic power of Galactus himself. Without these upgrades, Thor would not have been able to harm the Eater of Worlds. Galactus’ cosmic power is so incredibly immense that even Eternals can’t hurt him, as seen when Galactus leaves the mighty Thanos groveling at his feet. Mjolnir’s power simply pales in comparison to someone who can devour an entire planet like it was a regular part of his weekly schedule.
As the God Butcher, Gorr has the mission to kill every god in existence. With a blade empowered by the God of Symbiotes, Knull, Gorr is more than capable of battling the God of Thunder. It would take three attempts for Thor to finally put Gorr down—a feat not many can claim.
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With this knowledge, it is evident that Mjolnir alone is nowhere near enough to defeat Gorr, making him not just a threat to Thor, but to every god he sets his sights on.
Before he was retconned to be weaker, the Beyonder was a much more powerful entity. In his introduction in Secret Wars, he created an entire planet from nothing and demonstrated a cosmic prowess that exceeded even Galactus’ capabilities. Back then, the Beyonder was capable of shifting reality to his liking. He was even able to teleport Doctor Doom and the aforementioned Galactus billions of lightyears across space without either of them being able to resist. Thor’s hammer would be completely incapable of harming him.
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