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There are some Marvel characters that have more of a DC feel to them and would make more sense in that universe than the Marvel Universe.
Marvel has become synonymous with superheroes in a way that was once reserved for its distinguished competition. Thanks to the MCU, Marvel’s respected roster of heroes are the biggest in the world, with fans worldwide loving them. Marvel’s superhero comics are the best selling in the industry, thrilling readers like no others. Marvel has a very particular way of doing heroes, making them more human and less iconic, that sets them apart from DC, but there are always exceptions.
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There are some Marvel characters that have more of a DC feel to them and would make more sense in that universe than the Marvel Universe.
Cyclops is a character that resists change like no other. For years, he was the stodgy, straight-laced perfect leader type that made reading X-Men books a bit of a chore for younger readers who were there for Wolverine, Gambit, and Psylocke. Creators like Chris Claremont and Grant Morrison tried to humanize Cyclops by adding foibles to him but the next writers always came in and changed him back.
The character had his most growth post-House Of M, but all that led to was a Phoenix-powered heel turn. Cyclops’s perfect boy scout attitude combined with the devastating power of his optic blasts scream DC way more than they do Marvel.
Jean Grey is the patron saint of the X-Men and that right there is why she’s basically DC to the core. Jean Grey is one of the team’s most important members, Xavier’s first student, and numbered among the most powerful mutants in the world. While she’s certainly a beloved character, there’s really not much to her beyond being a perfect, fiery redhead who comes back from the dead.
Jean is peculiar in that she’s been around for ages but her character development is pretty much nil. That’s not a bad thing but her role as the perfect woman of the X-Men has always made her seem more like a DC character than a Marvel one.
Storm is unique among Marvel characters who seem like they should be DC characters because she became that way over time as she developed. In her early years, Storm had the requisite power levels to be a DC character but her tragic backstory and claustrophobia made her just human enough to belong in Marvel. As years passed, more writers concentrated on the goddess than the woman and she basically became a DC character.
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Storm has gotten more perfect and archetypal over the years, slowly morphing from a Marvel character to one who would be more at home in the DC Universe.
Black Panther is Batman if people actually liked him. He’s one of the richest people on the planet, a world leader, a nearly unbeatable fighter, and perfect in just about every respect. He wears a costume filled with advanced technology and gadgets that let him take on anyone he encounters. He’s smarter than just about any other hero in the room.
T’Challa has always been a bit of a DC character and there’s really no way around it. He’s an invincible, unbeatable fighter who everyone looks up to, and even when he’s being mean to everyone, as he had a tendency to do for a long time when he was doing his Wakanda first schtick back in his earlier Avengers stints, he was always the most respected person in the room.
Doctor Doom is one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains and that makes sense because he’s basically a Superman villain. From the histrionics of the way he speaks to the intensity of his hatred for Reed Richards to the unbelievable lengths he goes to, Doom feels like he stepped out of a Silver Age Superman comic.
On top of having all of the character traits of a Superman villain, he also has the power levels of one. He’s one of the most powerful magicians on the planet, his armor allows him to fight it out with anyone, and he can invent anything he needs to fight his foes. Doom’s DC traits are hidden under a very shallow surface.
Kang the Conqueror made his MCU debut in Loki and they turned him into a scenery-chewing, jokey villain. The comic Kang is very different from that version; he still chews the scenery but his bombastic way of speaking is very much of the Silver Age when he debuted. Beyond that, his time travel tech and weapons just make him feel more like a Justice League villain than anything else.
Kang would have been perfect to attack the League and send them on weird cross-time jaunts. Even his costume screams Silver Age DC villain more than it does Marvel.
Silver Surfer’s origin was very much a Marvel origin, as he was a being forced to work for a villain in order to save his world, but everything else about him was too DC for words. It begins with just the sheer purity of Norrin Radd, as he’s so good that he’s basically a cliche. Then, there’s his massive power level, which was unprecedented for a Marvel hero at the time. Add in the fact that he was basically an alien savior from another world and it all equals DC.
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Silver Surfer is the kind of character who feels like he would be more at home in the spaceways of the DC Universe, using Earth as a base to battle the most powerful foes in the Multiverse and protecting his adopted home.
Gods always seem weird in the Marvel Universe and that goes doubly for Loki. Loki has basically gone through the same evolution that a lot of DC villains have in his time. He went from a slightly silly yet still intimidating Silver Age villain to a more dangerous Bronze Age enemy to a popular villain that goes back and forth, a la Black Adam.
Beyond that, the God of Mischief thing has always just felt more like something that would work better in DC, almost like a Mr. Mxyzptlk type character. Loki’s evolution has mirrored that of so many DC villains and the character just seems like they’d fit better there.
Thor has always seemed a little too DC. So many of the original Marvel heroes were kind of underpowered but Thor was a literal god who could beat all of their problems into submission. Beyond that, there was always something about his personality that was more DC than anything else; sure, he was arrogant but he was also pretty much a perfect warrior god.
Thor feels like he’d be more at home in DC Fourth World books than he does at Marvel, which makes sense. He’s one of those Lee/Kirby characters that always felt more like a Kirby character, a man whose love of mythology and folklore caused him to create a DC mythology with the Fourth World and then created the Eternal at Marvel to explain Earth mythology.
Captain America’s genesis was in the Golden Age, a time when comic characters were more simple. While he’s definitely grown beyond that, that Golden Age perfection is still a part of him and it’s that feel that makes him more of a DC character than a Marvel one. Cap is an inspirational hero on par with Superman and feels like he should be hanging with the perfect Kryptonian more than the armored Avenger.
Cap kind of combines Batman and Superman, in that he’s Superman as a person but Batman as a fighter, making him perfect for the DC Universe.
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