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Whilst the theme parks of Disney have their own iconic menus, the movies that inspired them have dishes that are just as recognizable.
Whilst the works of Disney and Pixar are memorable for many reasons, something that often enriches their stories are the food and dishes present within the scenes. These dishes are used as moments of connection for the characters, to help with world-building and establishing cultural connections, or even to drive the plot itself.
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With detailed animation being used to render such foods on-screen, they can be more memorable than if the same dish was presented in a live-action film. Pointing to their iconic status beyond the scope of the movies, many of the most familiar Disney foods have gone on to be recreated for fans to try at their theme parks.
Introduced through a catchy line in the musical number “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, the grey stuff is a mysterious food which Lumière assures Belle is delicious, and from her expression upon trying it, she seems to agree.
The intrigue around what grey stuff actually contributes to its memorability, and has led to it becoming one of the movie foods you can try at Disney parks, where it’s made from – in part – a cookies and cream flavored pudding.
Food has a big presence in Raya and the Last Dragon, from the meals that young restauranteur Boun makes aboard his boat to the jackfruit jerky Raya has when she and Tuk Tuk are on the road. Most significantly though, is Kumandra soup, a dish based on the Thai soup, Tom Yum (according to the RadioTimes).
Raya’s father, Chief Benja, hopes that the soup will give him a chance to stop the conflict between the five tribes so they will be able to reunify Kumandra; he also adds several delicacies to the dish, with each one coming from one of the five different lands. His conversation with Raya about the process representing the strength and beauty in togetherness establishes some of her later motivations for reunifying Kumandra.
Almost all of Tiana’s culinary creations are memorable, but her beignets are a recurring part of The Princess and the Frog – from making an appearance at the diner in the movie’s opening scene to Charlotte’s hiring of Tiana to bake them for her ball.
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Not only do Tiana’s creations connect to her ambitions of opening her own restaurant throughout the film, but foods like the beignets also help to integrate the movie’s New Orleans setting into the plot. With their generous toppings of honey and powdered sugar, the beignets are mouthwatering to behold.
One of Pixar’s best original movies, Ratatouille is, of course, a movie all about food and the creation of food. Remy, Linguini, and the rest of the staff at Gusteau’s restaurant do a lot of cooking over the course of the story, but none is as iconic as Remy’s rendition of the movie’s titular dish, ratatouille.
The creation of this dish comes at the most crucial part of the story, where the restaurant is up against famously stern critic Anton Ego. However, when he tastes the food, he’s transported back to memories of childhood and his mother’s own cooking. An emotional moment showing the power of good food, Remy’s cooking and serving of the ratatouille is triumphant.
Although people may not immediately picture spaghetti and meatballs when thinking about food for dogs, Lady and the Tramp created an iconic scene, with the main characters’ sharing a romantic dinner at Tony’s Italian restaurant.
The meal acts as a moment for Lady and Tramp to connect with one another and includes the instantly recognizable image of the two sharing a strand of spaghetti (which appears on almost all posters and DVD covers for the movie).
Luca may have a great scene focusing on the town of Portorosso’s gelato, but the main food of the movie is trenette al pesto. This is first seen when Luca and Alberto first try it under the watchful eye of another of Luca’s best characters – the suspicious cat, Machiavelli.
It is a bright pasta dish made with vegetables and fresh basil pesto. Its subsequent popularity among audiences even led to Pixar posting a video of how to make it.
In times of need and with battles ahead, Mushu prepares a hearty breakfast of congee (a savory rice porridge) topped with fried eggs and bacon, shaped to look like a smiling face for Mulan.
The charming happy face is a welcome sight for Mulan after her abrupt wake-up, though she doesn’t get to enjoy it for too long before Mushu is hurriedly feeding it to her. However, many other fans have had the chance to replicate the dish themselves, with several sites also including the delicious recipe for them to create
The world of Alice In Wonderland is full of delights both welcoming and scary, and the food that Alice first encounters on her way into Wonderland is no exception, where cookies adorned with the words ‘eat me’ and a bottle that invites her to drink both have the power to alter her size.
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As they help Alice to make the journey into Wonderland, these cookies act as a hint of the kind of strange magic which awaits her, and the cookies themselves have a bright and inviting design that sticks in the mind.
Whilst it may be the simplest food, the apple from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is perhaps one of the most recognizable parts of the fairy tale, no matter the adaptation. In Disney’s case, the poison-laced fruit also often features on the movie’s posters and has become a shorthand symbol for Snow White’s entire journey.
The scene where the poisoned apple is prepared and its subsequent use by the Evil Queen shows it in its unnaturally bright red form, standing out boldly against the rest of the movie’s colors as something to take note of (and the story would simply not be complete without it).
Hoping to plan and execute the perfect birthday party for Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, the three fairies get busy making the necessary preparations, with Fauna volunteering to make a spectacular 15 tiered birthday cake (despite never having baked before).
Her comedic misinterpretations of the recipe lead to an unstable final product, which Fauna has to prop up with a broom. Despite the mishaps, though, the cake is full of love for Aurora and shows the fairies’ dedication to her.
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