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From Rachel Summers to Kitty Pryde, which classic X-Men characters feel like they don’t get enough praise in Marvel Comics?
The X-Men have some of the most powerful Marvel superheroes on their roster. They also have one of the deepest benches in comics, with dozens of characters belonging to various iterations of the team over the years. But with so many characters to consider, some X-Men haven’t gotten their due in the comics.
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Some of the most powerful characters, and the most prominent, have been relegated to minor roles or have no real function in the comics at all in the present. Others continue to be factors in the story of the X-Men, but they still feel a little underrated both in terms of the power and importance to the team and readers.
Bishop is a very powerful X-Man with the ability to absorb and project energy. He was once also one of the most important members, with foreknowledge of a traitor who would betray the team in the future. Once the traitor was revealed to be Onslaught back in the mid-90s, Bishop’s role in the world of mutants has been without a lot of focus.
He remains connected to the team and Krakoa but hasn’t felt essential for a long time. He could and he should, as his knowledge of the future likely matters greatly to Moira MacTaggert’s far-reaching plans.
Meggan is a mutant empath with the ability to shapeshift. She was a prominent member of the original Excalibur in the late 80s and early 90s but has been mostly a minor character ever since.
It’s a shame, as Meggan is a fascinating character with a powerset that has intriguing possibilities for modern storytelling. With her deep empathy for others and the ability to change form and gender, Meggan represents the potential to positively reflect aspects of the LGBTQ+ readership of the X-Men if given the opportunity.
Polaris is getting a lot of attention as a prominent member of the newest team of X-Men in the comics. But for a long time, she has been relatively underrated given her extraordinary powers and history in the comics. As the daughter of Magneto and a longtime member of X-Men and X-Factor, Polaris is a significant character in mutant lore who doesn’t always feel like it.
With her father being a suspect in the death of the Scarlet Witch, and her new role in the X-Men, the future looks much better than the recent past.
Alex Summers is the brother of Scott Summers and has always felt in some way in the shadow of his older brother. That has felt more acute in the new Krakoan era, where he has seemed to be on the sidelines for much of the last two years outside of X Of Swords and the brief prospect of Madelyne Pryor returning.
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With his incredible power to absorb and unleash ambient energy, he’s a powerhouse. With his family ties and complicated past in the comics, he feels a little underrated compared to his brother and other members of the team.
Dazzler was once a prominent member of the X-Men in the 80s, a member of the team during the Outback era when they were based in Australia. She was also briefly a potential herald of Galactus empowered with the same Power Cosmic that gives the Silver Surfer his ability in the comics.
But since the early 90s, Alison Blaire has hardly been a factor. With her power and unique role as a celebrity in the world of Marvel Comics, she feels underrated in terms of story potential in the current comics.
Cecilia Reyes can project force fields to protect herself. While that might not make her super interesting in the context of other X-Men, she has a prominent history with the X-Men. The surgeon joined the team reluctantly, but played a role in fighting the Shadow King and finding a cure for the Legacy Virus.
She’s present on Krakoa and involved in the biomedical promise of the island, making her compelling, but not a factor in the story so far. Since the late 90s, she hasn’t been a major presence in the comics. She was also rendered as a villain in The New Mutants movie, which didn’t help matters much.
Forge has been one of the most essential X-Men for decades, inventing advanced technologies and weapons, but he still feels like a secondary character in the comics.
Forge is essential to the complex resurrection protocols on Krakoa since he helped invent the Cerebro backups, but beyond occasionally appearing to provide someone a new gadget or gun, he doesn’t feel very appreciated in the current run. Forge has a deep history with the X-Men and a romantic one with Storm that is rarely leveraged for stories.
Kitty Pryde is a major and popular member of the X-Men going back to the 80s, but she’s arguably underrated in terms of her value and her power. Her phasing ability at times has become truly cosmic, as it was when she interacted with the Black Vortex while part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Despite this, she’s essentially a minor member of the Hellfire Club under Emma Frost’s wing in the current comics. Kitty feels like she should have the prominence of X-Men powerhouses like Storm or Jean Grey given her power and history, but doesn’t seem to be thought of in the same way.
Firestar is more than just one of Spider-Man’s amazing friends. She has also been a member of the X-Men and is a very powerful mutant with her ability to generate and control microwave radiation.
Despite her potential and her history in the comics, Firestar doesn’t get a lot of attention in the comics. She has been a member of the X-Men, New Warriors, and Avengers, but regardless of her pedigree, she doesn’t have a real role in the comics and doesn’t seem to get the respect she did toward the beginning of her superhero career.
Rachel Summers has been at times of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. As host to the Phoenix Force, she fought and defeated Galactus in Excalibur #61. She’s also the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from the Days Of Futures Past timeline.
But even with her power and family history, Rachel hasn’t received the focus or appreciation she should. For a long period, she was simply out of the comics. She’s presently a member of X-Factor, though she hasn’t been a real focus in the book or others.
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