A Critically Panned X-Men Film Is Dominating Disney+ Today – We Got This Covered

Disney+ has quite an impressive library of Marvel movies on its service and since Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the X-Men films have been available also. While it isn’t the most beloved Marvel film, one X-Men-based movie is dominating the streaming service right now and that is The New Mutants.
After suffering multiple delays, The New Mutants finally launched in 2020 and offered a different take on the traditional X-Men story. In this film, five mutants are being held in a hospital facility against their will. After discovering some dark secrets of what is truly going on within the facility the team attempts to use their powers to command an escape.
The film has quite a familiar cast for streaming and TV enthusiasts starring Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams, The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy, and Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton among others.
Upon launching, The New Mutants was slammed by critics garnering just a 36 percent Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, though audiences favored it slightly more with the audience score currently sitting at 56 percent.
While it may not be the best account of X-Men characters to hit screens, If you’re a superhero fan looking for something a little different this weekend then why not check out The New Mutants which is free to stream with a Disney+ membership.
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Not on Disney+, it’s on HBO MAX
Read that sentence back again: free to stream with a Disney+ membership🤦‍♂️
Full of “woke” anti white garbage. I like how they had a white person make a racist comment to a minority, then edited out the part where she made a racist comment. Trash
Shut up hows that
@Alm Well, no one cares really because the movie itself was so bad that nobody saw it.
Your a jackass…woke isnt anti white…it’s anti racism
Nope! Being “woke” is just an extension of critical race theory. Under CTR only whites can be racist.
Right, but your is spelled you’re……… Lends towards credibility.
Yes u are trash
If you think the movie is anti-white it is because you are projecting. The movie is far from woke as in the comics Cecilia and Roberto are black. The Vietnamese lesbian who was leader of the New Mutants isn’t in the film at all. Also Illyana was the best character in the film racist remarks and all.
Absolutely agree 1000% sick of all this white washing of films and society. Not supporting this trash.
How can anything be anti white? We whites take whatever we want away from minorities and there is nothing anyone can call us to shame us. You’re a wuss if you feel discriminated against you Nancy boy.
Wow…as racist and homophobic as can be. Your comment is what is wrong with the left, it’s everyone else’s fault. Pathetic. Being woke is another way to say anti-white. That being said not everyone white is racist or everyone black is a fill in the blank. Racism and bigotry is stupid and a terrible waste of breath. I don’t have to be ” woke ” to know that. Hate comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. You know that just from your comment. Less Hate and more talk. BTW the movie was pretty good. Every show and movie now days has woke and anti white messages, as well as let’s fix it ourselves messages. Just turn off your which ever side you are leaning and just watch.
You’re really showing off your brain cells if you think “woke” is actually a thing. Yikes y’all are everywhere. Get some education please
I saw it and thought it was really cool
One of my favorite comic book teams, movie wasn’t half bad. No movie will ever follow the books, ever. Two different things altogether movies can’t be the books books can never have cgi and all the other cool stuff we like in movies. Oh and the dumb fuck anti-white nonsense person. Ummm, just be thankful all the other people on this planet with a bit more melatonin in their skin don’t treat us “white folk” as bad as we treat everyone else. And Critical Race Theory is not what you describe it to be. Stop watching YouTube videos thinking its fact and realize it was put there by someone as fucking stupid as yourself. Now go play in the road
The movie sucked. Seems like X-Men needs to step it up
Home of the Click-Bait, the title says “A Critically Panned X-Men Film Is Dominating Disney+” but the article just gives info about the release we already knew, how is it “dominating Disney+”
Agreed… this is hardly what I’d call an “X-men” film.
Total clickbait.
It’s not on Disney +. It’s on HBO Max right now for the time being.
Movie was awful. I wasted a piece of my life
I agree 💯%. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I wish I had more hands, so I could give it 4 thumbs down. 👎👎
No research went into this article. Shameful.
It wasn’t terrible, but it felt like it was missing an entire third act. Also, Mr. Galloway, skilled researcher of Rotten Tomatoes, fyi the movie currently streams on HBOMax, not Disney+. Guess that journalism degree is really paying off. 🙄
It is indeed on Disney+, I watched it, and I don’t even HAVE HBO Max.
Where do you live? I ask because I’m on Disney+ right now and it isn’t on here.
Nah, the movie was terrible. I watched it. It’s probably getting a lot of views because everyone is telling their friends how god awful it is and they’re like “it can’t be that bad, I gotta see this” and then after watching it they’re like yep – it was the bad. Then they tell someone else and the cycle repeats.
Not on the service yet
It wasn’t a bad film. I enjoyed it a hell of alot more than Dark Pheonix!!
It wasn’t a bad film. In fact, I thought it was a helluva lot better than Dark Pheonix!!
It’s was garbage…. u can’t compare this movie with the other xmen movies this one just sucked all togather
Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ll be sure to avoid it.
Saw it, was actually way better than I was expecting
Not sure how that’s possible, unless you were expecting the video from The Ring, where you die after watching it! Otherwise, it’s f-ing terrible and can’t get exceed expectations…
Woke movies suck. Guess I’m racist
I don’t know what Disney plus you’re talkin about, but the one that I have does not have this show. Nice try, but no points this round morons.
Do any of you know who the “new mutants” are? Do any of u actually READ the comics? This movie got all of that right. Stop listening to ur stupid comic movie friends who think they know comic stuff and actually read the source material. Movie is pretty damn good.
I read the comics its my favorite team once they become x-force and they did not get a thing right. Missing one major character turning two gay that are not. Adding lockheed to this team and not Katie ok. It was was formed by Charles Xavier not Mister sinister. WTF did you think they got right. This article got more right then that movie.
Who is Katie? If you mean Kitty Pryde, she wasn’t in the New Mutants (but I agree that neither was Lockheed). It was a shame that they didn’t expand it more to include more characters, but I thought it hit the spirit of the comic well (especially the Demon Bear storyline).
Making 2 of the characters gay was fine, though a bit cheesily done.
I loved it, personally.
The movie sucked. And you asses need to be awake. Denying the truth stops you from changing. People do not like the truth because it brings their fuckups to light. Stop fucking up and problem solved
Its not on Disney plus. “We got this covered” is crap.
Its not on Disney plus. We got this covered is crap.
Once is enough. I’ll pass.
New mutants isn’t on Disney plus. This is a garbage article
Movie is atrocious
I have Disney Plus and The New Mutants is nowherw to be found. Are you certain your info is for real?
It’s ‘dominating’ on the platform now because, if you actually watched the movie, instead of listening to idiots who didn’t watch the movie, it was actually pretty good.
Idiots have too much to say about things they know nothing about, people have been boycotting the film years before it was released.
Stop letting others make your decisions, think for yourself.


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