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Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove is a cult classic full of memorable quotes. The best are mostly funny but some of them are also insightful.
Whilst not the most critically acclaimed of Disney’s animated movies, The Emperor’s New Groove is something of a cult classic among fans and those born in the late ’90s or early ’00s. This is down to the movie’s snappy humor, frequent breaking of the fourth wall (unusual for a Disney movie at the time), lovable characters, and some of the most memorable quotes ever.
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It is fair to say that the entire movie is somewhat quotable, and most of its best lines are hilarious zany one-liners that can be found in various memes and GIFs. But some of them are also sound words of advice, observation, and can provide insight to the character speaking.
One key reason why The Emperor’s New Groove is so beloved is because of Kronk, the good-hearted yet simple-minded sidekick to the movie’s villain Yzma. Thanks to the iconic voice of Patrick Warburton and the character’s lovable nature, Kronk has become a beloved Disney character and one of the best himbos ever.
The above quote is Kronk’s response to an angry Yzma when she discovers that Kuzco was given a llama potion rather than poison. The line is hilarious because not only is Kronk voicing what the audience is thinking but it’s a rare moment where Kronk is being more observant than his much smarter boss.
Pacha is easily the most level-headed of the four main characters of the movie. The village leader and a loving family man, Pacha is humble and kind but is not afraid to stand up to Kuzco. In fact, he is perhaps the first person to ever stand up to the Emperor and tell him no.
The ever-patient Pacha does his best to convince Kuzco to change his mind about building his new poolhouse on top of their village. At one point, a weary Pacha expresses the above, which Kuzco quickly dismisses. These are not only wise and observant words but they are also foreshadowing, as the Emperor ends up exactly in this position later in the movie through his selfishness.
One of Kronk’s most notable traits is that he is a chef and has a passion for cooking, his signature dish being spinach puffs. He seemed more concerned about providing an excellent meal than disposing of the Emperor so it would be natural for him to be distraught if someone didn’t like his cooking.
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In fact, Yzma’s final insult to Kronk upsets him so much that even his shoulder devil decides that she needs to be taken down. It is this line that gives Kronk the final push to turn from the villain’s sidekick into one of the good guys. Although his gallant attempt to take down Yzma fails, he does ultimately yet unwittingly help save the day.
Unusually for a Disney movie of the era, The Emperor’s New Groove breaks the fourth wall often, which provides a lot of funny gags and humor. One instance is when Kuzco interrupts a scene fully focusing on Pacha and his family, reminding the audience that he is still there and that this is his story, not Pacha’s.
At this point of the story, Kuzco is still rather egocentric so the rude interruption of one of the movie’s few somewhat serious moments is both hilarious and very in-character for him. In a way, it’s rather reminiscent of something perhaps Deadpool would do. They even share the same color scheme.
In the penultimate scene leading up to the climactic final moments, Pacha knocks over a table of Yzma’s potions, transforming the palace guards into animals. Instead of reacting in fear like Kuzco did when he turned into a llama, one guard meekly asks if he can go home whilst the others seem unphased with their new animal forms.
The guards’ reaction to their new forms is a moment in The Emperor’s New Groove that doesn’t make sense, but that may be what makes this moment so funny and memorable – because it’s not the expected reaction to being transformed into an animal. This moment also shows an unexpected compassionate side of Yzma as she graciously lets the bovine guard go home.
Two of the funniest supporting characters in the movie are Kronk’s shoulder angel and shoulder devil. Whilst they only appear in two scenes, they practically steal the show whenever they’re on screen whilst ultimately helping Kronk make the morally right decision.
Kronk’s shoulder devil may not exactly be evil (in fact, he’s just as much of a good guy as the shoulder angel) but he has one of the best and quotable lines in the movie, such as when he first appears onscreen. The exchange between the angel and devil is hilarious yet it somehow convinces Kronk to rescue the unconscious Kuzco, proving to be a pivotal point in the movie.
Before he matures and changes his ways, Kuzco is most likely one of Disney’s nastiest protagonists – he is selfish, lacks empathy, and is extremely arrogant. His very worst moment is when he leaves Pacha hanging perilously from a broken rope bridge after admitting he lied to Pacha about not building his pool and had planned to have him imprisoned for life once they had returned to the palace.
This is a very cruel and callous moment, something others would expect from a Disney villain rather than a protagonist. But the final straw is Kuzco smugly returns to remind Pacha that you need hands to shake on something. Whilst it’s a very conceited move, Kuzco gets his comeuppance seconds later as he also becomes tangled in the bridge. Perhaps if he hadn’t have been so arrogant, Pacha might have still been hanging from the bridge.
One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is when Yzma and Kronk head to her ‘secret’ laboratory and Yzma instructs Kronk to “pull the lever.” Of course, he pulls the wrong one and Yzma plummets into watery depths unknown. The scene cuts to a dripping wet Yzma emerging and grumbling “Why do we even have that lever?” as she smacks away an alligator latched onto her.
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The scene is hilarious and memorable as it’s reminiscent of a cartoon supervillain rather than a Disney villain. Furthermore, it somewhat undercuts the tone of Yzma deciding to kill Kuzco. What makes this even better is that almost the exact same line is later said by Kuzco towards the end of the movie when Pacha must have also pulled the infamous lever. No one will ever know why Yzma has that lever.
The Emperor’s New Groove achieved its cult status most likely because of the Internet. The film has spawned numerous memes and GIFs based on scenes and quotations from the movie, but there is one in particular that has become one of the Internet’s most popular memes to come from a movie.
The scene is when Kronk suddenly realizes that they ran into Pacha, meaning once they find him, they find Kuzco, in which he finishes his epiphany with the now-iconic “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” Combining the recognizable voice of Warburton and the simplicity of a recognizable character and screenshot, it’s not hard to see why it’s become such a beloved meme.
Each Disney movie has its signature inspirational quote that can often work as words of wisdom. For The Emperor’s New Groove, it’s most likely “Nobody’s that heartless.”
The words are first spoken by Pacha when he’s trying to convince Kuzco why he shouldn’t build his poolhouse on top of the village, believing that there is some good in everyone, Kuzco included. This ultimately proves to be true in Kuzco’s case as he saves Pacha’s life and accidentally protests that “nobody’s that heartless” in a stubborn attempt to prove Pacha’s point wrong. After the extremely callous moment mentioned earlier, this moment is the beginning of Kuzco’s redemption.
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