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There are a number of mutants in the Marvel Universe who have a unique connection to powerful and mysterious dimensions like the Darkforce.
The Marvel Universe is connected to a number of alternate dimensions that include realms of unknown energy or are filled with demonic monsters that occasionally bleed over into the mainstream reality, though in some cases, there are characters who have also found themselves connected to these mysterious Marvel dimensions.
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While these connections can occur through accidents or magical rituals, there are a high number of mutants born with incredibly powerful abilities rooted in these alternate dimensions that aren’t quite fully understood yet by some of Marvel’s greatest scientists, highlighting an interesting relation between mutants and alternate dimensions that is begging to be explored further.
DeMarr Davis is the mutant hero known as Doorman, who works alongside the Great Lakes Avengers, a lesser-known mutant team that hasn’t quite made their mark in Marvel’s history despite numerous name changes.
Doorman is able to use his body to create portals that access the Darkforce Dimension, though anyone who passes through isn’t affected by the energy’s negative effects. Doorman is also able to go intangible and his powers were further increased to manipulate the Darkforce when he became Oblivion’s Angel of Death.
There are quite a few mutants who have developed a connection to the Darkforce Dimension, though each has their own particular skill or ability with the unique energy source that usually includes some form of teleportation of other-dimensional travel.
Darkstar’s mutant ability to create Darkforce constructs and fly made her a powerful member of Russia’s ongoing superhuman programs. Darkstar’s unique form of teleportation required her and her allies to physically travel through the portals she can open at will as Mistress of the Darkforce.
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler‘s unique teleportation effect left a sulphuric residue that smelled of brimstone and an explosive “bamf” sound of escaping air that became one of the X-Men‘s leaders identifying traits, beyond his blue fur and demonic appearance of course.
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It was long theorized that Nightcrawler traveled through an alternate dimension when he teleported, which was confirmed when he met his father Azazel in Chuck Austen and Phillip Tan’s “The Draco.” Azazel had been trapped in the Brimstone Dimension so he sired children like Nightcrawler and Abyss with a connection to his prison in order to help him escape.
While Tyrone Johnson/Cloak‘s status as a mutant alongside his partner Dagger has been questioned over the years, they are commonly considered to have had their latent mutant abilities activated by an experimental drug. Cloak’s abilities were rooted in the Darkforce Dimension, allowing him to instantaneously teleport like other users.
Cloak also contains an “Ebon Void” within him that he traps his enemies in, exposing them to the draining cold and dark of the dimension. Dagger’s powers stem from opposing energy known as the Lightforce, but that dimension hasn’t been as defined.
Silhouette Chord was an ally of Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher before she joined with his team of New Warriors, where she revealed her Darkforce-derived abilities to melt into the shadows, which she could use to teleport herself and eventually others.
Silhouette’s mutant heritage that she shares with her brother Midnight’s Fire was influenced at their birth by the mystical energies of the Wellspring of Power, making her connection to the Darkforce Dimension both mutant and magical.
Iceman‘s Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman introduced readers to Darnell Wade AKA Shade, a New York City mutant Drag Queen that was inspired by a few contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race who quickly became a viral hit.
As Darkveil, Shade is able to create a Darkforce fan that can open portals to either teleport or trap others in the dark dimension. Unfortunately, Darkveil hasn’t had many appearances since her breakout that have further explored her own unique connection to the Darkforce Dimension.
Elizabeth Braddock spent most of her time with the X-Men as the telepathic mutant ninja Psylocke, who once had a unique connection to the realm of the Crimson Dawn after a near-death experience that allowed her to teleport through shadows like other Darkforce users.
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However, the character has recently been returned to her original body to become the new Captain Britain, which further explored the Braddock family’s connection to the mystical Avalon and the multiversal Otherworld due to their bond with the Amulet of Right.
Henrique Gallante was a troubled youth whose mutant manifestation gave him the ability to access Darkforce energy directly from the mysterious dimension, making him a powerful conduit that took the name of Darkling.
Unfortunately, Gallante was overwhelmed by the energy and the Darkforce began to seep out into the world and infect other connected heroes with his madness. Darkling was lost to the Darkforce Dimension, though after he returned as a new Asylum alongside Psionex to trouble the New Warriors, his inexperience led to an innocent death and he was incarcerated.
When Illyana Rasputin was lost in the demonic dimension known as Limbo and trapped there for years by its ruler Belasco, she was transformed into the Darkchilde and irreversibly altered to become the powerful New Mutant known as Magik.
Magik’s teleportation stepping discs initially connected her to Limbo, and she has to travel through the other-dimensional realm when teleporting herself and others. Magik eventually became the ruler of Limbo and is also the dimension’s sorcerer supreme after she enhanced her magic skills by training with Doctor Strange.
While the official origins of Scott Summers/Cyclops‘ powerful mutant ability have yet to be fully explored in the comics beyond his required absorption of solar energy to power his devastating optic blasts, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe introduced an alternate explanation.
Cyclops was revealed to absorb the solar energy needed to open the portals contained within his eyes that open to a “punch dimension” filled with concussive energy. This explanation hasn’t been fully accepted in the comics, though the punch dimension was later accessed by America Chavez in The Ultimates.
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