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The world of Marvel comics, and the X-Men comics in particular, are filled with strong and powerful mutants, many of whom are women.
Mutants come in a myriad of different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some possess only a single attribute, while others are stocked to the gills with multiple powers that put them in a class all their own. Regardless of age, size, strength level, or gender, there are some serious heavyweights in the Marvel universe.
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On the female side of the spectrum are a collection of mutants that are frighteningly powerful. Some can control the weather, others can move objects with their mind, and a few can even duplicate the powers of other mutants for their own gain. Here are ten of the most uber-powerful female mutants around.
This Soviet-born girl came from a family of mutants, the most famous of which is the X-Man Colossus. She was personally tutored by Charles Xavier at his school, showing great promise despite her reduced powers in the Earth realm.
She held the power to manipulate the alternate dimension known as Limbo and possessed mutant-born sorcery talents. Astral projection, psionic shielding, and mystical armor are just a few of her tricks. She was eventually trained to be an expert sword fighter, which helped make up for her nominal strength as a regular human.
This particular mutant was born in Afghanistan and sold into slavery before being rescued by Wolverine. She was initially fearful of the X-Men, and used her mutant power to turn herself into sand in order to hide from them. Eventually, she was coaxed to reveal herself by Jean Grey, then taken to Xavier’s institute to learn how to handle her powers.
As the superhero, Dust lives up to her codename by converting herself into silicon particles. She can produce sandstorms, explode her body outwards, and reassemble herself afterward. In her particle form, she’s extremely resistant to magic, telepathy, and damage, although she’s vulnerable to intense heat and water.
Otherwise known as Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde is a mutant of exceptional abilities. Her ability to phase through solid objects by shifting the particles of her body at the atomic level is hugely beneficial. This gives her a major advantage when it comes to recon scouting, and combat as well.
She can also phase multiple people through objects in addition to herself, and has been shown to “teleport” in a sense, by phasing herself out of the planet’s own rotational sphere. While phased, she possesses only a few vulnerabilities, including magic, and the need to hold her breath.
One of the X-Men’s most prolific and iconic female team members is Ororo Munroe, long thought to possess magical powers in her homeland of Kenya, but was actually a mutant with the uncanny ability to control the weather. As such, she can harness the elements as easily as Magneto can manipulate magnetic fields.
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In addition to merely creating storms and hurricanes, Storm possesses control over humidity, moisture, and atmospheric pressure. The forces of nature are under her command, allowing her to direct tornadoes and lightning strikes with perfect accuracy. That’s just scratching the surface of her abilities, and her true potential.
Lorna Dane is the daughter of the supervillain Magneto, and that means powers galore. In fact, she’s one of the most powerful female mutants on the block, capable of manipulating magnetic fields just like her father. However, she’s not nearly as experienced in how to handle those powers and has much to learn.
She does have a few tricks that give her an edge in combat though, including the ability to absorb energy blasts such as those used by Cyclops or Havok. She’s even been shown to have control over the iron content in a person’s bloodstream, effectively giving her control over their circulatory systems. Frightening stuff.
The mutant known as Selene Gallio was born in the Hyborian Age, in Conan the Barbarian’s time. She stood in opposition to the evil sorcerer Kulan Gath, she flirted with the Roman Empire, and she may have even have caused the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Her claim to power was her ability to feed on the psionic energy of others, effectively making her a vampire.
She later joined the Hellfire Club, which stood in direct opposition to the X-Men. Her powers were considerable, with superhuman strength, endurance, and speed being at the top of the list, along with telekinesis, telepathic weapons and barriers, and pyrokinesis. She’s also a master sorceress, to the point of being a prime candidate for Sorcerer Supreme.
The mutant Emma Frost is most famous for being a key member of the infamous Hellfire Club, where she dealt the X-Men a considerable level of trouble. She would later join them, playing both sides of the aisle while struggling to figure out her place in life. As a mutant, she’s hard to top, and she’s demonstrated that on countless occasions.
Frost is a telepath who can go up against Charles Xavier and make a dent, which is no small feat. Her secondary mutation allows her to harden her entire body into a diamond-like substance, rendering her virtually invulnerable. In this state, her telekinetic and telepathic powers are nullified, which is fortunate for her foes.
Rogue is very close to the top of the list when it comes to superpowered female mutants, given her inherent mutant ability. With a single touch, Rogue can absorb the powers of any other mutant she comes into contact with. If she holds on for too long, those powers become permanent, as evidenced by her run-in with the former Ms. Marvel.
Theoretically, Rogue could end up becoming the mutant to end all mutants, simply by absorbing everyone’s powers for the full duration. The only drawback is that she would permanently absorb their memories and experiences at the same time, which would literally drive her insane. Fans know her and love her for good reason.
Vying for the top spot of the most powerful female mutant is obviously Jean Grey. At first, it appeared as if she was just a super-strong mutant, but over time it became apparent that she was light years beyond any other. During the time period where she served as the vessel for the Dark Phoenix, Grey was virtually unstoppable, and a cosmic force of sheer terror.
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Outside of that persona, she’s an Omega-level mutant with a laundry list of uber-powers including unparalleled telepathy, telekinesis, and power over psychic energy. She can create force fields, cosmic blasts, mind control, and astral projection. Anyone going up against Jean Grey should bring a friend or two…or a hundred.
Jean Grey might be a contender when it comes to sheer power, but Hope Summers bears a potential unmatched by most, if not all female mutants. Born on M-Day, this mutant straddled two universes with extremely different futures, proving that she had an influence on both.
Summers’ most prolific and awesome power is her ability to duplicate the abilities of other mutants without touching them. She can stack these abilities many times over; the implications of which are positively earth-shattering. She’s also a survivalist, a combat expert, and a master strategist, which is one truly potent combination.
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