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Doctor Doom is a powerful villain who is feared within Marvel Comics. But that doesn’t mean he can beat everyone he comes up against.
Doctor Doom has long been one of Marvel’s most iconic villains, battling against the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and other heroes over the years. While he’s not always a bad guy, Doom believes wholeheartedly in his own power and prestige. He’s the ultimate villainous polymath: he’s one of the smartest people on the planet, a clever leader and strategist, and one of the most powerful sorcerers on the planet.
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Between all of his skills and his amazingly powerful armor, few can rival Doom. While he is without a doubt one of the toughest villains in the Marvel Universe, that doesn’t mean that he’s unbeatable. There are many foes who Doom has not been able to defeat no matter how hard he tried.
Doctor Doom was a member of Norman Osborn’s Cabal during the Dark Reign, but calling the group a team is a little much. This villainous Illuminati squabbled constantly as they planned the brutal actions that Osborn and HAMMER would take, with Doom and Osborn often arguing with each other. Their disagreements almost came to blows several times but things never got far enough to declare a winner.
Either Osborn would play the Sentry card and Doom would back down or, as on one memorable occasion, Doom sent a Doombot full of destroyer nanotech to teach Osborn a lesson in humility. Either way, the two’s rivalry always resulted in a draw.
The Sentry is one of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful heroes and during the Dark Reign, he was Norman Osborn’s ace in the hole. Whenever a member of the Cabal got out of line, Osborn would call in the Sentry. Osborn used this method against Doom several times and Doom always chose discretion instead of out and out violence.
While Doom has handled more powerful beings, he was ready for them. The Sentry was an unknown for Doom and he had no plan for dealing with him. Doom was too smart to run in without a plan, which meant he’s never defeated the Sentry.
On paper, Doom should be able to beat the pants off of Captain America. Cap may be one of the most inspiring heroes of them all but against someone of Doom’s caliber, he has little chance. Luckily for Cap, the only time he’s fought Doom was with the Avengers. With the Avengers on his side, Cap has always been able to defeat Doom.
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Doom, for his part, actually has a lot of respect for Cap. They are both patriots who will do anything for their people, even if Doom is way more self-aggrandizing than Cap. Woe betide the foe that gets these two to fight on the same side.
Doom is mostly known for battling the Fantastic Four or, less frequently, the Avengers. Doom has rarely had to fight the X-Men but every time he has, he’s ended up with a big fat L. He’s had his moments against them but the mutants have proven to be more than he can handle on several occasions.
This makes a lot of sense; the X-Men have a wider variety of powers and skills than Doom is used to dealing with. While he’s mastered ways of making mutants powerless, the X-Men have dealt with that type of thing plenty of times before and have always been able to defeat the lord of Latveria.
At first glance, it makes complete sense that Doom has never beat Magneto. After all, Doom’s armor is made of metal and Magneto is the mutant master of magnetism and one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Doom, though, is a canny foe and knows his way around many things that others would consider a weakness.
Magneto and Doom haven’t fought a lot but Magneto has always won. The most memorable occasion was during the first Secret Wars, when Magneto worked with the heroes and helped defeat the Beyonder empowered Doom.
Kang the Conqueror and Doctor Doom have made for strange bedfellows over the years. The two have teamed up more than once but always with the intention to eventually betray the other. It’s always an entertaining team-up that usually ends in a draw as the two end up getting beat by whatever heroes they allied against.
Both have landed blows but neither one has ever actually won. Kang has superior tech and Doom has always been able to hold his own against the Conqueror, but never been able to do the deed and actually defeat him.
Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom have clashed several times over the years. Doom is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth and has even been a candidate for Sorcerer Supreme at times. Strange has always been able to keep the title and has had to fight Doom on more than one occasion for the mantle.
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Strange may not have Doom beat in the smarts department but he’s been able to take advantage of Doom’s arrogance to use his greater magical might to defeat the armored villain. Doom has been able to use some of his losses to Strange to his advantage, as he was able to get Strange’s help to free his mother’s soul from Mephisto.
Doctor Doom was the first powerful villain that Squirrel Girl beat, but not the last. Squirrel Girl’s whole power is the ability to never lose but that didn’t stop Doom from trying to get his win back. It’s always futile, though. There’s a reason she’s called the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, after all.
Doom isn’t the type of villain to just let someone get away with defeating him and has struggled against Squirrel Girl several times. The initial shock of being defeated by her was enough to drive Doom mad with hatred and he’s been trying to figure out a way to get back at her ever since.
The Magus was the dark side of Adam Warlock the hero expelled when he gained the Infinity Gauntlet. The Magus would enact a plan to take that ultimate power for himself during Infinity War, out-thinking the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Kang and Doom would learn about him and try to take the source of his power, a collection of Cosmic Cubes.
They were almost able to take the Magus out but he gained the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and was able to put them down before they could steal his power. Doom wasn’t even part of the final battle to defeat the Magus and never was able to beat him.
Iron Man and Doctor Doom have a lot in common. They’re both arrogant, intelligent, and successful men who wear powerful armor. They make good foes for each other and have clashed many times over the years, fighting each other solo or when Iron Man was with the Avengers. Every time they’ve fought, Iron Man has always been able to beat him.
They’ve battled each other in the past and present but every time, Iron Man has been able to defeat the Doctor. Iron Man may be nearly as arrogant as Doom but he doesn’t let his arrogance hold him back, which has always allowed him to defeat the Latverian ruler.
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