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From Yo-Yo to Stature, Marvel Strike Force introduces players to an array of unknown characters. However, they’ll soon become favorites once unlocked.
Since its initial launch in 2018, Marvel Strike Force has remained one of the most popular mobile games based on comic books. From its turned-based RPG gameplay to the simplistic yet effective concept of heroes and villains working together, Marvel fans have continued to support the game for years.
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Of course, there are the expected names on the character roster, including the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even Defenders. However, Marvel Strike Force has given fans the opportunity to play Marvel characters who are less famous that even hardcore fans are surprised to see in the roster.
This villain can be considered one of the more overpowered villains in Marvel comics; he has the ability to control gravity itself. However, despite this power, Graviton does not appear very often in the comics. His most famous appearance outside of the comics is as the villain that brings the Avengers together in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and as one of many main villains in Agents Of SHIELD.
In Marvel Strike Force, Graviton is only unlockable through Premium Orbs, Legacy II Orbs, and Milestone II Orbs and requires 100 character shards to unlock.
Of all the characters from the X-Men franchise, there are a lot of famous characters in the game, but Multiple Man is a surprising one. He is the leader of X-Factor, which allows him to benefit from having Polaris, Shatterstar, and Longshot on his Strike Force. There was going to be a Multiple Man movie but it was one of many Marvel movies to be canceled.
X-Factor is already an obscure team in the Marvel world that the average player probably won’t recognize. At the same time, Multiple Man’s unique duplication abilities from the comics translate well into Marvel Strike Force and likely helped the character’s popularity outside of comics.
Despite being a high-ranking member of The Hand, Kagenobu Yoshioka (AKA Nobu) is not featured often in the comics. In fact, according to ComicVine, he has only appeared seven times in the comics. His most famous incarnation is actually in the Daredevil Netflix series as a secondary antagonist.
At the same time, even fans of the Daredevil show would likely not recognize Nobu in Marvel Strike Force without some research. Nobu is unlocked with 100 character shards via Premium Orb, Legacy I Orb, and can be purchased through microtransactions.
Stryfe is a villainous clone of Cable as well as X-Force. X-Force is already known for being a cult comic book series, to begin with, but Stryfe has only made a few handfuls of appearances. With many telekinetic and telepathic powers at his disposal, he is still a powerful mutant due to his lineage.
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Stryfe character shards are available through many methods: Premium Orbs, Devoted Orbs, Mega Orbs, Milestone II Orbs, Blitz Orbs, and shards can be purchased with Blitz Credits in the supply store. He is in need of 45 character shards before he is unlocked to the player.
In a similar vein as Blade or Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone is a standalone hero who hunts the dark and supernatural things that go bump in the night. She first debuted in 2001 in her own solo series which allowed her to stand out. Sadly, not nearly as many general audiences know of her existence.
Elsa Bloodstone has made several mobile Marvel video game appearances, including Marvel Strike Force. In it she requires 45 characters shards to be unlocked via Premium Orbs, Legacy II Orbs, Milestone II Orbs, Alpha Raid Orbs, and won in battle in the Nexus campaign.
When a person thinks of a Spider-Man villain, their minds probably think Doc Ock, Venom, or Green Goblin, or any other potential Sinister Six members. However, Swarm is likely not going to be one of them. Many of the famous Spider-Man villains appear in Marvel Strike Force and so does Swarm if the player collects 45 character shards.
Arena Orbs, Premium Orbs, Mega Orbs, and Milestone Orbs provide these shards and the player can purchase shards with Arena Credits via the supply store.
Many might not recognize Stature by her hero codename but fans of the MCU will recognize her real name, Cassie Lang. She is a member of the Young Avengers who took Pym Particles right into her system, which allowed her to alter her size at will, allowing her to become the new superhero known as Stature.
Even the most famous of the Young Avengers aren’t even that famous, let alone Stature. That might change after Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, which allows newcomers to welcome Cassie with open arms in Marvel Strike Force. Stature requires 45 character shards, which can be won in the Cosmic campaign or unlocked via Premium Orbs, Mega Orbs, and Milestone II Orbs.
Different people have used the name Scientist Supreme in Marvel comics. This one is Monica Rappaccini, the leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM for short. With a disturbing superiority complex, Monica became one of the coldest and most ruthless villains who prefers to operate through proxies.
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Currently, she is the secondary antagonist of Marvel’s Avengers long and ongoing campaign. Requiring 100 character shards, Scientist Supreme can be unlocked in Marvel Strike Force by winning shards in the Cosmic campaign or by being rewarded with shards in Premium Orbs, Legacy I Orbs, Milestone II Orbs, and Beta Raid Orbs.
It’s easy to see why Yo-Yo was added to Marvel Strike Force, she was a recurring character in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD (hence why she, Quake, and Agent Coulson are featured characters). Yo-Yo is a newer Marvel character who was created in 2008 by famous comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. She has seen a resurgence in the comics thanks to her Agents Of SHIELD role.
In Marvel Strike Force, this speedster can be unlocked with 45 character shards via the Premium Orb, Milestone II Orb, and Raid Orb.
One of the oldest characters to appear in the game, Karnak debuted in the Fantastic Four comics. He is an Inhuman with the ability to sense and detect the stress point on most objects and even people, allowing him to shatter them (hence his nickname, The Shatterer). He also happens to be a cousin of Black Bolt, King Of All Inhumans.
Other than the failed Inhumans television series, Karnak has not had much exposure outside of comics; even then, even the biggest Marvel fans are rarely going to bring up Karnak as a favorite. Karnak requires 45 character shards to unlock which can be found in Premium Orbs, Mega Orbs, Milestone II Orbs, and can be won in the Nexus campaign.
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