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Deadpool has long been one of Marvel’s fan-favorite characters and had two successful movies, but he’s keeping quite a few secrets from fans.
Deadpool has always been one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters. Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld introduced the Merc with a Mouth in New Mutants #98 as a villain, but his popularity soon eclipsed even that team, and he moved on to his own comics and team-up books with people like Cable and Spider-Man.
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Mainstream audiences met Deadpool in his Fox movies, but the people who only know him from the big screen releases probably aren’t familiar with most of the story behind the wall-breaking assassin. Even Deadpool doesn’t know everything about himself, but there are a lot of great moments in his past that made him a fan favorite for comic book fans.
Much like Joker, the real past of Deadpool was a mishmash of stories, mostly told by the hero himself. Most of the stories were not true, and there is a good reason for that, as Deadpool has no memories of his childhood or his past.
Deadpool has told people that his father left his mom, his mother left his father, he was abused, and more, but none of that is true. In Deadpool Vol. 5 #34, his parents were still together, living in Canada, and kept his childhood room intact in case he ever came back home. He did return, had no idea who they were, and killed them in a job-for-hire.
In the beginning, Deadpool was just an assassin. However, he went through experimentation when he joined up with the Canadian government’s Department X. This was the government branch that financed Alpha Flight and had Wolverine as an agent before he joined the X-Men.
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Wade Wilson discovered he had cancer, so they used their scientific research team to implant the same healing factor they derived from Wolverine into Deadpool. This is how he has the same healing factor Wolverine has, Deadpool’s only superpower.
Deadpool has a healing factor, but he has also died more than once only to end up brought back to life with that superpower. After one death, he met the cosmic entity Lady Death and developed a romantic relationship with her, as she saw something special in Wade.
However, she knew she could never have him, and he was always returned to life. Death often gives Deadpool advice on things he needs to do when he dies and visits her before returning. The venerable Marvel villain Thanos was jealous of Deadpool’s relationship with Lady Death, as he knew that he couldn’t kill the Merc with a Mouth or he would join her.
Deadpool claimed in the comic book series Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars by Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli, and Jacopo Camagni that he was part of the original Marvel’s Secret Wars storyline. The actual event series took place seven years before Deadpool’s first Marvel appearance.
According to the series, Deadpool was the first person on Battleworld to host the Venom symbiote. However, the two chose not to continue on together, and that is when it chose Spider-Man instead. Deadpool said Wasp was horrified when she saw his face, and her wish to Beyonder was to make everyone forget Deadpool was involved.
In Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, there was another important event that Deadpool claimed happened to him. According to the Merc with a Mouth, when The Beyonder wrestled control of the powers that Doctor Doom stole from him, Deadpool ended up in between the two men.
Because he was in the middle, Deadpool intercepted the power and was given the knowledge of the Foundation of Reality. This is why Deadpool knows he is a fictional character in a comic book, often talks to readers, and remarks on the creative team writing his stories.
Deadpool has a daughter in Marvel Comics named Ellie. He never knew she existed for years and only found out about her in Deadpool Vol. 5 #16 by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Declan Shalvey, when the girl’s mother, Carmelita Camacho, returned and demanded child support.
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Her mother ended up dying, and Deadpool was able to help his daughter by putting her in a foster family with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Emily Preston. Through the years, Wade lost his memories of his daughter, but he has recently regained them, choosing to stay out of her life for her own good.
Madcap was a former Captain America villain who became one of Deadpool’s villains thanks to an accident. In a flashback story from Deadpool Annual Vol. 3 #1 by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Evan Shaner, someone had hired Deadpool to assassinate Matt Murdock, and, before he could, he ended up fighting with Madcap.
Thor and Daredevil showed up and in the fight, and Thor electrocuted them and turned them into dust. Thanks to their healing factor, they came back to life, but they shared one body. This story explained how the white caption boxes in Deadpool comics where he is a little more villainous was Madcap talking.
Marvel Cinematic Universe fans got to meet Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy and more recently in What If…?, but what only Deadpool comic book fans know is that the two were once merged into one character. Similar to Deadpool and Madcap, an accident caused the merging.
In this case, it wasn’t a voice in Deadpool’s head. Instead, in Deadpool the Duck #1 by Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni, Deadpool turned into an anthropomorphic duck. The two ended up battling a deranged Rocket Raccoon in one of Deadpool’s weirdest comic book arcs.
The most recent Deadpool comics saw him take on a role he never wanted. Someone hired Deadpool to assassinate the Monster King after the creature invaded Staten Island, and he actually succeeded in the mission, but it had an unexpected side effect.
Since Deadpool killed the Monster King, he was now the new King of Monsters based on Monster Law. Deadpool then took over as the leader and held that role throughout Deadpool Vol. 8 in 2020-2021.
Deadpool has been a member of a few mutant teams, including the X-Men and X-Force. He has worked hand-in-hand with Cable and Domino throughout the years and has a love-hate relationship with Wolverine. Even in the Deadpool movies, Colossus wants him to join the X-Men as a mutant.
However, in the comics, Deadpool is not a mutant. He got his powers through experimentation, and, while he received the healing powers from Wolverine, it did not make him a mutant. The mutants all live together on Krakoa, but Deadpool is not allowed on the island—not even being invited with other heroes are—and was killed by Domino when he tried to sneak on the island.
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