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From alien beings to cyborg assassins, the X-Men have a range of friends and foes that do not possess an X-gene at all.
The X-Men, on top of being mutants, are a family. Sometimes the bonds between them are made from blood and genetics. At other times, the links can be romantic. Very often, the tie is purely emotional.
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While there have been numerous mutants who have moved in and out of the doors of Xavier’s mansion, the team’s adventures bring them into contact with many other species. From alien beings to cyborg assassins, they have a range of friends and foes that do not possess an X-gene at all. Once in a while, these non-mutants come to stay. Some have fleeting visits, while others become essential members of the team.
Mostly known as one of the X-Men‘s greatest adversaries, Juggernaut is not actually a mutant at all. Cain Marko served in the Korean war with his stepbrother, Charles Xavier. While there, he stumbled on a hidden cave and found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. This demonic gem gifted him with the power of the Juggernaut.
Although a villain, Juggernaut has sided with the X-Men on a number of occasions. He even did a long stint and became an official team member. He then moved on to the British squad Excalibur. His curse is that whenever he does good, the demon powering him goes elsewhere. This leaves him in a constant flux between good and evil.
Danger is the physical embodiment of the X-Men’s danger room simulator. In her early days, she despised Professor Xavier, who she believed had kept her trapped as a sentient mind in a lifeless body. In fact, even his own X-Men would fall out with him over his actions.
Eventually, the two would reconcile when Xavier told her the reasons he had been unable to free her. This led to her joining with the X-Men and gaining a purpose in her newfound life. She has recently joined a brand new X-Factor squad.
Warlock is another non-mutant X-Man, who is part alien lifeform and part artificial intelligence. He made his debut in the New Mutants title and bonded with the young trainee Cypher. Unlike the rest of his race, Warlock has a degree of compassion which allowed him to be an honorary mutant and team member.
Warlock was seemingly killed off in issue 95. However, he would return as a bonded version of himself and his friend, known as Douglock. Although primarily a New Mutant, he has been a member of both the X-Men and Excalibur at various times.
Hepzibah is one of the odder non-mutant X-Men, being from a race of humanoid skunks. Her powers include heightened animal senses and pheromone control. Her first appearance in comics was in X-Men #107 when she appeared as a member of the space pirate crew known as the Starjammers.
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When the Shiar empire fell, Hepzibah found herself stranded on Earth. She joined up with her long term allies, the X-Men, and started a relationship with Warpath. After helping out in many of their turbulent events, she has now returned to space with her former lover, Corsair.
Jubilee is a mutant born with the ability to launch pyrotechnic energy blasts from her hands. Or she was until the Scarlet Witch depowered most of the mutant population on M-Day. Jubilee did not take it lightly.
At first, she used enhanced technology to become Wondra, a leader of the new incarnation of the New Warriors. She would later be bitten by the son of Dracula, and begin a transformation into a vampire. She would assist the X-Men using her vampiric powers for a period. Luckily, her original powers would later be restored using a shard of the Phoenix Force.
Lockheed has the appearance of a cute, small, purple dragon. For much of his tenure in the X-Men, this was the role he played out. He acted as a sidekick to both Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin. However, neither of them realized his true potential.
Lockheed was actually an extremely intelligent being, who spoke a multitude of galactic languages. He had been planted in the X-Men as a mole by S.W.O.R.D. with whom he exchanged information on his homeworld. This was an awakening for the character. After this, he underwent some deep storylines. These involved a drinking problem, followed by recruitment into the Pet Avengers.
Karima Shapandar was an Indian police officer, who was sent to locate a mutant named Neal Shaara. The two were captured by the X-Men villain Bastion, who turned her into a prime sentinel. Although she would later overcome her mutant-hunting programming, her modifications remained.
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Karima has been a member of the X-Men and other groups on numerous occasions. However, her flaw is that her original programming is never far from the surface of her psyche. She is often manipulated, taken over, or simply suffers from a change of mood that places her at odds with mutant-kind.
Cloak and Dagger gained their powers when they were used to test a new synthetic drug for the Maggia. So it came as much as a shock to readers as it did them when they were incorporated into the X-Men. Approached by Norman Osborn to join his Dark X-Men team, they signed up to take their war on drugs to new levels.
When the Dark X-Men disbanded, the pair was invited to join the real X-Men squad. They took part in a number of adventures before it was confirmed that they were not mutants at all. This would be a disappointment to Dagger who believed she had finally found a family.
Longshot has had a long history with the X-Men, being a member of both the main team, X-Factor and the Exiles. He originates from Mojoworld, the reality television planet inhabited by the X-Men villain Mojo. It was here that he was artificially created, and gained his ability to positively manipulate probability.
Longshot was originally created as a slave. However, the head geneticist granted him free will so he could rise up against his tormentors. In another twist, his body was cloned from a version of his future son. This son would turn out to be Shatterstar, a member of the mutant team X-Force.
The Weapon X program that created Wolverine has made many superheroes and villains. However, they are not always mutants. Fantomex was created from a variant program known as Weapon Plus. He was designed to be a super sentinel in the fight against mutants.
His abilities actually come from living tissue that is melded with nanotechnology from sentinels. He was raised in an artificial world, in which he came to adopt a French identity. One of his quirkier traits is that his nervous system exists outside of his body in a floating, organic vessel. Fantomex has been a member of the main team and X-Force in his time.
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