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Harshita Singh
Being a desi kid means that every now and then you may just catch yourself knowing deets about the TV soaps that your mom loves watching. And if you can relate to this, then we’re sure you’ve caught a glimpse of the show Anupamaa. 
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The show has been gaining quite a lot of popularity and with good reason. The cast is good and the plot seems to be getting better with each passing episode. But one of my favourite characters in the show is Samar Shah AKA Paras Bhushan Kalnawat, Anupamaa Shah’s son. So, here are some reasons we think that he’s one of the best characters in the show. Read on. 
From the beginning of the show, Samar was the only person in the family who encouraged her to cultivate her talent as a dancer. 
Where Anupamaa’s other son Toshu is sexist and couldn’t even believe that his mother was capable of getting a job, and her daughter Pakhi is still too young to understand how her father was emotionally abusive, Samar is the only person who sees his mother as an individual and not only as his mother or his father’s wife. Which is why he encouraged her to be independent and confident in going after her first job. 
And when the time came for Anupamaa to elevate and start her own business. Once again, Samar was right behind her. As a dancer himself, he helped her kick start online dance classes. Samar supported his mother even when his father and the rest of the family gave the two immense push back. 
Unlike her other children, who have mostly been shown to be more concerned with the embarrassment of having divorced parents, Samar showed empathy for his mother and actually thought about her finding another life partner. 
Every family conflict that was aimed at making Anupamaa feel guilty for stepping into her power was met with Samar taking a stand for her. Every time Anupamaa was discouraged from working, wanting a divorce, starting a business and now working with an old batchmate as a business partner, Samar spoke up for her. 
Closest TV show example of how to be an ally and a feminist man. 


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