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Disney has produced a massive roll of beloved classic movies that fans of all ages grew up watching. Still, a lot of movies are rebooted and remade for today’s generation. Along with this decision is choosing the perfect voice actor to play the role. For some characters, it could be difficult to replace the original actors.
We have heard the voices of Disney characters but do we know which actor or actress is behind the microphone? Here is a list of actors that you might not know lent their voices to give life to these famous characters:
Anna Voice DisneyAnna Voice Disney
The Princess of Arendelle’s voice is lent by none other than the bubbly and witty Kristen Bell. Many were surprised to find out she was the singer behind Disney songs like ‘For The First Time In Forever’. Bell pulled off the character like a pro and managed to shine as bright as Broadway star Idina Menzel’s character, Elsa.
Thomas Voice DisneyThomas Voice Disney
Surprisingly, Christian Bale is not just Batman. He is also a voice actor who portrayed the role of Thomas from the 1995 Disney film, Pocahontas. His role was mainly a supporting character. Nonetheless, the character became more interesting upon discovering the actor behind the screen.
Kaa Voice DisneyKaa Voice Disney
Kaa is an antagonist in The Jungle Book movie. He is a giant snake with a large appetite and is originally referred to as male. But Johansson’s version gave it a more interesting touch. Kaa has the ability to hypnotize anyone to fall asleep or control their minds. This character is villainous and treacherous, even attempted to devour Mowgli while sleeping. Good thing the young boy was saved from death when Baloo, a sloth bear, heard her singing.
Shank Voice DisneyShank Voice Disney
The tough-as-nails rockstar babe from the sequel of Wreck-It-Ralph film is played by Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. She is part of an online racing game called Slaughter Race. Interestingly, Gadot’s character, Shank, was inspired by another character that she played, Gisele Yashar from The Fast and the Furious. She really fits the role of badass girls, doesn’t she?
Maui is a shapeshifting demigod of the wind and sea and master of sailing played by Dwayne Johnson. He is the second main character in the movie after Moana. The character has apparent similarity in build and attitude with the voice actor so this is kind of easy to guess. Fun fact: when Johnson was cast for the role, he repeatedly asked his co-actors if he did a good performance.
The alluring and mysterious gypsy girl from the classic Disney film was played by Demi Moore. The story is based on Victor Hugo’s novel, Notre-Dame de Paris, which follows the story of Quasimodo, a church bell-ringer with a physical deficiency. Esmeralda captivated the young man’s heart but he was too ugly for her to reciprocate his feelings.

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