Emma Frost Just Destroyed Professor X and Magneto's Secret Endgame – Screen Rant

Emma Frost always has a plan, but her latest gambit has totally wrecked the plans of Professor X and Magneto – and maybe doomed the mutant race.
WARNING: spoilers ahead for Hellions #15!
The young nation of Krakoa is home to some of Marvel’s greatest minds, but Emma Frost‘s latest gambit may have just toppled Professor X and Magneto’s plans while dooming the X-Men in the process. Since Krakoa was founded, Charles and Erik have been working alongside Moira X to stave off the extinction of the mutant race. Their goals have caused them to ally themselves with some pretty questionable characters – including Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister – even if this means undermining the rules of the ruling Quiet Council, on which they, Emma, and Sinister sit.
While Professor X and Magneto are ultimately working to save mutantkind in the (very) long run, the White Queen isn’t one to sit idly by while everyone else enacts their schemes. Emma Frost always has a plan, whether her allies know it or not, and she’s not one to trust blindly. In Hellions #15 by Zeb Wells and Rogê Antônio, one of Emma’s fail-safes comes into play, likely changing the course of mutant history.
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After a confrontation with Arakko’s Tarn the Uncaring, Sinister and his clone flee to the cloning labs of Arcade’s Murderworld, now in the possession of Sinister himself. There, Sinister unveils the ultimate Sinister clone: a Sinister Chimera with blended DNA belonging to Tarn. The Hellions follow Sinister to the hidden lab, confronting their would-be warden over his constant betrayals. But when Psylocke pleads with the team not to move against their master and risk her daughter’s safety, Empath reveals himself as a spy working for his old teacher, Emma Frost. Using his mutant abilities, Empath influences Havok into an unstable rage, making Alex destroy Sinister’s cloning tech as he whispers, “Emma says hello,” in the villain’s ear. While Empath’s actions are in-line with upholding the Quiet Council’s explicit orders against creating duplicate clones, it’s more than possible that Havok’s attack has doomed the mutant race.
Professor X and Magneto know from Moira’s past lives that Mister Sinister will be the one to crack the creation of genetic Chimeras, combining specially chosen power sets in individual soldiers. They also know he will inevitably betray them and planned to deal with him once he had provided the cloning technology they need to compete against the AI race who have wiped them out in every prior timeline Moira has witnessed. But with that technology now destroyed, Krakoa’s mutants are once again vulnerable to the various extermination events Moira X lived through. Xavier and Magneto left holes in the Quiet Council’s rules so Sinister would be encouraged to experiment in secret, but now his work has apparently been destroyed.
It’s unclear if Emma knows the full extent of her allies’ plotting – though there have been hints she’s figured out their secret – but she definitely doesn’t trust Sinister. As a former supervillain, Emma has rarely shied away from bloodshed, but the death of her people has never been on her agenda. By moving against Sinister, she has moved against Krakoa’s best interests. But with so many backroom dealings between the members of the Quiet Council, it’s no wonder she felt the need to keep a personal eye on Sinister and his pets.
While their goal was to engineer mutant survival in the long term, Professor X and Magneto have created a culture of secrets and lies, and with Emma Frost having wrecked their endgame, it’s no longer clear how the X-Men can survive the AI uprising the mutant schemers have likewise been unable to stop.
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