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Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Wolverine project is still shrouded in mystery, but should learn from Wolverine’s comics instead of Jackman’s X-Men films.
Insomniac’s Marvel’s Wolverine game takes place separately from the MCU and should get inspiration from Wolverine’s comics to develop its character. Many aspects of the popular character never appeared in film continuities or contradicted the universe’s set canon. Wolverine’s standalone game should embrace his many comic series and universes to create a unique, exciting version of the character instead of trying to imitate another version of Logan Howlett.
Little information has been revealed about Marvel’s Wolverine, though Insomniac filled its reveal trailer with Easter eggs and references to characters and locations. Insomniac Games confirmed its Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 games occur in the same universe, introducing a new continuity of Marvel video games. Whether Insomniac will continue adding to this series is unknown, but it offers many opportunities for the characters (and world) to grow. The MCU is successful in its own right, but Insomniac’s videogames should work toward securing their own identities.
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While Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of Wolverine is popular, Insomniac’s Wolverine needs to secure its own identity. Avoiding any connection with the iconic character can help Marvel’s Wolverine avoid unfair comparisons at its release. Thankfully, the comics have many characters, stories, and worlds that can make the Wolverine in Insomniac’s game his own superhero, rather than an echo of other projects.
The 2017 film, Logan, introduced a broader audience to Wolverine’s daughter, Laura. However, the comics’ version of Wolverine sired many other children that could appear in Insomniac’s Wolverine game. Logan Howlett has never been a social, emotional man, and often failed in his role as a father. In some relationships, Wolverine successfully rekindled a relationship with his offspring, but others became villains hellbent on murdering their father. Wolverine’s children could make excellent plot points – and appear as heroes or villains – throughout the game.
Laura, also known as X-23, could reappear as a character in Marvel’s Wolverine, reprising her role as Logan’s cloned daughter. However, there are other options for Wolverine’s children. Akihiro, also known as Daken, was the son of Logan and Itsu. He was born after the Winter Soldier killed his mother to lure the Wolverine back to Madripoor. Akihiro grew up with a family that didn’t love him and eventually murdered them. Wolverine’s enemies mercilessly trained Akihiro, who became one of Logan’s deadliest villains. Marvel’s Wolverine could also introduce the Mongrels, a gang of mutants determined to kill Logan. In the comics, Logan kills each Mongrel and discovers their identities as his children after the battle. This trauma guides Logan away from a path of gratuitous violence, showing more restraint in the future.
Jean Grey is Logan’s primary love interest in the X-Men films, but Wolverine has had many romantic partners in his comic series. Characters like Elektra and Itsu were both involved with Wolverine, exploring different aspects of his character and lifestyles. Some of Logan’s relationships have been healthier than others, but his romances usually end in bloody heartbreak. Jean Grey’s relationship with Scott Summers prevented her from committing fully to Logan in the films, but Marvel’s Wolverine could create other love stories.
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Marvel’s Wolverine could explore several options for Logan’s romances, including Maureen or Elektra. Maureen was Logan’s wife in the Old Man Logan comics, with whom he sired two children. Though Maureen perished while Logan was away, she was successfully able to ease him out of a life of violence and settle with him on a farm. This romance would give Insomniac’s Wolverine an in-game life that was never obtained in films. Elektra is portrayed as a villain and antihero in Marvel’s comics, but once joined forces with Logan Howlett and had a child with him. Elektra has visited Madripoor several times and would fit in with the criminal population.
Jackman’s popular iteration of Wolverine has set an expectation for the character and the world he inhabits, but Insomniac could introduce new continuities to diversify its game. Many comic book companies have created dozens of alternate universes to explore new interpretations of characters and outcomes of certain events. Wolverine is no exception, with his enhanced healing abilities making him an immortal warrior. His skewed moral compass has also allowed Marvel to craft some darker continuities around the clawed mutant. Logan’s habit of picking fights already set a mature theme in Marvel’s Wolverine trailer, and a dark universe could continue that trend.
Old Man Logan’s universe saw the world fall into disarray following a coordinated attack between many supervillains. While it appears Marvel’s Wolverine’s world is still intact, exploring other adventures would be more beneficial to the character than repeating old stories. Earth-90214 introduced noir versions of Marvel’s heroes, downplaying Wolverine’s superpowers in favor of more gangster-styled action. Instead of defeating supervillains, Logan was beating up criminals in back alleyways, which would perfectly fit the Madripoor theme and the trailer’s bar fight.
Wolverine is often paired with the X-Men in live-action interpretations, teaming up with characters like Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey under the guidance of Professor X. Insomniac’s Logan can break this tradition and develop Marvel’s Wolverine’s without the X-Men. Charles Xavier and Beast often tame Logan’s temper and help him find a healthier balance away from his violent tendencies. Removing these factors could result in an untamed Wolverine, who would be far deadlier in a criminal setting like Madripoor.
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Marvel’s Wolverine likely occurs in Madripoor, as shown by several hints throughout the reveal trailer. Madripoor is located in Southern Asia and consists of two districts: Hightown and Lowtown. The Princess Bar in Marvel’s Wolverine trailer is in Lowtown, which is typically riddled with mercenaries and even supervillains. The X-Men have no business lingering in the area, but Wolverine could explore relationships with more unsavory characters as the game’s plot progresses. Delving into the darker side of Marvel’s universe could set Insoniac’s game apart from other projects and play into its mature theme.
Insomniac Games has confirmed little about Marvel’s Wolverine, only that it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. There is no release window announced yet, either. Marvel’s Wolverine will be the first Wolverine game since X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released in 2009, finally ending the character’s absence from the gaming industry.
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