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By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia


Villains and superheroes have served as surprising inspiration for parents naming newborns over the past 10 years, new research reveals.
Unique baby names inspired by characters from Marvel movies are on the rise in the UK and US, according to a study of names registered between 2012 and 2021 by British gaming store, Lost Universe. 
Bucky has become the most popular Marvel name since the release of the first Avengers movie, with Thanos, Quill, Wanda, and Groot also among the top choices.
Villains and superheroes have served as surprising inspiration for parents naming newborns over the past 10 years, new research reveals (stock image)
Following the release of Marvel’s latest series, WandaVision, perhaps it’s no surprise ‘Scarlett Witch’ Wanda has become one of the heroes inspiring the highest number of baby names.
A staggering 11,000 newborns in the UK and the US have inherited their names from the powerful sorceress in 2021 so far.
Wanda was not registered by any Australian parents, but Scarlett is currently the nation’s 33rd most popular girls’ name.
1. Bucky (the Winter Soldier) – up 11,244
2. Quill (Star Lord) – up 9,264
3. Thanos – up 8,955
4. Groot – up 4,224
5. Drax – up 2,331
6. Wanda (Scarlett Witch) – up 2,297
7. Loki – up 455
8. Nick (Nick Fury) – up 230

1. Rocket – down 2,822
2. Barton (Hawkeye) – down 1,718
3. Carol (Captain Marvel) – down 1,329
4. Steve (Capt. America) – down 1,051
5. Natasha (Black Widow) – down 608
6. Thor – down 401
7. Bruce (Hulk) – down 175
8. Tony (Iron Man) – down 135

Three thousand children in the US have been named Bucky so far this year, after the ‘Winter Soldier’ James Buchanan Barnes became a fan-favourite in the 2019 film End Game. 
Meanwhile Thanos saw one of the sharpest increases in popularity, with 4,666 babies named after the notorious overlord Titan in the past nine months alone. 
Guardians of the Galaxy also proved to be a big source of inspiration, with 1,333 babies named after both Groot and Drax since January.
The Loki series which hit screens in 2021 had similar influence, with the name Loki becoming more common while Thor has dropped further down the list.
1. Charlotte (1,556 occurrences)
2. Amelia (1,473 occurrences)
3. Olivia (1,456 occurrences)
4. Isla (1,397 occurrences)
5. Mia (1,287 occurrences)
6. Ava (1,237 occurrences)
7. Grace (1,083 occurrences)
8. Chloe (1,010 occurrences)
9. Willow (982 occurrences)
10. Matilda (971 occurrences) 
1. Oliver (2,138 occurrences)
2. Noah (1,844 occurrences)
3. William (1,500 occurrences)
4. Jack (1,414 occurrences)
5. Leo (1,326 occurrences)
6. Henry (1,290 occurrences)
7. Charlie (1,228 occurrences)
8. Thomas (1,193 occurrences)
9. Lucas (1,158 occurrences)
10. Elijah (1,126 occurences) 
More traditional names from the Marvel Universe have fallen out of favour, with Carol, Steve, Natasha, Bruce and Tony all suffering drops in popularity between 2012 and 2021.
Lost Universe e-commerce manager James Kraftman said it’s fascinating to see how popular the unusual names have become, despite often dubious connotations.
‘They might not be as common as the likes of Sam or Harry, but for obscure names like Groot and Thanos to have seen such a rise in popularity shows the impact of the Marvel Universe,’ Mr Kraftman said.
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