Marvel Studios May Drop The 'Men' From X-Men – We Got This Covered

It’s going to be a big deal when mutants finally arrive in the MCU.
Many of the most popular comic-book characters in the world are among their numbers, and I’m hyped for MCU takes on Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Charles Xavier. But Marvel Studios is in no rush and has many existing characters and storylines to work with before cracking open this franchise. When the superhero team does finally arrive, however, there’s a good chance the X-Men might not be the X-Men.
Marvel Studios’ new President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation, Victoria Alonso, has hinted that internal thinking is that the name ‘X-Men’ isn’t sufficiently inclusive:
In an interview with Nuke the Fridge, she said:
“I don’t know where the future is going. It’s funny that people call it the X-Men, there’s a lot of female superheroes in that X-Men group, so I think it’s outdated.“
She’s right, but Disney will be keenly aware that the X-Men brand name is known around the world and carries a lot of weight. Conversely, it might be easy to drop as Fox X-Universe movies don’t actually use the phrase “X-Men” very often. Dark Phoenix even specifically called this out, with Mystique saying to Charles:
“By the way, the women are always saving the men around here. You might want to think about changing the name to X-Women.”

So what are the alternatives? If Marvel followed the same pattern as The Avengers, we could see solo movies establishing each key mutant before bringing them all together for a team-up. Perhaps that could simply be called ‘Mutants’, covering all MCU newcomers, both good and evil.
Then again, Alonso also teased that her future animation projects might see a full-on MCU musical so it seems silly to try and second-guess what they’re going to do:
“I’m especially thrilled about ramping up our studio’s animation efforts, which is a personal passion of mine. Look forward to more singing!…”
Marvel Studios’ animation department is off to a very strong start with What If..? so let’s hope future efforts match this quality. And, in the meantime, let’s start getting hyped for X-Men, no matter what the team is eventually called.
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yea she said that a while ago, and fans bit back, doesnt mean she is going to have influence on the movie, and it would be STUPID, to change the name of one of the most recogniable brands on the planet.
Just more propaganda BS from those looking to destroy pop culture. But guess what? Your only doing us a favor because we want comic book movies to bomb if they change what isnt broken.
Even your side is now saying, comic numbers are in the tolet, so enjoy the down fall of the trend, and when no one wants it, we will take it back.
I don’t know what a “tolet” is, but comic book sales numbers have been dropping consistently since the 90’s, largely due to the outdated nature of the medium in an era where print media is obsolete and special effects have evolved to the point where superhero stories dominate movies and television.
This implies that this is the thinking of executives at Marvel Studios, it in fact, is not. When this first broke over a year ago it was made clear that this was Alonso’s opinion alone. While Alonso has been around as a producer since Iron Man it’s clear that she doesn’t always get her way in Marvel films (see her distaste for the dialogue towards Black Widow in Iron Man 2). Somehow I see this falling into that category, X-Men is the brand, period, and no amount of identity politics will sign fans on for something otherwise. Just ask Kathleen Kennedy…
Kathleen Kennedy made billions of dollars with her Star Wars movies. If you want to push male identity politics you’re in the wrong place.
No problem, drop the name x-men and I will become an x-fan.


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