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The X-Men regularly take on powerful and frightening villains, so it is no wonder that so many come close to death. Fortunately, some survived.
The X-Men are one of Marvel’s premiere superteams, serving double duty – they not only battle some of the most dangerous villains around but they also fight for the rights of mutants against the racism of humanity. The team is made up of some of the greatest mutants of them all and they’re the best at what they do. However, that doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen to them.
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Being an X-Man is dangerous work and members of the team have come pretty close to death in their adventures. However, they’ve always survived to fight the good fight, ready to defend humanity and mutantkind.
Cyclops has gone through a lot as a superhero and it’s hard to pinpoint just one time where he was almost killed. However, one of his closest calls with death, one that would mark him for years, was when he was young. During the plane crash that separated him and his brother Alex from their parents, he suffered a near-fatal head injury that damaged his brain.
This changed the way his powers worked, rendering his optic blasts uncontrollable. This made mastering the devastating blasts impossible and changed his life forever.
Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet but she also has a rather interesting weakness – claustrophobia. In a way, this makes sense for someone whose powers are related to weather and the outdoors and made her seem a bit more fallible. When enclosed in a tight space, she would freak out and lose control of her powers.
As a child, Storm and her parents were in a plane crash, one that Storm barely survived. However, she was trapped in the wreckage and this is where her claustrophobia came from. The physical and mental scars of that day stayed with her forever.
Psylocke is one of the X-Men’s confusing members and that’s saying something. However, she’s also been one of the team’s most formidable fighters but she met her match against Sabretooth. He was being held at the X-Mansion, pretending he was brain dead after a fight with Wolverine when he lashed out against Boom Boom and Psylocke stood between the teen mutant and the feral killer.
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Her telepathy useless against him, Psylocke was able to keep the fight going long enough for Boom Boom to get away. However, she was pretty horrifically injured in the battle and it took Wolverine and Archangel getting her the magical Elixir of the Crimson Dawn to save her.
Jean Grey is known for dying and getting resurrected, with many of her stories getting pretty dark. However, there is one forgotten “death” of hers that took place at the beginning of the X-Men Gold Team era in Uncanny X-Men #281. The X-Men were invited to a Hellfire Club gathering by the White Queen but Sentinels attacked. The Hellions and White Queen were killed in the battle, as was Jean Grey, seemingly.
However, before she died, she left her body, entering White Queen’s lifeless body and surviving there. Eventually, she would return to her body and pretty much no one ever thought about it ever again.
In the same battle where Jean Grey “died” fighting the Sentinels, Emma Frost during her White Queen days was also “killed”. The whole Sentinel attack was arranged by members of the group the Upstarts, young mutants trying to kill as many older and more well-known mutants as they could in a game run by the Gamemaster with the winner getting immortality.
Much like Jean, Emma would survive the assault by sending her mind into another body, that of Iceman’s. She’d survive in his head for a long time, pushing him to use his powers more effectively than ever before getting a new body and giving up her villainous way to help teach the mutants of Generation X how to use their powers.
The run-up to Onslaught’s attack on the Marvel Universe saw lots of foreshadowing and clues. In X-Men #50, a group of four X-Men- Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Iceman- woke in a mysterious place with no idea how they got there. Cyclops woke up without his visor but Iceman had it much, much worse. He woke up in his ice form but with a massive hole in his chest.
It was revealed that it was done by a mutant claiming to be Onslaught’s herald, Post. The four X-Men were able to beat the evil mutant but Iceman was afraid that if he transformed into flesh and blood, it would kill him. With Emma Frost’s help, he was able to transform back into human, as she understood his powers almost better than he did.
Strong Guy is usually X-Men adjacent, having spent the most time on X-Factor. He’s been a reserve member of the X-Men, though, so he counts. His mutant powers allow him to get stronger every time he’s hit but there’s a cost to the whole thing – the bigger and stronger he gets, the more strain is put on his heart.
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On more than one occasion, Strong Guy has had near-fatal heart attacks, taking him out of the battle against evil. It got to the point for a while where he had to be careful in battle because if he took in too much kinetic energy and got too strong, it would kill him.
Professor X was mostly a homebody after being paralyzed and that usually kept him out of danger. However, before that, Professor X was more of globetrotter, traveling around and hunting for mutants. At one point, he found himself battling against an alien known as Lucifer, who was preparing the Earth for invasion.
The two battled it out and in the fight, Professor X was crushed by falling machinery. This was the injury that led to his paralysis, confining him to a wheelchair for years and changing his life forever… or at least until he regained the use of his legs.
Wolverine’s entire fighting style is all about almost dying, with his healing factor and adamantium skeleton enabling him to survive just about anything that is thrown at him. However, the closest he came to death was in battle with Magneto, when the mutant Master of Magnetism tore the adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton and pulled it out through his pores.
Jean Grey held him together telekinetically and the team removed the shards of adamantium from him. His healing factor was completely overtaxed and he almost died but the ship the X-Men took back from Magneto’s station started to fall apart and Jean Grey was endangered. Wolverine pulled himself from the brink of death to save her.
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