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Some Disney characters are skilled in combat, some are skilled in song and dance, and some are just unnaturally lucky.
Part of the charm of Disney films is that they are full of such colorful, enjoyable, versatile characters. Some are skilled in combat, some are skilled in song and dance, and some are just unnaturally lucky.
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Some are jack of all trades AND masters of all. They are the type of characters that pick up a new skill as easily as picking a penny off the ground. In other words, there are gifted Disney characters who are good at everything.
There’s no better character to start this list than the original super nanny herself, Mary Poppins. She’s an enigma of a woman that comes to the aid of struggling families while looking after the children. Mary can fly with her umbrella, pull practically any object from the hammerspace in her bag, tidy rooms without lifting a finger, jump into drawings, and keep naughty kids in line.
She is a skilled horseback rider, an excellent singer, a strict but fair caretaker, and rarely, if ever, loses an argument. What else needs to be said about the woman who is practically perfect in every way.
It’s rare to discuss Phineas Flynn without mentioning his stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher, but to keep this list concise only the former will be discussed. After all, a majority of their incredible projects were Phineas’s ideas and they’ve all been astounding successes. Whether this is due to his impressive craftsmanship and intellect or the positive ions he emits that grant him good fortune—as revealed in Milo Murphy’s Law—is anyone’s guess.
Either way, it’s allowed him to convince practically everyone to help him, get away with building seemingly impossible marvels, perform grand musical numbers, and have the best summer ever. If only some of that luck could rub off on his sister.
Everyone knows Rapunzel as one of the leads in Tangled and as the princess with the insanely long, golden hair. Often they forget that there’s more to her than just her lengthy, luscious locks. All those years locked away in a tower have provided Rapunzel with ample time to practice various hobbies such as cooking, cleaning, and painting.
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Once she escapes, she charms everyone she meets with her bubbly, thoughtful personality and holds her own in a fight. Tangled: The Series goes into further depth as it shows her as a natural combatant and impressively adaptable princess.
Just because he is a mouse doesn’t mean that Basil of Baker Street is vermin; he is a virtuoso. Much like Sherlock Holmes, the character he was inspired by, Basil is an eccentric yet brilliant detective. He’s a master in the fields of science, chemistry, espionage, and the art of violin playing.
Basil has been able to track down the dastardly Professor Ratigan, foil his fiendishly, overcomplicated death trap, and escape certain death on several occasions. He might as well be Disney’s answer to Batman.
The problem with most Disney princesses is that they are often passive characters that don’t do much. Moana is one of the modern princesses that breaks that mold and proves that she can handle herself.
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Before she leaves her island home, she proves herself as an adept climber, natural leader, and well-versed in her culture. After she takes off to find the heart of Te Fiti, Moana overcomes all the challenges and defeats deadly monsters and with Maui’s help becomes a proficient voyager. And there’s no telling just how far she’ll continue to go.
Before Nick Wilde came along and swindled his way into the audience’s hearts, there was Robin Hood. A dashing rogue who waged a war against the greedy King Richard and returned the wealth back to the poor.
His archery skills are as notorious as his disguises are deceptive. As a thief, Robin has bamboozled his enemies numerous times with his disguises, scaled towers without gear, evaded arrows daily, and survived falling from great heights. He could give Sly Cooper a run for his (stolen) money.
Throughout all of Narnia, there is an individual that inspires hope to all the magical denizens: Aslan. A mystical lion that watches over the realm and keeps the forces of evil at bay. In addition to being able to talk, he also possesses healing powers that can undo any injuries and spells, incredulous strength and wisdom, and can also influence the forces of nature.
Arguably his most notable accomplishment was when he sacrificed his life to save Edmund and rose from the dead the morning after. He might be the most OP character on this list.
One does not become the richest duck in the world on sheer luck alone. Scrooge McDuck earned his fortune by being tougher than the toughies, smarter than the smarties, and sharper than the sharpies.
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He’s proven this countless times on his various globe-trotting adventures and since he is so frugal, he relies more on his skills than his wealth. Despite his age, he has overcome dozens of temples and tombs and defeated monsters, criminals masterminds, and magic users with nothing more than his wits and cane. As well as some help from his family.
Considering that Kim Possible has two movies under her belt, she qualifies for this list just as much as Phineas. Especially when this cheerleader/freelance hero lives up to her slogan, “I can do anything.” She’s a masterfully skilled martial artist, swimmer, and gymnast who excels in her schoolwork while going on missions to save the world and is equipped with all sorts of gadgets.
Additionally, she’s proficient in various fields from scuba-diving, sky-diving, hot-air ballooning, rock climbing, espionage, singing, hang-gliding, skiing, and babysitting. What would be impossible for her is to not be included on this list.
In terms of abilities, most people wouldn’t picture Mickey Mouse in the same league as Mary Poppins or Scrooge McDuck. A look at Mickey’s vast history and filmography would suggest otherwise. Throughout his various appearances, Mickey has held various occupations and proven to be adept in different fields.
He’s been a farmer, a pilot, a conductor, a ghost exterminator, a clock cleaner, a tailor, a club owner, a hot dog vendor, a magician’s apprentice, a musketeer, a king, and of course, a steamboat deckhand. If that isn’t the definition of a jack of all trades, then what is?
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