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Part of the experience at Walt Disney World is having your autograph book signed by Disney Characters. This is not only a fun activity for your vacation, it makes a memorable keepsake for your trip.
Here is our guide to autograph books at Disney World, including tips and tricks to make your autograph book unique.
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The purpose of the Disney autograph book is to be filled with autographs from your favorite Disney characters during your vacation. One of the great things about the autograph book is that as long as you have blank pages you can continue to bring it back to Disney World for more signatures!
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Almost every single Disney character that you can take a photo with at Walt Disney World can sign your autograph book. Making the interactions you have with the characters even more special. Kiddos love collecting the signatures and seeing how their favorite characters sign their names. Each character signature is unique to that specific character!
If a character cannot sign, sometimes they have a stamp that can go in your book, or, you may also get a character signature card that you are able to add into your book.
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While we are discussing autograph books at Disney World in this guide, it is important to note that autograph books can be used at any Disney Park or on the Disney Cruise Line.
You have options when it comes to what kind of autograph book you prefer. There are some available that have a space for a 5×7 photo next to the autograph. Others simply have blank pages.
If you purchase an autograph book from Walt Disney World, I personally recommend one with blank pages only as they typically have more pages!
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You can purchase autograph books at most Walt Disney World shops including the retail locations at Disney hotels. If you want to have your autograph book before you head off on your vacation, you can purchase them from shopDisney.com.
Autograph books cost $9.95 for some of the more basic options, and prices can go up from there depending on the book you purchase.
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Souvenirs at Walt Disney World are notoriously expensive. Even the iconic Minnie Mouse ear headbands cost $30! An autograph book that costs about $10 is an affordable souvenir that is also an activity. For the price, having an autograph book that you can have signed by Disney Characters is a fantastic keepsake for the price.
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Check Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on how to make your autograph book more unique. You can also find alternatives to the autograph book as well. Many Guests get creative with the character signatures, and some popular items that the Disney characters can sign for you are photo frames, blankets, and pillowcases!
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You can get character signatures in a variety of ways. Going to a character meet and greet is an easy way to snag a signature for your autograph book. However, characters will also sign your autograph book at any character dining meal.
There will however be some instances where characters will not sign your book! Dance parties are not a place where characters will sign your autograph book because they are busy enjoying the party. So always look for a character attendant who will be close to a Disney character and ask them if the character will be signing. Many times you will hear the character attendant asking Guests to prepare their cameras and autograph books for the characters.
Getting signatures is easy and fun!
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When you visit Walt Disney World you will likely see many Guests with autograph books in their hands as they approach the characters. Why are these books so popular? There are plenty of good reasons as to why autograph books are so popular, for me personally, I believe the unique collectable aspect of the Disney character signatures is the main reason. How many can you collect? Did you see any rare characters? Can I get all the Disney Princesses to sign my autograph book this year? The autograph book is special to everyone for a variety of reasons, you should give it a try on your next Disney World vacation!
All you truly need for your autograph book is a working pen. However, the pens at the Disney retail stores are not always the best. I suggest grabbing some markers, I personally get colourful Sharpie pens for the characters to use. Having multiple different colors for the characters to sign in can result in a really pretty autograph book to flip through.
If you want to make things a little more special you can always pick up some stickers as well, these are perfect for the kiddos who want to decorate the pages that the characters sign.
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If you don’t want to purchase an autograph book from shopDisney.com, you can also purchase some on Amazon. This is a great way to save some money on an autograph book, as Amazon offers a few more affordable options.
We hope you found this guide to Disney World autograph books helpful and informative!
Leave your autograph book tips in the comments below!

Hi! I am Katrina, a lover of all things Disney and Universal. I previously worked for Disney where I was lucky enough to help open the Shanghai Disney Resort.
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