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KIN actor Charlie Cox has claimed his onscreen character Michael had no hope of staying straight because it was the family business.
Viewers who saw the closing moments of last night’s second episode of Kin saw the recently released jailbird finally giving in and agreeing to take part in a hit to avenge the murder of his young nephew Jamie.
Michael had vowed to stay on the straight and narrow after eight years behind bars so he’d get the chance to see his estranged daughter.
But after brother Jimmy’s son Jamie was murdered and their gang boss uncle Frank Kinsella puts a stop to any revenge hit on shooter Caolan Moore, Michael agrees to help grieving Jimmy.
Daredevil star Charlie said: “His family recognise that something is different about Michael and that in the eight years he’s been away, he’s changed.
“I wanted Michael to be humbled severely by life. To have a desire to make a U-turn but beneath that there is, and remains, the ability to be violent and destructive.
“Michael is put in a difficult position early on. He is trying to go straight but has no choice in the matter because in families like the Kinsellas, you have to put family first and step up to the plate. No matter what the consequences are.
“If the family is to survive, there is an unsaid rule, you always have to back the family.”
Frank’s son Viking’s rash decision to do a drive-by shooting on rivals led to Jamie’s death.
After vowing to Jimmy “whoever did this is dead”, Frank is forced into a corner by gang boss Eamon Cunningham, who informs him of Viking’s ill fated retaliation attempt.
Eamon hands over €150,000 for Jimmy for Jamie’s loss while Frank warns Viking and his girlfriend Nikita not to open their mouths about Caolan Moore or the drive-by shooting so as not to cause war with Cunningham.
Telling brothers Jimmy and Michael about the plan for no retaliation, Frank and his sister Birdy promise they’ll get Caolan when the time is right, but not for a year or so.
Jimmy sees little solace in Cunningham’s blood money and urinates into the bag of cash, urging brother Michael to help him get revenge: “You did it before for money, do it again for family.”
Charlie said: “These decisions appear much worse because they cause repercussions but at the same time, you can see how the characters got there.
“As the consequences start to mount, you really think the Kinsellas are on thin ice there.”
Michael is focused on gaining access to his young daughter, as viewers learn he was responsible for her mum’s death and he’s been questioned over several murders in the past.
Jamie’s grieving mum Amanda is hellbent on revenge for her son, after seeing the tragic 17-year-old laid out at the morgue with husband Jimmy.
The pair – divided in grief – are later seen in steamy scenes as they struggle to process their son’s death.
While family patriarch Frank played by Aidan Gillen, drowning his sorrows at a bar, engages in a sexual act with a barman in the back of a car.
Heartbroken Amanda, played by Clare Dunne, tells Jimmy: “You said whoever killed him would pay, you promised me. F*** Frank, his son isn’t dead, ours’ is.”
And despite Frank’s order not to move on Moore, brothers Michael and Jimmy finally look set to team up to go against their uncle’s wishes as Michael agrees to take part in the hit.
While Ciaran Hinds as crime lord Cunnigham, rages, “you and your in-bred family, you’re all done, ‘youse are all dead”, Michael actor Charlie seems to hold out hope for the Kinsellas’ survival.
Charlie said: “The Kinsellas have been out in a corner and their only option is to say a Hail Mary but each incident seems to bring them closer to the resolution of the first series, and there is always a chance that the Kinsellas will come through.”
The London-born actor revealed the biggest obstacle he faced making Kin was getting the accent right, having previously played Northern Irish character Owen Sleater in Boardwalk Empire.
He recounted how his accent coach on Kin often had to correct him saying his sounds were right but they were coming out with a Northern Irish twang.
Charlie said: “Having done a Northern Irish accent before hindered me a little. Because my ears were attuned to northern voices which were very different from Dublin accents.
“But I worked really hard, with a dialect coach and listening to podcasts where I repeated words and made it as authentic as possible. The other actors were great too. Getting the accent right, helped me get straight into the part.”
Charlie ended up on Kin by accident, the drama being his first TV role since his Netflix Marvel show Daredevil ended in 2018.
When his other projects fell through because of the pandemic, the gifted actor turned his attention to the crime drama penned by Red Rock writer Peter McKenna that Charlie’s wife, producer Samantha Thomas, was working on.
Executive producer Samantha was previously producer on some major Netflix Marvel projects such as Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.
Charlie said: “I was so moved by it and so impressed by the script. I sat down to read it just to give my input, but I just thought it was absolutely tremendous, exactly the kind of thing I’d been waiting to read and to say, ‘This is what I want to be involved with’.”
The husband and wife team came to Dublin to shoot the drama with their family with Charlie “thankful” for the normality it provided.
He said: “We were very fortunate but I do joke that it’s both a blessing and a curse to have your wife also be your boss, where she can actually fire you, but she was very diplomatic and gracious.”
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