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While the Marvel universe is known for patriotic and powerful heroes there are also quite a few funny characters that have entertained fans for years.
The Marvel Universe is known by comic fans as a usually lighter take on superheroes when compared to other comic companies, which is in large part due to the overwhelming number of comedic characters that costume up and have a few laughs while they protect the world.
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Of course, comedy is a subjective thing and isn’t easy to categorize universally, though these characters that we’ll take a closer look at today stand out for a number of reasons that include their ability to deliver comedic quips, hilarious sarcastic remarks, and never-ending prank wars that are sure to make fans laugh out loud at least once.
Clint Barton was raised in the circus alongside his older brother where they learned archery and the skills needed to survive on their own, which resulted in Hawkeye‘s thick skin and sarcastic wit that tends to rub some of his heroic peers the wrong way.
However, it also makes Hawkeye one of the funniest Marvel characters as he doesn’t hesitate to turn his barbed words against the villains he’s facing to tear them down verbally and hilariously shake them up before he ever even draws his bow. His humor has also been showcased in other media as one of the only things to turn Hulk back into Bruce Banner.
While Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl was originally introduced as a bit of a joke character that saw her team up with teams like the Great Lakes Avengers, over the years she has evolved to not only become one of the most popular heroes, but also the most comedic.
Squirrel Girl’s infectious optimism and high-spirited enthusiasm may not be used to tell non-stop jokes, but fans will nonetheless be laughing over her sometimes awkward but always enjoyable interactions with the rest of the Marvel Universe.
Guido Carosella’s mutant ability to convert kinetic energy into physical mass made him a powerful and successful cosmic bodyguard for the intergalactic rock star Lila Cheney and a long-time member of groups like X-Factor as Strong Guy, whose name alone should tease his sense of humor.
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Strong Guy also found work as a stand-up comedian when he wasn’t working with X-Factor Investigations which served as an outlet for him. However, Strong Guy is at his funniest when he’s fighting alongside his friends and trying to make them (and the fans) laugh in the process.
The Fantastic Four are a close-knit family of superheroes, adventurers, and explorers that includes Johnny Storm/Human Torch as one of the team’s most powerful members, though he is also one of the most immature and hilarious when he’s off the clock.
Johnny has a close friendship with his teammate Ben Grimm/The Thing that has seen countless pranks exchanged between the two over the years. Human Torch showcases his pranking skills with his other close friends like Spider-Man as well, and he’s always quick to provide someone with a “hot foot” to get a laugh.
It can be difficult trying to decide which comedic member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is more humorous, as Star-Lord is always quick with a funny insult or comment while Rocket Raccoon, well, he’s a talking raccoon which is inherently funny.
However, the two characters are at their comedic best when they are playing off of each other on zany cosmic heists and adventures. Their long-lasting friendship saw them bond over a mutual appreciation for making fun of other people and epic one-liners in the midst of battle.
One of the funniest team books Marvel has ever produced was Nextwave, which first introduced fans to the foul-mouthed superhero known only as The Captain because his previous name was so vile that Captain America threw him into a dumpster.
While almost every member of Nextwave was at their comedic best during their time on the team, The Captain’s expletive-filled rants against superhero tropes and the villains they faced made him an instant hit with fans who are hoping to see more of the powerfully funny character.
While the Hulks of the Marvel universe aren’t usually known for their biting wit and clever nods to the audience, Jennifer Walters is not usually like her cousin and spent quite a few years entertaining comic readers as She-Hulk with her fourth-wall-breaking humor.
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She-Hulk would frequently berate the comic creators and tear through pages if the story wasn’t moving fast enough for her, and she became a valuable member of teams like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four both because of her strength and her dynamic personality.
While his sense of humor isn’t usually the first thing fans and his superhero peers notice about Tony Stark/Iron Man, his sarcastic wit and arrogant attitude combine perfectly to make Iron Man one of the funniest superheroes, even if it might be unintentional.
Iron Man’s humor is highlighted in a number of different ways, whether it’s his deprecating discussions with the villains he faces or the lively back-and-forths with his teammates like Captain America, and it can even bleed out into his inventions, as the AI’s that run his armors often inherit his unique sense of humor.
Another character who hilariously breaks the fourth wall is Wade Wilson/Deadpool, and one of the most popular characters who has found fame on the big screen as well thanks to his unique sense of humor.
Of course, Deadpool isn’t limited to his meta connection to the audience for his humor, as he cracks jokes almost non-stop while working as either an assassin or a superhero, which landed him the title of Marvel’s Merc-with-a-Mouth.
While Deadpool is known for his wisecracking fighting style, no one does it better than Spider-Man, who has made quipping during fights an art form that is often imitated but never duplicated and has made him the funniest Marvel character for decades.
Spider-Man has even tried his hand at stand-up comedy, though he definitely works when he improvises, though he has been known to workshop entrance and exit lines when dealing with low-level criminals. Spider-Man is also not opposed to pranking his best bud Johnny Storm or webbing J. Jonah Jameson to his chair for a laugh when the mood strikes him.
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