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After being exiled by the X-Men, Sabretooth returns in January with his own ongoing series by writer Victor LaValle and artist Leonard Kirk.
After being exiled by the X-Men, Sabretooth is coming back in the pages of his own solo series.
Beginning in January 2022, Sabretooth launches from writer Victor LaValle, artist Leonard Kirk and colorist Rain Beredo. The series features the return of Wolverine’s dreaded arch-rival, who was exiled from Krakoa and banished to the pit underneath the island during House of X. Sabretooth was given this sentence by the Quiet Council for violating Krakoa’s newly-created second law – murder no man. Now, the truth behind what Sabretooth has been doing in exile will be revealed, with Marvel teasing that the answer is “not what you expect!”
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Sabretooth will be the first time that Victor Creed has been the star of his own book since a four-issue miniseries in 2004. Since then, he has been featured in Uncanny X-Men, Weapon X and even Uncanny Avengers. His return couldn’t come at a worse time for the X-Men, who have begun to splinter in the wake of the Hellfire Gala. Magneto has become an enemy of Krakoa’s government, which recently caused a fight between the Master of Magnetism and Wolverine. Beyond that, Mystique’s pursuit to reunite with her deceased-lover Destiny is further threatening the stability of the X-Men. Combine these factors with the reappearance of Onslaught, and it looks like the X-Men’s sins are finally coming back to haunt them.
While Sabretooth will likely want payback against the X-Men at large, an encounter with Wolverine is always a possibility. Though Sabretooth and Wolverine were once as close as brothers, they have since been involved in a decades-long feud; one that regularly sees Sabretooth hunt down and kill Wolverine’s loved ones. The deep ties between Wolverine and Sabretooth continue to impact both characters, something that writer Benjamin Percy’s Wolverine series has addressed. These connections will also be on display in the upcoming X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine, which is set to usher in The Second Krokoan Age this January, on the same week that Sabretooth begins.
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Sabretooth will be the first Marvel series for LaValle. In addition to his fiction work, LaValle is also known for Destroyer and the YA series Eve at BOOM! Studios. In a tweet promoting the series, LaValle said, “I love writing the villain. Whatever you think a Sabretooth story will be, this’ll be that plus *extra*.” Artist Leonard Kirk is a veteran storyteller with decades of work including runs on X-Factor, New Mutants and the recently concluded Captain America series by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
Sabretooth #1 goes on sale Jan. 5 from Marvel Comics.
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