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Port Prometheus is one of the locations created as a result of Planet Arakko — and it’s one of the most exciting new settings in the Marvel Universe.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marauders #24, now on sale
The Marvel Universe is almost a living thing at this point, constantly evolving to fit new characters, settings, and stories as the years go on. But sometimes, a new location is introduced that can present a whole host of new opportunities and deserves to become a major fixture in the universe — such as the one the X-Men inadvertently created in the process of their recent major galactic developments.
The Marauders just visited Port Promtethus on Planet Arakko, the planet formerly known as Mars, in Marauders #24, by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and VC’s Cory Petit, and proves it’s a perfect new location for the Marvel Universe to further explore.
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The Hellfire Gala led to a lot of major developments for the Marvel Universe, but perhaps the most potentially impactful is the terra-forming of Mars. Thanks to a band of ten Omega-Level Krakoa Mutants — as well as three of their Arakko counterparts — the fourth planet from the sun was given atmosphere, water, and life enough to prosper. Arakko itself was relocated to the world, and Mars — redubbed Planet Arakko — became not just the future of mutant-kind, but the self-titled capital of the Sol System. Planet Arakko has increasingly become a major location in the galaxy as a result, with the connection to S.W.O.R.D. and the revelation of their supply of Mysterium helping cement the planet in the grand scope of the galaxy.
One of the most interesting ideas yet to come out of this development is the creation of Port Prometheus, which serves as the primary location for visitors to make their way through Arakko. The promise of otherwise brutal death at the hands of the Arakko citizenry helps draw all visitors on the port, which within a matter of days becomes one of the new hotspots in the local galaxy. Stores are quickly constructed, and cantinas are established — such as the Red Lagoon, an apparent shout-out to Krakoa’s own Green Lagoon. In many ways, it’s the most Star Wars-y location in the Marvel Universe, sharing a rough and tumble aesthetic that sits well with the expanded connection to the cosmos that Krakoa and Arakko have been gaining.
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It’s also a quickly dangerous setting, with Bishop confirming that three sheriffs have already been killed in a matter of four days (forcing Bishop’s hand in some unseen encounter). It’s a port city where fighting is encouraged, mercy is insulted, and anyone can get by with relative ease save for “Earthers,” who some store-owners even refuse to sell to. It’s a perfect setting for intergalactic shenanigans and a great addition to the landscape of the Marvel Universe. This could easily serve as a major location for almost any character in the Marvel Universe to explore even besides the X-Men (who, thanks to their connection to Planet Arakko via Krakoa Gates, have the easiest means of reaching the port).
But teams like the Avengers, characters like Black Panther, and organizations like the restructured Guardians of the Galaxy could begin to utilize Port Prometheus as a staging ground for intergalactic intrigue and adventure. In many ways, the X-Men and their allies were able to craft a galactic version of Madripoor and as a result, the X-Men just gave the Marvel Universe their own variant of a place like Tattooine in Star Wars, the sci-fi tinted Los Angeles of Blade Runner or any number of major science-fiction locations. It’s a clever addition to the universe, especially as it helps cement the place mutants have in the greater universe.
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