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Krakoa has become a hugely important place in Marvel in recent years as the seat of mutant power. It’s no wonder it is home to some strong characters.
With the recent founding of the mutant nation of Krakoa, the X-Men have become a big part of the Marvel Universe again, with mutants holding more power in the world than ever before. Mutant heroes and villains alike have banded together on Krakoa, making a superpowered nation that is unlike any in comics’ history.
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Some mutants on the island are more important than others, with the most important and powerful taking a large role in the nation’s affairs. Some of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe have made Krakoa their home, making the X-Men one of the most powerful teams on Earth.
Exodus spent years as Magneto’s right-hand man, both in the Acolytes and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A powerful Omega class mutant, this Quiet Council member has been alive for centuries, using his powerful psionic abilities to battle his enemies. As an antagonist to the X-Men, Exodus was often able to hold the entire team at bay all on his own.
Exodus’s powers give him a wide variety of options in combat or otherwise and his skills and years of experience put him in the forefront of Krakoa’s most powerful beings. His devotion to both mutantkind and Magneto make him one of the island’s fiercest defenders.
The X-Men have a lot of members that people have forgotten about and Tempus was destined to be one of them until Krakoa. Introduced during Brian Michael Bendis’s underwhelming X-Men run, Tempus’s ability to speed up and slow down time made her one of the most powerful new mutants of the 21st century and she became even more important with the foundation of the Krakoa.
Joining the Five, Tempus’s powers are integral to the Krakoan resurrection process and beyond that are just massively powerful in general. While she’s too valuable to risk on missions, she would definitely be a difference-maker in battle.
Another member of the Five, Hope Summer was one of the most important mutants in the world for a very long time. The first new mutant born after Scarlet Witch’s depowering of the mutant race, Hope would be targeted by the race’s enemies and was on the run for most of her life. Partly responsible for the re-powering of the mutant race, she would disappear and take things easy for a while before turning up on Krakoa as part of the Five.
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Hope’s powers basically give her control over the powers of other mutants, allowing her to augment them or use their powers for herself. There’s no limit to how many mutant powers she can use at once, making her the perfect addition to any team.
Magik’s mutant powers, the ability to open teleport discs that can take her and as many people as she needs to anywhere, are pretty great but wouldn’t usually put her in a top tier powers list. However, those aren’t the only powers Magik has; she’s also one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe.
Magik learned sorcery to survive in Limbo and was able to conquer it. Over the years, she’s expanded her magical knowledge, studying with Doctor Strange and proving just how stalwart a defender of the mutant race she could be. The breadth of her abilities and her skill with them make Magik one of Krakoa’s best warriors.
Jean Grey has long been one of the most powerful X-Men. Her vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities have only expanded over the years and she’s proven to be one of mutantkind’s foremost defenders. Her telepathy has made one of her the most powerful telepaths on the planet and she was even able to use Cerebro to help resurrect Xavier when he was killed by assassins.
Her telekinesis is her greatest power though- she’s powerful enough to shatter mountains and has enough fine control to manipulate molecules. Even though it’s been years since she had the power of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey is still one of the most powerful mutants.
One of the biggest surprises when the Krakoan nation was established was Apocalypse not only joining the nation but joining wholeheartedly, decreeing that Krakoa was worthy. Apocalypse had long been one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, with a wide variety of abilities and experience that made him extremely dangerous.
Apocalypse is super strong and durable, has complete control over his molecular structure, can manipulate energy, and has powerful mental abilities. While he’s not technically on Krakoa after the events of X Of Swords, he’s still one of the island’s most powerful citizens.
Professor X is the most powerful telepath on the planet Earth. For perspective, since founding Krakoa, Professor X has been using his telepathic abilities to back up the minds of every mutant on the island in case they die and need to be resurrected. The amount of power and control that takes is amazing and Xavier is able to do so easily.
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Xavier’s mastery of his telepathic skills has allowed him to not only help the X-Men take on some of their biggest threats but have also allowed him to touch the mind of every single person on Earth and communicate with them, even using their own language. Professor X’s telepathy makes him an extremely dangerous opponent.
Magneto’s mastery of magnetism makes him not only one of the most powerful mutants on Krakoa, but one of the most powerful beings on the face of Earth in general. The vast majority of the world’s infrastructure is made of ferrous metals and there’s iron in the bloodstream of every human or mutant on the planet. His control over electromagnetic energy gives him power over one of the fundamental forces of the universe.
Pretty much the only reason human society exists is that Magneto doesn’t feel like destroying everything made of metal on the planet, flipping the Earth’s magnetic poles, and detonating electromagnetic pulses that would destroy every electronic instrument on the planet.
The son of Moira MacTaggert, Proteus was born with the mutant ability to manipulate reality. It’s an amazing power with a huge downside- Proteus’s powers eat away at him and he has to constantly possess new bodies, which also degrade. A long time enemy of the team, Proteus joined up with Krakoa and joined up with the Five, becoming an integral part of the resurrection process.
Whenever he needs a new body, he’s given one, and having an outlet for his powers and acceptance has done wonders for him. Proteus’s powers are on the same level, if not greater than Scarlet Witch’s and it’s good for the world that he’s no longer a villain.
Another reality manipulating mutant, Jamie Braddock long bedeviled his brother and sister, Captain Britain and Psylocke (who would later also become Captain Britain). His powers drove him insane and made him one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet. He was killed battling his brother’s team, Excalibur, and brought back to life when Krakoa was established.
With his mental problems dealt with, Braddock is possibly even more dangerous than before as he can think out how to use reality-altering abilities to their utmost extent. A king in Otherworld, Braddock is easily the most powerful Krakoan citizen.
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