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The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants have spent their entire existence trying to conquer humanity and they have the powerful mutants to do it.
The X-Men arrived in comics as something completely different for superhero teams. They were mutants, born with their powers, and living in a world that hated and feared them. Despite this, the X-Men tried to protect a world and save people whose prejudice and hate wouldn’t allow them to appreciate it. The opposite of this is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
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This villainous team was led by the powerful Magneto, who took in mutants who fought back against the hate with violence and terrorist acts. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants gave humans what they felt they deserved for the hatred and terror imposed on people born different. They also made the X-Men’s job harder, as the Brotherhood had mutants powerful enough to prove humans had a lot to fear from the unknown.
Sabretooth is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants version of Wolverine. While the movies made them brothers, the comics just have them as long-time rivals, and Sabretooth might be Wolverine’s most dangerous enemy.
He has similar powers to Wolverine, as he has the regenerative abilities of Logan and has his same dark thirst for violence. To understand how powerful and dangerous he is, Sabretooth shows up every year on Wolverine’s birthday and beats him to within a second of death, and always succeeds. It makes it look like he never goes at Logan with his full power in regular fights because of these moments.
Mastermind was one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and his powers were creating illusions. In the early appearances of the Brotherhood, he was very limited when it came to his powers and was often easily beaten when his illusions broke down.
However, when he joined the Hellfire Club, Mastermind showed how powerful and dangerous he could be. He was a large part of brainwashing and controlling Jean Grey, an act that unleashed the Dark Phoenix onto the world.
Mesmero is a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member that is a lot like Kilgrave in that he has the power to make anyone do what he wants. This is a welcome power to have when a villain wants to make the X-Men look bad or maybe have them fight each other while the Brotherhood accomplished what they wanted.
He became even more powerful when the Weapon X program upped his powers and he could then control large crowds of people, which he could then control to attack the X-Men, knowing the mutant heroes would not harm innocents. However, his powers were lowered in recent appearances and he is nothing more than a minor villain now.
Xorn had a mutant ability like no other. He has the power of a star inside his head. When he first appeared in X-Men comics, he was part of the Xavier Institute, but many people thought he was Magneto. The truth was worse because Xorn was just pretending to be Magneto.
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Xorn created the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants within the Xavier Institute’s student body and then launched his attack on Manhattan. The star in his head gave Xorn immense powers, allowing him to give off the same energy that a star could.
Juggernaut is one of the most powerful members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from a strength standpoint. Unlike his teammates, he is not a mutant, though. He is the half-brother of Professor X and gained his powers from claiming a gem with the power of Cyttorak. Thanks to his relationship with Xavier, he has remained one of the X-Men’s best comic villains.
While he has no other superhuman powers, his strength, thanks to the gem, makes him stronger than almost anyone in the Marvel Universe. He is a pure unstoppable force that can take out almost any enemy in one blow. In a fight, there is almost no one who can stop the Juggernaut.
Elixir is an obscure, but extremely powerful, mutant in the Marvel Universe. He was first a part of a hate group protesting mutants called the Reavers. However, he did this because he was a mutant and this kept him safe until they learned what he really was.
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His power is that of a healer, and while that does not make him an offensive powerhouse, it does make him an Omega-level mutant, and therefore one of the most powerful. He cured the Legacy Virus that killed multiple mutants and can heal both himself and others. He can also restore a mutant’s abilities. It is a defensive power but is still more powerful than almost any other mutant who worked with the Brotherhood.
Exodus is one of the most powerful mutants to ever work in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and part of that is because he is one of the oldest living mutants in history. Apocalypse, the first known of all mutants, activated his powers and then trapped him in a cave for eons.
Exodus was vengeful when finally freed and he both worked with Magneto and had his own Brotherhood at one point. Exodus has telekinesis and telepathy, he can shoot electromagnetic energy blasts, and has healing abilities. It took the X-Men and Avengers working together to stop him.
The first supervillain the X-Men ever fought was Magneto and a short time later, he formed his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to battle them. Magneto was one of the most powerful mutants in the world. At times, he has been called an Omega-level mutant, but at others he only reached Alpha-level.
Regardless, his powers include controlling magnetic fields, and this means controlling much of what the Earth is made of and what keeps it in orbit. In the Ultimate X-Men, he actually killed millions with his powers by causing one act that caused severe weather change.
Scarlet Witch might be the most dangerous person on Earth, so it is lucky she has been a hero more often than not. She was an original member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, battling the first members of the X-Men early in their career. She was not as powerful then but has gained immense powers since.
Wanda is not a mutant, but a sorcerer specializing in hex magic. She was powerful enough to wipe out almost every mutant on Earth, depowering them with just three words. She attacked the Avengers subconsciously and killed Hawkeye and Ant-Man. She changed the entire world into what she wanted it to be in House of M and she is more powerful than all but one member of the Brotherhood.
The most powerful member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is one that no one ever talks about. That would be Alpha the Ultimate Mutant. He first appeared in Defenders #15 in 1974. Professor X knew that the mutant was dangerous and teamed with the Defenders to stop him.
He worked with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at this time, but eventually, he became so powerful that he refused to allow the team or Magneto to control him. Alpha showed his immense powers by turning the entire Brotherhood into babies and then leaving the planet. He has almost unlimited powers and could possibly destroy all existence, but has chosen to become an explorer instead.
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