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The MCU has many great characters, and tens of thousands of fans have voted on who’s the best. From Iron Man to Spider-Man, here are the top ten.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced over twenty films since it debuted with Iron Man, and with over a dozen more Marvel films currently in one stage of production or another, there seems to be no end in sight to the beloved franchise.
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Along with Iron Man, there are many other great MCU characters that movie-goers have enjoyed watching in recent years. Tens of thousands of fans have voted on who the very best Marvel character is over on Ranker, where Asgardian demigods and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man compete for the top spot.
As the king of the technologically advanced and secretive nation of Wakanda, T’Challa (aka Black Panther) has his hands full when it comes to dealing with his many adversaries. Despite there being some things about Vibranium that make no sense, his suit with retractable claws and built-in night vision helps him accomplish tasks with stealth or brute force as the case may be.
T’Challa is a rare superhero who not only beats up the baddies but also leads and protects an entire nation of people. As the latest in a long lineage of Wakandan rulers, his bravery and leadership inspire an army of followers to join him in an epic battle in Avengers: Endgame.
While there are many great characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, none appear on this list higher than the explosive, wise-cracking, master tactician that is Rocket Raccoon. Having been genetically and cybernetically enhanced for warfare, he’s far from an ordinary talking raccoon, and never shies away from the most dangerous locations in the MCU.
In some ways, Rocket embodies what many MCU fans love about the franchise: spectacular violence, comedic timing, and heart. While he’s certainly rough around the edges and rarely seems concerned with the opinions of others, he has a soft spot for his crewmates and is unquestionably loyal.
Natalia “Natasha” Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is renowned for being one of the best in the world in the crafts of assassination and espionage. As one of the founding members of the Avengers, she makes the most of the involuntary indoctrination program that conditioned her to be a lethal weapon.
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Having defected from the KGB before joining S.H.I.E.L.D., she has a checkered history that she occasionally struggles to put behind her. In addition to being a skilled fighter who has interesting relationships with many of the characters around her, she is also a strong example to fans of the importance of not being defined by one’s past.
Doctor Stephen Strange is a former surgeon who was trained by the Ancient One in a variety of magical and martial arts after Strange suffered a car accident. Eventually gaining the title of Sorcerer Supreme from the Ancient One, he uses supernatural items and spells against his foes.
Despite being unfamiliar to most viewers when he made his silver screen debut in 2016, fans soon learned to stop worrying and love Doctor Strange. Few qualities are as essential to heroism as a willingness to put one’s self in danger, and he proved in his self-titled movie that he’d sacrifice his own life, multiple times if necessary, to protect others.
As the driving creative force behind the creation of popular characters like Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee has become synonymous with the Marvel franchise. While not technically a character of the Marvel comics, he has made cameo appearances in over two dozen superhero movies and TV shows.
While he may not have won any Oscar nominations for his cameo performances, they were always fun moments for movie-goers. His brief appearances would often go unnoticed by certain portions of the fan base, leading to a massive cultural game of Where’s Waldo upon the release of the latest MCU feature film.
Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was just a normal teenager from Queens, New York before a radioactive spider bite granted him powers like slinging webs and sensing incoming danger. Hiding his secret identity while living with his aunt and uncle, he soon learns that with great power comes great responsibility.
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One of the original defining qualities that endeared readers to the original Spider-Man comics was the idea that Spider-Man could be anyone. While many superhero origin stories portray their protagonists with a certain level of grandeur, Peter is just an unremarkable kid who wants to do well in school, make friends, and tell his crush how he feels – until that fateful school trip to the Oscorps genetics lab, of course. Based on the trailer for the new Spider-Man film coming December, there are plenty of reasons for fans to be excited for his future in the MCU too.
Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), enlisted in World War II following the death of his parents. After being rejected for falling below the physical requirements, he was injected with an experimental serum that transformed him into the supersoldier known as Captain America.
Although he may have needed some aid in becoming a formidable warrior, the quality of his character was never in doubt. Willing to sacrifice himself for his country before he ever stepped foot on a battlefield, Captain America’s loyalty, honor, and leadership are as beneficial to the Avengers as his combat prowess.
Loki Odinson, aka the God of Mischief, is the adopted son of Odin, king of Asgard. As the most capable Asgardian sorcerer, he has a wealth of magical powers including telekinesis, teleportation, hypnosis, and many others.
Loki is complicated, to say the least. He originally plots to overthrow his father for the Asgardian throne, but eventually joins his brother Thor in trying to defeat Thanos. While some fans were quicker than others to fall in love with the usurping troublemaker, he obviously won over most of them by the end, as he became the best anti-hero in the MCU.
Thor Odinson, aka the God of Thunder, is the son of Odin, king of Asgard. As the strongest Asgardian aside from Odin himself, he has superhuman physical capabilities that are more than most enemies can handle. He also has his trusty hammer Mjolnir, which aids him in controlling the weather, traveling through dimensions, and smashing bad guys.
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Thor is introduced to audiences as an awe-inspiring and occasionally arrogant hero, who ends up playing a major role throughout the series. Although he often butts heads with the other members of the Avengers, he’s essential to their endeavors. And evidently, he’s essential to many fans as well.
Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, accurately describes himself in his debut movie as a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. He also built himself a weaponized suit of armor to escape capture from terrorists, a prototype he later perfected as the CEO of weapons and technology manufacturer Stark Industries.
For fans who have been with the MCU series since 2008, Iron Man is the hero who started it all. Incorrigible charisma, strong moral courage, and a flying one-man mech suit that shoots missiles and lasers all add up to one incredible superhero. In a very competitive field, Iron Man emerges as the best MCU character. For any doubters who remain, consider these ten scenes that prove he’s the best Avenger of them all.
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